How to Change Store Email Addresses in Magento 2

How to Change Store Email Addresses in Magento 2
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You can have up to five different email addresses to represent distinct functions or departments for each store or view. In addition to the following predefined email identities, there are three custom identities that you can set up according to your needs:

  • General Contact
  • Sales Representative
  • Customer Support

Each identity and its associated email address can be associated with specific automated email messages and appear as a sender of email messages that are sent from your store. The contact us form will be send to a different email address.

Changing Store Email Addresses is one of the most important tasks when you start selling on Magento 2. After changing Store Email Addresses we recommend you install SMTP module to test and make sure the address is correct. SMTP extension is available on Mageplaza, Github.

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To change your store email address you can do the following steps:

To change Store Email Addresses

Step 1: Set Up the Email Addresses for Your Domain

Before you can configure email addresses for the store, each must be set up as a valid email address for your domain. Follow the instructions from your server administrator or email hosting provider to create each email address that is needed.

Step 2: Configure the Email Addresses for Your Store

  • On the Admin sidebar, click on Stores. Then under Settings, choose Configuration.
  • In the panel on the left under General, choose Store Email Addresses.
  • Expand the General Contact section, and do the following:

How to change Store Email Addresses

  • In the Sender Name field, type the name of the person to appear as the sender of any email messages that is associated with the General Contact identity.
  • In the Sender Email field, type the associated email address.

  • Repeat this process for each store email addresses that you plan to use.

  • When complete, click  Save Config

Step 3: Update the Sales Email Configuration

If you use custom email addresses, make sure that you update the configuration of any related email messages, so the correct identity appears as the sender.

  • In the panel on the left, under Sales, choose Sales Emails. The page has a separate section for each of the following:
    • Order and Order Comments
    • Invoice and Invoice Comments
    • Shipment and Shipment Comments
    • Credit Memo and Credit Memo Comments
  • Starting with Order, expand the section for each message, and make sure that the correct sender is selected.

How to change Store Email Addresses Order Email Template

  • When complete, click  Save Config .

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