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Magento Security Audit

What is Magento security audit?

A Magento security audit is a comprehensive evaluation and analysis of the security measures and vulnerabilities present in a Magento-powered online store. It involves thoroughly examining the website's infrastructure, codebase, extensions, and configurations to identify potential weaknesses that hackers or malicious actors could exploit.

By conducting a Magento security audit, businesses can proactively detect and address security gaps, protect sensitive customer data, maintain website uptime, and safeguard their reputation. This service is essential to ensure a robust and secure e-commerce platform, providing store owners and their customers peace of mind.

Benefits of Magento security audit

Do you know that there are 2,200 cyber attacks per day, each costing an average of $9.44m? By conducting a comprehensive Magento security audit, you can:


Identify vulnerabilities

A thorough security audit helps to uncover potential weaknesses, loopholes, and vulnerabilities in your Magento store's codebase, extensions, configurations, and server settings. By addressing these issues, you can fortify your website against potential threats.


Prevent data breaches

Protecting sensitive customer data is crucial for any e-commerce business. A Magento security audit helps to identify and rectify security gaps that could lead to data breaches, ensuring the safety and privacy of customer information.


Create preemptive measures

Regular Magento security audits allow you to take measures against emerging security threats. This proactive approach ensures that your website is well-prepared to handle potential attacks, reducing the risk of serious security incidents.


Safeguard business reputation

A security breach can significantly damage your brand's reputation and customer trust. By performing a Magento security audit, you demonstrate your commitment to maintaining a secure environment for your customers, boosting their confidence in your business.


Minimize downtime & losses

In the event of a successful cyberattack, downtime can lead to revenue loss and customer dissatisfaction. By detecting vulnerabilities early on, a Magento security audit minimizes the risk of significant disruptions to your business operations.


Support long-term security strategy

A Magento security audit provides valuable insights into your website's security posture, helping you develop a robust security strategy. It enables you to prioritize security improvements and allocate resources effectively.

What’s included in the Magento security audit by Mageplaza?

Platform version & patches review

We’ll thoroughly review the version of Magento that your website is currently running on. Running the latest stable version of Magento is crucial as it contains vital security updates and bug fixes.

The audit team will check whether your platform is up-to-date and assess whether all the necessary security patches have been applied. Outdated versions and missing patches can leave your site vulnerable to known exploits, making it imperative to ensure that your Magento installation is equipped with the latest security updates to protect against potential threats.

Typical platform backdoor review

Backdoors are malicious entry points that attackers can exploit to gain unauthorized access to your Magento store.

To safeguard your website from unauthorized access and data breaches, the security audit will conduct a thorough search for any suspicious code or hidden scripts that could serve as potential backdoors. Detecting and eliminating backdoors is critical for maintaining a secure online environment and safeguarding sensitive customer data.

Environment stack & connection review

The audit will assess the entire technology stack that your Magento website relies on, including the web server, database server, and other components.

Each element's configurations and connections will be analyzed to ensure they meet security best practices. The security audit team will verify that secure protocols (such as HTTPS) are in use and that communication between various components is encrypted and protected. Any misconfigurations or weaknesses in the environment stack will be identified and addressed to minimize potential vulnerabilities.

Production server review

The production server is the heart of your live website and a prime target for attackers. To safeguard your e-commerce platform, the security audit will comprehensively review the server's security settings, permissions, and access controls.

This assessment helps ensure that only authorized personnel have access to critical files and resources, reducing the risk of unauthorized access and potentially malicious activities on your production server.

Plugin & extension review

One of Magento's greatest strengths is its extensibility through plugins and extensions. However, poorly coded or outdated extensions can become a point of weakness for your website's security.

During the audit, all installed plugins and extensions will be thoroughly reviewed to ensure they originate from reputable sources and are up-to-date with the latest security patches. Any insecure or unnecessary extensions will be identified and recommended for removal or replacement, reducing the attack surface of your Magento store.

Connectivity, error, and performance logs

Connectivity logs provide valuable insights into who is accessing your website and when, helping to detect any unusual connection attempts or patterns that could indicate suspicious activity. Error logs can reveal potential security weaknesses or misconfigurations that may be exploitable.

Additionally, analyzing performance logs offers insights into any unusual resource usage or load patterns that might indicate malicious activities or attempted breaches. By closely examining these logs, the security audit can identify and address potential security issues before they escalate into major threats.

PHP & MySQL configuration review

Properly configuring PHP and MySQL is crucial for a secure Magento installation. During the audit, the team will review the PHP configuration settings to ensure they adhere to security best practices and that the recommended security modules are enabled.

Similarly, the MySQL database will be examined to ensure it is properly secured, with appropriate access controls and minimal exposure to potential risks.

CureIT or Sansec scan

As an additional layer of protection, integrating a CureIT or SanSec scan into the audit process provides a comprehensive and automated security check.

These reputable security scanning tools can help detect and address various types of malware, vulnerabilities, or indicators of compromise that might not be immediately evident through manual inspection. The scan results can provide valuable insights into potential risks that require attention.

What will you get as the end result?

    The risk level of your website & what to do to eliminate it
    A list of critical things that make your project open for automated bots
    A list of best practices to minimize the risk of breaches
    A Secure Certificate with your risk grade

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Why should you choose Magento security audit by Mageplaza?

Ensure the best of Magento projects

When working with us, you can rest assured of qualified developers and professional project management.

Magento Security Audit

Expertise and experience

Our team comprises seasoned security professionals with extensive experience conducting Magento security audits. We possess in-depth knowledge of the Magento platform and are well-versed in identifying and addressing security vulnerabilities and threats to E-commerce websites.


Comprehensive and tailored approach

Our security audit service covers all crucial aspects of Magento security. Moreover, we tailor our approach to meet each client's unique needs and requirements, ensuring a personalized and thorough security assessment.


Proactive threat mitigation

We believe in a proactive security approach. By identifying and resolving potential vulnerabilities before they can be exploited, we help clients fortify their online stores against cyber threats and data breaches, thus preventing potential financial losses and reputational damage.


Compliance and data protection

With an in-depth understanding of data protection regulations and compliance requirements, our security audit ensures that your Magento store adheres to industry standards and legal obligations. This helps clients avoid potential legal issues and penalties.


Customized recommendations and action plan

Upon completion of the audit, we provide clients with a detailed report that includes actionable recommendations and best practices to enhance their Magento store's security. We'll support you in implementing these measures and improving their security posture.


Continuous support and updates

We believe in building lasting relationships with our clients. Even after the Magento security audit is complete, our team is available to provide ongoing support, address any security concerns, and assist with future security needs.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

A Magento security audit is a comprehensive assessment of the security measures and vulnerabilities present in a Magento-powered online store. It involves reviewing the platform's code, configurations, extensions, server settings, and logs to identify potential weaknesses and risks.

A security audit is essential to proactively detect and address security gaps in your Magento store. It helps protect sensitive customer data, prevent data breaches, maintain website uptime, and safeguard your business's reputation from cyber threats.

It's recommended to conduct a security audit annually or whenever significant changes are made to your Magento store, such as major updates, new extensions, or changes in server configurations.

While Magento provides basic security features, a comprehensive security audit goes beyond these defaults. It identifies vulnerabilities specific to your unique configuration and extensions, providing a more thorough assessment of your website's security.

No, a security audit is typically performed offline and doesn't affect your live website's performance. The auditing process involves examining code and configurations separately from the live environment.

If vulnerabilities are discovered, the audit report will outline them along with recommended actions to address and fix the issues. You can then work with your development team or security experts to implement the necessary changes.

While a security audit significantly reduces the risk of successful cyberattacks, no system can offer an absolute guarantee. Implementing the audit's recommendations and staying vigilant about security best practices will significantly improve your website's protection.

Yes, reputable security audit providers adhere to strict data protection measures. Your customer data remains confidential and secure throughout the audit process.

Conducting a comprehensive security audit requires specialized knowledge and tools. It is recommended to enlist the expertise of experienced security professionals to ensure a thorough and accurate assessment.

It costs $2779 and lasts for 2 weeks when you let Mageplaza security experts help you.