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Transactional Email is the short message that is sent by the system as a response to customer’s activities on your site while a default template for the body content is supported and associated with the header and footer template for a completed email. Especially, because the format of the content is HTML and CSS, it is flexible to customize the email template for Magento 2 store to fit with each website or each store view. It is easy to customize by inserting variables and saving it in the backend, your custom email template will be available to use. To make sure it is sent to customers’ inbox, you should enable SMTP.

The email template contains your logo and store information, so there is nothing more for you to edit or design. Follow this tutorial, you can get the guides in detail to edit email templates or create a new one Transactional Email, follow up email. Moreover, to ensure that your customization is right as you expect, you should tap Preview links to check before sending them to the customers.

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How to customize Email Template Magento 2, Transactional Email Email Templates

As mentioned above, the email is divided into three elements: Header, Body, and Footer.

  • Header Template: The Header is the top of the email that is sent to customers, simultaneously, it attracts the viewer’s sight very well, so your logo is placed there and linked directly to your store. This is a great idea to drive more traffic to your site.

  • Footer Template: The footer template includes the conclusion and the signature of the sender. Feel free to edit the content of the footer, and also to add more information as company email, number or address.

  • Message Template: The message template is referred to as the body of the email and the customization is similar when you do with the header and footer template. However, with the message template, it is different when you apply different activities or events. Magento provides you the corresponding templates to use or modify how to be suitable for your brand. For example, you can start with the main information related to the recipients.

Therefore, to customize a transactional email template, let scroll down the topic:

4 Steps to Customize Email Template in Magento 2

Step 1: Load the Default Template

First, you have to select and load the templates:

  • On the Admin Panel, Marketing > Communications > Email Templates.
  • Click on Add New Template,
    • Choose the types of the Template: Header, Footer, or Message Templates.
    • Click on Load Template, the corresponding format will appear.

How to customize Email Template Magento 2, Transactional Email Load Templates

Step 2: Fill out the Template Information

In this step, you can add information for the Template, such as Name, Subject, Content, Variables, and Styles.

  • Name for the new template in the Template Name field.
  • Insert the Template Subject for the organization of the templates. The list of templates can be sorted and filtered by the Subject column.

How to customize Email Template Magento 2, Transactional Email Template Information

  • Customize the HTML as you need in the Template Content box.
  • Click on Insert Variable to insert a variable in the Template Content box.

How to customize Email Template Magento 2, Transactional Email Insert Variable

With the inserted variable, you can custom it directly into the template.

  • If you want to declare any CSS, enter the styles in the Template Styles box.

Step 3: Preview the Template

After making changes, let’s take a look at how the changes look like in reality via the Template Preview:

  • To ensure that the template is applied correctly as you expect, click on Preview Template to adjust if needed.
  • Save Template to complete.

Each completed new template is auto-updated in the list of available Email templates.

Step 4: Apply the new Template

This is the last step to launch the new email template. Complete these settings and you will be ready to go:

  • Footer/ Header Template

    • Go to Magento Admin, follow the path: Store > Configurations > General > Design, open Email section.

    How to customize Email Template Magento 2, Transactional Email Footer/Header Template

    • Set name for new Footer/Header Template
    • Save Config to complete.
  • Message Template

    • Go to Magento Admin, follow the path: Store > Configuration > Customers > Customer Configuration

    Based on where the template is placed to open the relevant option, for example, the template belongs to Create New Account Options:

    How to customize Email Template Magento 2, Transactional Email Message Template

    • Set the new template for Welcome Email.
    • Save Config to complete

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Creating transactional emails in Magento 2 may seem confusing to you, or do you need more than what the platform offers? Don’t worry, we’ve got everything handled for you by the Marketing Automation solution by AVADA. Let’s check out what you can gain using it:

  • Save time with ready-made email templates for all needs
  • Optimize the email sending process with automatic email workflows
  • Create effective marketing campaigns thanks to appealing and shoppable branded emails
  • Retain customers via segmented email campaigns

Reduce time spent to customize emails and optimize transactional email usage, what a deal, isn’t it?

The bottom line

Sending transactional emails to customers is a necessary action to maintain the communication and show the professional image. This tutorial hopefully gives you knowledge of how to customize email templates of transactional emails for your store. However, we understand that it may be troublesome to customize it on your own in the default Magento 2. Hence, why don’t you try this Email Marketing solution, where the templates are ready made and customization is easy and quick? You can contact us for more details, or comment in the box below for further discussions.

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