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Email Template List in Magento 2

Email Template List

Email Template List includes a variety of customizable templates while each template is correspdonding to different activities such as Customer Account, Customer Activity, Newsletters, Promotions, etc.

The email template can be used as a response to customer’s activities on your site from the system while a default template for the body content is supported and associated with the header and footer template for a completed email. Most noticeably, because the format of the content is HTML and CSS, it is flexible to customize the email template to fit with each website or each store view. To make sure it send to you inbox, you should enable SMTP.

Follow the template list below to know that what is the email template you are free to edit:

  • Customer Account
    • New Account
    • New Account Confirmation Key
    • New Account Confirmed
    • New Account Without Password
    • Forgot Password
    • Remind Password
    • Reset Password
  • Customer Activity
  • Newsletters
    • Subscription Confirmation
    • Subscription Success
    • Unsubscription Success
  • Product Alert
  • Promotions
    • Promotion Notification / Reminder
  • Admin Activity
  • Email Templates
  • Product Alerts
  • Order
    • New Order / New Order for Guest
    • Order Update / Order Update for Guest
    • Payment Failed
  • Invoice
    • New Invoice / New Invoice for Guest
    • Invoice Update / Invoice Update for Guest
  • Shipment
    • New Shipment / New Shipment for Guest
    • Shipment Update / Shipment Update for Guest
  • Credit Memo
    • Credit Memo Update
    • Credit Memo Update for Guest
    • New Credit Memo
    • New Credit Memo for Guest
  • System Notifications

Ref: Magento 2 User Guide

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mageplaza pdf invoice

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