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A quick search box is regarded as an effective tool for visitors to look up questions on a particular topic. With the aim of reducing time in finding information, Magento 2 FAQ by Mageplaza is published to meet the shopper needs immediately. In addition, some outstanding features such as SEO-friendly FAQ sections and Question Categories have considerable effects on the information search process. Thus, conversion rates of e-stores will increase remarkably.

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The importance of a search box on FAQ hubs?

A search box on FAQ hubs

To make sure that the products are worth buying, consumers tend to learn more such details as licenses, policies or refunds on store sites. However, too many documents appearing on FAQ pages will take visitors lots of time finding particular information, increasing cart abandonment rates. A smart module that can help users obtain exact results in a short time is the key to solve this problem. That is the reason why Mageplaza adds the search function to the FAQ extension.

A quick search bar

Mageplaza Product Questions for Magento 2 enables visitors to interact with stores via Q&A pages. An instant search box is set up from the admin panel to be visible on the top of the homepage. Customers type one or some characters with the aim of looking up relevant questions. The number of characters can be configured from the backend. Also, it is likely for store owners to set the preferred color of instant search titles. Hence, FAQ pages raise customers’ attention and motivate them to finish the checkout steps. In addition, admins can edit URLs, meta titles and descriptions to be more friendly with readers, increasing higher page ranking in SEO.

How to configure instant search on Frequently Asked Questions pages?

To create a quick search box, store owners have to access Store > FAQs > Search Box Config from the admin panel.

Turning on Enabled Search Box if you allow your customers to learn more information on your web store.

Then, admins can freely create a name on Search Box Title and write descriptions in order to show guests where to find relevant questions. Selecting Save Config on the upper right of the screen to finish the step.

Search box config

The search box on the frontend

Knowledge Base

The instant search bar is displayed on the center top of the FAQ page. Customers find it easy to see the box thanks to the clear title of Knowledge Base and the description. When viewers type one or some letters, the question categories will appear immediately below. Visitors can click on questions in a list to view specific answers.

Instant search

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To sum up, the instance box is a must-have tool on each question site. This outstanding function on Magento 2 FAQ by Mageplaza brings tons of benefits to both store owners and customers. In addition to saving time and helping users look for exact results, the module is a valuable tool to boost conversion rates.


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