Follow Up Email for Magento 2


Magento 2 Follow Up Email allows creating a chain of emails sent to customers automatically based on their activities. Send cart abandonment emails, subscription confirmation emails, etc. to motivate customers to come back to your store and make purchases.


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Follow Up Email

Follow Up Email for Magento 2

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Follow Up Email for Magento 2

Why is Follow Up Email a must-have for the e-commerce store?

  • By Monetate, email marketing drives more conversions than any other marketing channels, including search and social. In details, 4.24% of visitors from email marketing buy something as compared to 2.49% of visitors from search engines and 0.59% from social media
  • By McKinsey, email is 40 times more effective to acquire new customers than Facebook and Twitter
  • By MarketingSherpa, 72% of users prefer to receive promotional content through emails while only 17% prefer social media

Sending emails to customers is an effective way to launch/ maintain the connection to customers. This is a good way to take good care of customers during their shopping journey.

For example, from the first time a visitor signed up an account in your store, they would be welcomed. Then, they placed an order, they would be taken care of.

The shopping journey of a customer is counted by days, months or years. Therefore, the follow-up emails are a motivating tool to take care of customers and convert their consideration into their purchase.

Follow-up emails are typically effective in turning the abandoned carts into purchased ones because the emails remind shoppers timely about their forgotten items at the store.

Follow Up Email not only follows/ reminds customers about their activities but also support promotions such as attaching up-sell/ cross-sell products. Besides, the emails can give customers auto-generated coupon codes to motivate their further purchases.

5 event types Follow Up Email offers online store 5 types of events to trigger notification emails related to order, abandoned cart, customer, wishlist, and date.

The 1st trigger - order With order-related events, the notification emails will be triggered when order/ shipment/ invoice/ credit memo is created. And when there is any change in the status of the orders.

Follow Up Email
Follow Up Email

Customers are updated instantly with the events they are interfered with. In details, the customers are notified when:

  • Register a customer account
  • Subscribe for newsletter
  • Unsubscribe for newsletter
  • Submit a review
  • The review is approved
  • Customer’s birthday
  • Customer’s group change
  • No activity for a time

Wishlist follow-up emails

Customers’ wishlists should be taken good care because the wishlists are potential orders of customers in the future. Therefore, it will be a wise idea when the stores notify customers of the events related to their wishlists:

  • Email customers when a wishlist is created
  • Email when a product of the wishlist is on sales
  • Email when a product of the wishlist is back to stock
  • Email when customers share their wishlist to others
Follow Up Email

Follow up abandoned carts with emails

Remind of abandoned carts with the follow-up emails

Remind of abandoned carts with the follow-up emails It is unable to prevent customers from leaving their cart deliberately or indeliberately. However, you can call them back with the follow-up emails to remind them of their incomplete carts.

Make customers remember their missing The email will make customers remember their missing or forgetting their shopping cart. They will be more likely to back to the store site to complete their shopping with a proper checkout.

Settings Follow Up Email on popups

Configure via popup For each campaign, store admins can create multiple events to send corresponding follow-up emails. Therefore, optimize the actions of settings, Follow Up Email extension supports the configuration of events and emails via popup.

Improve admin’s experience The popup is open when the store admin clicks to create any events and emails. Popup improves the working experience of the admin at the backend.

Settings Follow Up Email on popups in Magento 2

A/B Testing

Magento 2 A/B Testing Follow Up Email

Testing to optimize To optimize the effectiveness of follow-up emails, the module supports stores to test 2 versions of an email with the A/B testing technique.

Compare results The store admin can make a change to the parent email to create the child one. Then two versions are implemented in the real situation and compare the results.

Detailed Reports

For each email, the analysis statistics are reported to the store admin at the backend. In details, the admin can know:

  • The number of emails sent
  • The number of email-opens
  • The number of email-clicks
  • Open rate
  • Click rate

Depending on that, the store admin can know exactly the effectiveness of the emails to maintain or adjust the content or/and design appropriately

Follow Up Email

Condition to start or stop an event

Follow Up Email

The event will be activated or stopped if the customer’s order meets specific conditions. The condition list is corresponding to each event type.

  • Order attribute conditions for order events
  • Customer, order and product conditions for customer events
  • Product attribute conditions for wishlist events

For example, only start sending a follow-up email for the customer’s review if the order number is at least 1.

Follow Up Email's More features

Rich-content email templates

There are 4 templates ready to use including Abandoned Cart Events, Customer Registration, Order Create Events, Wishlist Share.

Coupons added

Add coupon code to follow-up emails to motivate customer purchases.

Event by date

Set up the event based on the restricted time from date to date.

Manage campaign

Record all the campaigns available via the Manage Campaign grid. Store admin can view, edit all campaigns, events, emails here.

Define abandoned cart

Set the time to define the abandoned cart. For example, the cart which is left after 1 day is defined as abandoned.

Sending copy email method

Different methods to send copy emails: Separate, Bcc

Email logs

Record all emails with details and sending status at a grid so store admins can easily view and manage.

Testing email

Support sending testing emails before the actual launch


Only send emails to newsletter subscribers only

Full Features List

For store admin

  • Enable/ Disable Follow Up Email extension
  • Set the time to define the abandoned cart
  • Set default sender name
  • Set default sender email address
  • Select sending copy email method
  • Enter emails to receive copy emails
  • Set time and order status condition to clear email log
  • Add a new follow up email campaign: Name, status, description, start & end date
  • Add a new event: Name, status, description, Event type, Cancel event
  • Enable only sending follow up emails to newsletter subscribers
  • Add a new follow up email: name, status, send after,
  • Select cart price rule and add coupon code
  • Enable suggesting related products, up-sells, cross-sells
  • Compatible with other Magento 2 extensions: Abandoned Cart Email, Better Wishlist, Google Analytics, Better Reports

For customers

  • Be reminded about their activities
  • Have better shopping experience

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