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How to Configure the Wishlist in Magento 2

Wishlist is a great tool to keep customers in case they are not ready to purchase instantly by saving all the wanted items for them to add to cart any time. Configuring Wishlist in Magento 2 reminds shoppers of the items they are considering, and simplifies the process when they come back to make purchases. In this post, we will show you how wishlists work, and how to set up a wishlist for your Magento 2 store.

How does Wishlist in Magento 2 work?

The wish list can be regarded as a helpful solution for the customer’s shopping, because it is not only a storage of the favorite products but also supports sharing the products with friends easily.

When enabling the Advanced wishlists, the Add to Wish List link will appear on the category or product detail page of each product. You can set as text link or a graphic image depending on your current theme. Also, the wish list can be managed well on the dashboard of the customer account.

Each product in the WishList is allowed to share with the customer’s friends by sending the email from a store email address. Meanwhile, the content of the email is flexible to customize by the clients and the email template and the email sender are configured in the Magento configuration.

How to Configure the Wish List Wish List on store view

For a product with many options, when the customers add it to the wish list, they will appear as the individual items in the list. For other situations, if the same product is added many times to the wish list, instead of creating a new space for a new addition, the quantity of the product is updated automatically.

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How to configure the Wish List and Wish List Sharing in Magento 2

Configure the Wish List

Configuring the wish list means you will set the template and sender of the email that are used for sharing the list.

  • On the Admin Panel, Stores > Settings > Configuration.
  • Under Customer, click Wish List tab.
  • Open the General Option section, choose Yes to enable the list.

How to Configure the Wish List Enable Wish List

  • Open and setup in the Share Options section,

How to Configure the Wish List Share Options

  • Select the Email Sender, the name contact will appear in the email.
  • Select the Email Template that is applied if customers share the wish list.
  • Enter the Max Emails Allowed to be Sent to limit the maximum number of sent email from 10 to 10,0000.
  • Enter the Email Text Length Limit to limit the size of the message. 255 is the default number.
  • Open the My Wish List Link section and allow displaying the number of items in the wish list or item quantities in the Display Wish List Summary field.

How to Configure the Wish List My Wish List Link

  • Save Config to finish.

Sharing a Wish List

This setting enables customers to share the wish list with their friends by email. In addition, both the clients and store admin can manage the wish list from the account dashboard and Magento Admin

  • Login to the customer account, on the Account Dashboard, select My Wish List.
  • Leave some comments on the Comment box of each product.
  • Here, the sharing wish list is available and you need to do as the following:
    • Click on the Share Wish List button.
    • Insert as many of the email of the recipients as needed and a comma is placed among them to separate.
    • Enter the Message for the sharing.
  • Share WishList when you are ready.

How to Configure the Wish List Wish List Sharing

  • If you want to transfer an item to your cart, you need to:
    • Open the My Wish List page.
    • Move to the item you want to transfer.
    • Add the number of products to the cart.
    • Then click on Add to Cart.
  • If want to transfer all wish list products to the cart, click on Add All to Cart.

Better Wishlist by Mageplaza

You can create a wishlist by following the above tutorial, or take advantage of these amazing features by using our Better Wishlist module:

  • AJAX technology supports instant Add to Wishlist popup
  • Allow multiple wish lists creation in both the frontend and the backend
  • Enable editing, copying, moving, or deleting items among wish lists with ease
  • Detailed reports of wishlists to keep track of the performance
  • Sharing Wish list via social channels to reach more potential customers

There are also other extensions to create a better experience for customers such as Quick View, Ajax Cart, Social Share, Save Cart.

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The bottom line

Through this post, hopefully you gain knowledge on how important the Wishlist is and the way to configure Wishlist in Magento 2. If you are in need of a completed solution, consider our Better Wishlist module. We are happy to help you with any concerns, so please contact us if you need further guidance.


Is it possible for customers to create multiple wishlists in Magento 2?

Certainly, customers are able to create multiple wishlists in Magento 2. Each wishlist can be given a distinct name, and customers can freely add or remove products based on their preferences.

Can customers manage privacy settings for wishlist items in Magento?

Absolutely, customers have full control over the privacy settings for their wishlist items in Magento 2. They can decide whether to set their wishlist as public or private, giving them the flexibility to determine who has access to view it.

How does a customer share wishlists with others in Magento 2?

To share wishlists with others in Magento 2, customers can navigate to their account dashboard and click on the Share Wishlist button. Subsequently, they can share the wishlist link through email or various social media platforms.

Where can I see and manage the wish list link section in Magento?

In Magento, you can typically find the wish list link section within the customer account dashboard, specifically under the My Wish List tab. This section allows users to efficiently manage all items within their wish list, facilitating tasks such as moving items between wish lists, adding items directly to the cart, and sharing wish lists via email.

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