How to configure Newsletters in Magento 2


Configuring Newsletter in the backend is required if you want to create newsletters for your site. Newletters are important documents to inform clients regularly about your store’s activities particularly as promotions, discounts or loyalty programs. Thus, setting up newsletters is the perfect step for customer loyalty.

Within the configuration, you can give a confirmation link that the customers need to click on to complete the subcription process. The process that requires customers to take a secondary step to verify the suscription is called the double opt-in1 method. Applying this method will reduce the spam to your newsletters.

To configure the newsletters, follow this tutorial:

Setup the Subcription Options

  • On the Admin Panel, Stores > Settings > Configuration.
  • Under Customers tab, select Newsletter
  • In the Subcription Options section, you need to do:

How to configure Newsletters Subscription Options

  • Set the email template and sender to Success Email, Confirmation Email and Unsubscription Email that suscribers will receive.
  • To require the customer’s confirmation, choose Yes in the Need to Confirm field.
  • Allow guests who don’t have Magento account on your site receive newsletters, set Allow Guest Subscriptions to Yes.
  • Save Config to complete.

Ref: Magento 2 User Guide

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