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Welcome message is shown in the top right of the header that includes the customer’s name when they logged in. However, with visitors who do not log in your store, a message “Default welcome msg” will be displayed automatically by default Magento 2; and it is impossible to change this default message. Hence, you should make sure that this welcome message have to be more attractive and eye-catching. In previous post I talk about Quick login it is designed for quick login to your Magento 2 store without processing complex register steps.

How to Change Welcome Message Welcome Message on Storefront

Magento 2 configuration allows modifying the welcome message easily by following the guides:

To change the welcome message

Step 1: Login to your Magento 2 backend

Go to your private backend URL. Check your online store with Security Checklist and protect your online store by Mageplaza Security .

Magento 2.0

  • On the Admin sidebar, go Stores > Settings > Configuration.

Magento 2.1 or above

  • On the Admin sidebar, go Content > Design > Configuration > Select your current theme > .

Step 2: Change the welcome message of a specific store

  • Choose the storeview you want to change the welcome message.
  • Under Action column, open the Edit mode.
  • Scroll down and expand the Header section. Then, enter the Welcome Text that you want to appear.

How to Change Welcome Message Header

Step 3: Check the result

  • When everything’s done, click on Save Config.
  • When prompting to update the Page Cache, click the Cache Management link at the top of the workspace. Then, follow the instructions to refresh the cache.

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