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Multiple Flat Rates Shipping for Magento 2   v1.0.0

Multiple Flat Rates Shipping for Magento 2
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Magento 2 Multiple Shipping Flat Rates Shipping by Mageplaza is regarded as a must-have extension which assists store owners to diversify the shipping charges based on different countries. This brings benefits to both store owners and customers.

  • Add 5 more shipping flat rates
  • Set visibility based on countries
  • Compatible to Mageplaza One Step Checkout
  • Enhance customer experience



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Compatible With

CE, EE 2.1.x - 2.2.x

Problems & Solutions

  • toc The demand to vary flat shipping rate of store owners

    It is well understood that international brands in the world would like to clarify the shipping charges because the actual distance directly affects their delivery effort, especially the big geographic difference among countries.
    Hence, the demand for distinctive flat shipping rates has risen sharply.

  • remove_shopping_cart One factor leading to cart abandonment

    When customers in all countries are charged with the same shipping rate, it is likely that they will feel unfair. As a consequence, the carts from close distances will be abandoned easily during the checkout process.

  • not_interested The limitation of Default Magento 2

    By default, Magento restricts online stores to merely one flat shipping rate which applied in all cases, regardless of any international destinations.

  • swap_vertical_circle Manage shipping methods better

    Appointing a suitable flat shipping rate to specific destinations will helps shop owners balance their benefits, and decide shipping methods effectively.

  • mood Improve customer shopping experience

    Flat shipping rates are different based on countries will lead to the trust of customers about the store’s fee calculation. Besides, they will feel that the international store is professional. Hence, customers will feel pleased to pay for and process checkout.

  • library_add Excellent supplement to Magento 2 Default

    Multi-flat shipping rates will become the effective extra function to Magento 2 Default and the good solution to online stores based on Magento 2 Platform.

Add 5 more shipping flat rates

As the great support to Magento 2 Default, Mageplaza Multiple Shipping Flat Rates extension helps admin create and configure up to 5 more different shipping rates depending on various countries.

From the backend, admins can easily set the title, for example, the name of the country for each flat rate to help customers easily find the exact rate displayed on the Product page and Checkout page.

Add 5 more shipping flat rates

Sort multi-flat rates neatly

Sort multi-flat rates

From the backend, admins can configure the display orders of the shipping flat rates. Customers can view the flat rates on the frontend clearly with certain orders. All rate titles are neatly arranged respectively on the checkout page.

Multi-flat rates visibility

A flat rate which is assigned to specific countries can be displayed or hidden to buyers from other regions depending on admins’ settings.
Also, admins can configure to display a notification message to customer groups from where the rates are unavailable.

Multi-flat rates visibility

Compatible with One Step Checkout

Osc compatible

Multiple Shipping Flat Rates extension by Mageplaza is well compatible with Magento 2 One Step Checkout. Two extensions co-operate and support each other to optimize the users’ experience on online shopping sites.

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Error Message

Only the customers from applicable countries which are already set from the backend can access shipping flat rate. With the buyers from non-applicable countries, an error message can be customized to display to inform customers instantly. An example of the message can be “Sorry, this shipping method is not available in this country now!”

This non-application can be used in case the store owners have not targeted their products to one or some countries yet.

Multiple Flat Rates Shipping error message

Full Features List

For store admins

  • Enable/ Disable each flat rate
  • Set method name
  • Set sort order for flat rate displaying
  • Set display title for flat rate
  • Choose specific countries applied
  • Customize error message if not applicable
  • Allow/ Disallow showing method if not applicable

For customers

  • Be well aware of shipping rate policy
  • Be allowed/ disallowed to access certain flat shipping rates
  • View flat shipping rates in a specific order
  • Be notified about shipping rate availability


  • filter_drama How many more flat shipping rates can I add at the same time?

    With Multiple flat rates extension by Mageplaza, you can add up to 5 extra different shipping rates at the same time.

  • filter_drama Can I set flat rates to display by order?

    Yes, absolutely. You can do from the admin backend by setting an order for display positions of each flat rate.

  • filter_drama Can I choose one flat rate for many countries?

    Yes, it can be done easily by choosing any countries you want on the backend.

  • filter_drama In case I do not set shipping rate for some countries, how can I notify customers?

    You can inform the buyers coming from those countries an error message to tell them about shipping policy. The messages can be customized easily from the backend.

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