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How to setup Email Refer a Friend in Magento 2

To expand the awareness of your brand, Magento 2 allows inviting products to friends via email by setting up the Refer Email to a Friend in the configuration. To make it easier, Email a Friend link appears along with an envelope icon instantly on the product page. Just clicking on the link, customers are navigated to the Email to a Friend page, then complete all information of the email. It is possible to send to multiple recipients; however, to avoid the spam, you should limit the number of sharing products in one hour and the number of recipients per sent email. There is a complete Affiliate solution for Magento 2.

The Refer Email is the great way to help you drive the traffic to your store while saving much more money than other promotions. In addition, sharing by customers will make your products trustworthy in the marketplace. To make sure it is sent to customers’ inbox, you should enable SMTP.

Being known as an effective loyalty program, it provides a system of rewards for various customer behaviors. By rewarding buyers for performing specific actions such as repurchasing, subscribing, rating and reviewing, shopping doers are engaged and encouraged to commit to your online stores.

How to setup Refer Email to a Friend

To setup Email Refer a Friend in Magento 2

Follow this article to learn how to setup Refer Email to a Friend in Magento 2:

Setup Refer Email a Friend

  1. On the Admin Panel, Stores > Settings > Configuration.
  2. On the left panel, Catalog > Email to a Friend.
  3. Open the Email Templates section,

How to setup Refer Email to a Friend Email Template

  • In the Enable field, choose Yes to apply email template.
  • Select the Email Template from the dropdown as you need. The email template default is enabled now.
  • Set the Max Recipient to the maximum number of friends who are on the delivery list of an email.
  • Set the Max Products Sent in 1 Hour to the maximum number of products which is allowed to email to friends by single sender in 1 hour.
  • Detect the sender of email in the Limit Sending By field with 2 ways:
    • IP Address: the number address of the computer.
    • Cookies: Counting the times of sending email by browser cookies. But it is not safe because the sender can erase the cookie before sending. 4. Save Config to finish.

Send email refer a friend

  1. On the product page, Email a Friend link is available to tap.
    • The login information is required if not login.
    • Create a new account if there is not an account on your store.
  2. Enter Name and Email of the sender.
  3. Enter Name and Email of the invitee. If send to many friends at the same time, click the Add Invitee button.
  4. Send Email if it is ready.

How to setup Refer Email to a Friend Send Email

Affiliate extension by Mageplaza

The Affiliate programs operate under the rule of giving current customers a small incentive so that they will share your brand or products to their friends. Mageplaza Affiliate extension comes with exciting features:

  • Create multiple affiliate programs
  • Support multiple commision tiers
  • Refer a Friend via emails, URLs, social media sharing, embed snippets, and banners
  • Support multiple commision payment method
  • Track affiliate activities with detailed reports
  • Import and Export Affiliate daya
  • Create Affiliate Groups and many more…

Email Refer a Friend is only one small feature of the module. Hence, you can get your affiliate programs to the next level by using our solution.

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The bottom line

Email Refer a Friend in Magento 2 is a great approach to engage current customers and drive new potential shoppers for your store. With the help of Magento 2 Affiliate extension, you can enable the sharing and take advantage of the reference strategies. More customization can be configured with emails in the default Magento 2, so please discover in the links below.

And don’t forget to leave comments so we know how you’re doing!

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