Shipping Suite for Magento 2

Magento 2 Shipping Suite satisfies every essential shipping & delivery demand of all Magento 2 store owners. Taking advantage of the synergy, you will be able to manage and optimize your shipping strategy for the optimum customer service and business profit.


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Shipping Suite

Shipping Suite for Magento 2

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Shipping Suite Pro

Shipping Suite for Magento 2

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Boost Sales, Foster Customers Loyalty With Shipping Matters

Case #1: Display Free Shipping Bar anywhere

Roughly 30% of online shopping carts were abandoned because of unexpected shipping costs. This shows a huge obstacle that prevent your customers from placing the order from your shop.

Mageplaza solution

  • Enable store owners to set a threshold for all orders to get Free Shipping. For example, Free Shipping for order from $100
  • Show the Free Shipping message in the bar laying the top of any page
  • Show messages right on the bar about the progress: below-goal message (e.g “Only $6 away to Free Shipping), The below-goal messages (e.g. “Congrats. You got free shipping)


Going to your website, customers will instantly notice the colorful Free Shipping Bar with your tempting message, which encourage them to reach the threshold.

Case #2: Add order attribute/checkout custom fields to the checkout pages

During the unpredictable time, both customers and store owners need more shipping details to ensure the successful delivery.

With the concern in mind, customers are likely to delay the purchase decisions due to the lack of extra custom fields.

Mageplaza solution

Flexibly add order attribute/checkout custom fields to the checkout pages to let customers add extra information such as alternative contacts, shipping addresses, delivery notes, etc.


Customers can give you notes on delivery and you can collect some more information about them to improve your services.

Case #3: Stick the shipping labels right on the products’ thumbnail images

Many customers desire special delivery services but they cannot find which store offers them quickly when they browse around the store for a while.

Time is money, instead of confusing customers about the shipping options, Why don’t you show the special shipping options right on the most noticeable place?

Mageplaza solution

  • Add shipping labels right on the products’ thumbnail images
  • Automatically assign labels based on product conditions such as product category, SKU, etc.

Favourable outcome:

Customers who desire special delivery methods can smile right away after they land on your page because the needed shipping methods are placed on the product thumbnail images.

Case #4: Quickly configure Shipping restrictions

Do you want to hide the Free Shipping method from orders which are 20 km far from the inventory or less than $100?

Do you want to hide the Free Shipping method from customers whose orders are less than $100?

How to quickly create these rules in the backend without any coding attempt?

Mageplaza solution

Lets store owners create unlimited rules to restrict certain shipping methods conveniently.

Easy setting on the backend

  • Create new rule and choose implemented store views, customer groups
  • Choose conditions to apply the rule (e.g. shipping country, subtotal, etc.)
  • Choose shipping method to restrict and click Save!

Case #5: Create unlimited shipping rates depending on multiple factors

With many stores, setting up a delivery or shipping calculation system can become a nightmare if there are too many variables such as shipping location, product types, product weight, fragility bulk, or luxury, etc.

But a comprehensive system is essential if you want to please all of your customers because convenient delivery is a decisive point in the purchase decision making process.

Mageplaza solution

  • Provide the configuration that lets store owners create unlimited shipping rates depending on multiple factors including location, payment methods, product attributes, quantity, etc.
  • Modify pre-built shipping rate by default shipping carries such as FedEx, DHL or UPS

Successful outcome

Now, you can flexibly assign different rates for different locations, shipping groups, product weight range, product quantity range.

Case #6: Add a delivery date calendar to the checkout page

By default, customers don’t have an official channel to pre-inform the store owner or the delivery company about their delivery preference, which is a huge convenience and obstacle that prevents them from placing orders from your store.

Mageplaza practical solution

Add a calendar to the checkout page to let customers choose their preferred delivery date and time.

Successful outcome

When customers head to the checkout page, they will see a “Delivery time” field, which allow selecting day and time to receive the good packages.

Case #7: Create new shipping rules and apply to shipping methods

About shipping, you will need to adjust the rates quite regularly for several purposes:

  • Discount on shipping fee of certain item or customer groups to boost sales
  • Surcharge overweight orders or special handle services
  • Adjust the shipping fee with a certain product or customers quickly

Mageplaza solution

  • Help merchants to quickly create a shipping rules and apply to shipping methods
  • For example: orders of above $100 and shipped to Michigan will be charged $3

Successful outcome

Now you can easily tailor the shipping costs to your strategy (promotions, loyalty program, etc.)

Case #8: Display the shipping cost right on the product page

When a customer wants to see the final price of an order which probably includes the shipping fee, he or she must go to the Shopping cart page. This completely challenges the patience of anyone.

Mageplaza solution

Allow stores to display the shipping cost right on the product page after customers select options

Display on the frontend

When customers go to the product page, they will see the “Estimate Delivery Cost” tab right under the Product Description section.

Case #9: Let customers subscribe for "Out-of-stock" products

In the time of disruption and confusion, supply and demand are both unpredictable. This leads to the surplus (outdated models) and shortage (out-of-stock situation).

Hence, the best way to predict the demand is to let customers subscribe for a product so that you can estimate the real demand.

At the same time, you help customers to grab their needed items as soon as they arrive in your store.

Mageplaza solution

  • Place a “Subscribe” button on product page to let customer subscribe for a product when it’s currently out-of-stock
  • The system will automatically send notification emails when the products are back-in-stock, motivate customers to come back and buy what they have previously missed out on

Display on the frontend

When landing on an out-of-stock product’s page, customers can immediately see the subscribe button and subscribe to be in the loop of the product' status

Restrict shipping methods based on multiple conditions

With Magento 2 Shipping Restrictions by Mageplaza, the store owners can segment shipment methods depending on:

  • Cart attributes
  • Payment methods
  • Shipping locations
  • Shipping methods
  • Product attributes

For example, the shipping location is Free within the inner city and charged with the city outskirts.

Another example, with the high-value or limited items , to prevent risky possibilities, you allow only high-class shipping carriers such as FedEx, Express.

Create unlimited Table Rates Shipping methods

With Mageplaza Shipping Suite pro and ultimate version, you can create unlimited Table Rates shipping methods to apply for goods delivery based on the combination of the following parameters:

  • Country: e.g. apply for the destination country such as the USA
  • State/ Region: e.g. apply for the state as Michigan
  • Postcode/ZIP code: e.g. apply for the postal code as 49837
  • Weight range: e.g. the weight of the order from 2kg to 5kgs
  • Subtotal range: e.g. the subtotal of the order from 50$ to 250$
  • Qty range: e.g. the item qty of the order from 2 to 5 units

Stores can create multiple custom rule-based shipping methods to apply to certain orders flexibly and appropriately. When an order meets the specific configured condition, the corresponding method will be applied to.

Create unlimited Shipping Rules for available shipping methods

With Mageplaza Shipping Suite ultimate version, you can add new shipping rules depending on the new conditions and the selected cart price rules which are already configured.

The conditions can be set based on:

  • Cart attributes: subtotal/item quantity/weight
  • Item attributes: category/color/etc.
  • Cart price rules

For example, discount 50% the whole order’s shipping fee for customers who buy special products of special edition with a quantity of more than 3 items.

Display enticing Free Shipping offers

With Mageplaza Shipping Suite, you can display the free shipping bar on any page in your online store. There are 4 positions to choose that are suitable and effective for displaying the promotion message.

The free shipping bar can be customized to convey the message the way you want:

  • The initial message: Free Shipping for over $200
  • The below-goal messages: Only $6 away to Free Shipping
  • The achieve-goal message: Congrats! You got free shipping

The free shipping bar can be customized to convey the message the way you want. You are free to change the template and design to match your store's theme.

Calculate & display shipping fee right on the Product Page

With Mageplaza Shipping Suite ultimate version, you can inform customers of the estimated shipping fee.

Shipping calculator

The list of shipping methods with the corresponding fee is displayed clearly on the Product Page, so shoppers can know quickly the fees charged for their shipping address.

Two display options

There are two positions to show the shipping calculator on the Product Page: Below the product description or In the additional tab.

Check to find the best shipping address

In case they can receive their orders at multiple places, they can check the best one easily.

Freely add significant custom checkout fields

This package supports store owners to gain more customers’ information or expectations about their purchasing such as order comments, delivery time, surveys. For example:

  • What alternative address can you receive the product?
  • What time would you like to receive the product?
  • What are your favorite products which you bought from our shop?
  • Would you like to use the gift wrapping service?
  • Do you need no-contact delivery?

And any attributes without limitation if store owners find it necessary to process the orders successfully.

Smart Calendar for Delivery Date

On the checkout pages, there will be a smart calendar indicating the current date and also your store’s days off, which let customers to easily select the perfect delivery time.

Admin can also set up some fixed time frames which buyers have to choose. This feature helps stores manage delivery time better as they have a full control of when they are available to deliver goods.

Subscribe out-of-stock notification

“Notify me” when back in stock

As a way to calm down the customers’ worry or disappointment when their concerned items are out of stock, this package allows you to show a “Subscribe” button on the out-of-stock products’ pages.

When customers get the notice that the preferred product is sold out, immediately they will pay attention to the “Notify me!” button below the image. Here a sounding pop-up will appear to ask whether customers would like to subscribe for notification email when their concerned products come back in stock soon.

Quickly create and assign unlimited Shipping Labels

In the ultimate version of Shipping Suite packages, you can create and assign specific labels to relative categories or items by setting condition rules for displaying.

For example, you can load the built-in sticker template and add text “Free shipping” to immediately show customers your Free Shipping promotion with certain products.

Explore Shipping Suite's more features

Freely display bars

No restriction on which pages and which positions to display free shipping bars

Flexible restrictions

Able to restrict shipping methods by specific customer group(s) and store view(s)

Volumetric weight supported

Allow admin to calculate the Table Rate shipping fee based on the density of a package

Time frame for shipping rules

Admin can set the time frame for shipping rates for promotion campaigns

Change address pop-up/inline form

Change shipping address right on the product page with a pop-up or an inline form to estimate the shipping cost

Support non-login customers

Non-login customers can raise requirements for out-of-stock products & price change alert

Dependant order attributes

Display an attribute only when its parent attribute is selected

Rule-based product labels

Be properly responsive with both mobile and desktop devices.

Days/Dates off

Disallow customers to select your day off for delivery

Full Checkout Flow Pro's Features

Free Shipping Bar

  • Manage free shipping bars in a grid on the backend
  • Duplicate a pre-made free shipping bar
  • Allow/disallow a link inserted to the free shipping bar
  • Ability to instantly preview templates
  • Be reminded of how much they have to spend more to get free shipping
  • Be reminded of how much they have to spend more to get free shipping
  • View full features list

Shipping Restrictions

  • Set the name for the shipping rule
  • Select store views/customer groups to apply the shipping rule
  • Set the validation date/weekdays/start & end time for the rule
  • Select location for the rule: Backend Orders or Storefront Purchases
  • Cart Price Rules will override the conditions
  • View full features list

Shipping Rules

  • Set the name for the shipping rule
  • Set description to explain the rule
  • Set conditions for the rule based on cart price rules
  • Set minimum and maximum for shipping fee total
  • View shipping rates on Shopping Cart Page/Checkout One Page
  • View full features list

Product Alerts / Out of stock Notifications

  • Support custom CSS for free design
  • Select customer groups to be applied
  • Allow out-of-stock showing on Product Listing Page
  • Set frequency for alerts
  • Most requested out-of-stock/price-changed products
  • View full features list

Product Labels

  • Upload labels to use
  • Select font family/ font size/background color
  • Custom CSS is supported for design
  • Select and preview display position</a>
  • Support Rest API & GraphQL
  • View full features list

Multiple Shipping Flat Rates

  • Set method name
  • Set sort order for flat rate displaying
  • Allow/ Disallow showing method if not applicable
  • Choose specific countries applied
  • View full features list

Table Rate Shipping

  • Select store views/ customer groups to apply for
  • Set the label of the shipping method at the storefront
  • Set the shipping rate(s) for the shipping method in three ways: Import from other shipping methods, Import via a CSV file, Add manually.
  • Pay for shipment with reasonable cost
  • Select volumetric weight calculation types
  • View full features list

Shipping Cost

  • Select countries to apply the module
  • Set the message when there is no shipping method available
  • Enable/ Disable showing the address form as a popup
  • Select product pages applied with shipping calculator by using condition
  • Quickly know the shipping cost right on the Product Page types
  • View full features list

Order Attributes

  • Set default label for the attribute
  • Add attribute code used in the backend
  • Allow adding attributes to PDF Invoice
  • Enable to add to Sales Order Grid
  • Custom attributes depending on others and shipping method
  • Enable tooltip with the guide for the attribute
  • View full features list

Delivery Time

  • Allow/disallow buyers to select delivery time; leave house security code/ delivery comments
  • Ability to select days off (of a week)/ dates off (of a year)
  • Support Rest API and GraphQL
  • Ability to create/edit/delete/add delivery time frames
  • View full features list

Simple Pricing



Crafted for a Great Webstore Start

Image Description
  • Enhance shipping strategy
  • Free Shipping Bar
  • Shipping Restrictions
  • Multiple Shipping Flat Rates


$ 1291

Crafted for Your Webstore Growth

Image Description
  • Completely upgrade shipping strategy
  • Boost profit
  • Boost customer experience
  • Free Shipping Bar
  • Shipping Restrictions
  • Multiple Shipping Flat Rates
  • Shipping Table Rates
  • Shipping Rules
  • Shipping Cost
  • Product Alerts/ Our of stock Notifications
  • Order Attributes
  • Product Labels
  • Delivery Time


$ 407

Crafted for a Great Webstore Start

Image Description
  • Boost shipping flexibility
  • Offer flexible Shipping Table Rates
  • Free Shipping Bar
  • Shipping Restrictions
  • Multiple Shipping Flat Rates
  • Shipping Table Rates
  • Priority Support

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Shipping Suite

Shipping Suite for Magento 2


Mageplaza Shippping Suite is one-time payment. We commit that there is no extra or hidden fee.

Yes. Each version of the package consists of some extensions. We have designed versions to match certain demands of each store.

Sure. The package will work normal with all features on your store. If you have any question about the compatibility, please do not hesitate to contact us righ here.

Yes, definitely. We highly recommend this package for all stores because it provides essential featres to ensure the benefit of your store.

Yes, of course. You can install it like installing any extensions to website, follow our Installation Guide. Otherwise, you can purchase Installation Service option, our Magento experts will install on your website within 24 hours and resolve any issue arise during the installation.


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05 February 2021

Good price

Great suite I must say. At first I was going to purchase some extensions separately but then I decided to go for this suite because it actually offered all I need. Good package with good price!

Dianne -Verified Purchase
29 January 2021

Amazing features

This package is everything I need at the moment. Thanks to those great features, especially Smart calendar and Free shipping offers. Also thanks for the helpful support with the installation

Pippa -Verified Purchase
25 January 2021

Great feature

So glad to find this product. The Professional package solved all my needs, especially the Table Rate feature. And biggest thanks to you, support team. You are always responsive and helpful! I will definitely purchase more.

Tami -Verified Purchase


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