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Mageplaza 2021 - A Year in Review


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As 2021 is about to close out, this is the time of the year we sit down and look back on the whole journey we’ve just had. With the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, 2021 might not have been a good year for many. To Mageplaza, we’re proud to have been standing high, and working hard. We never stopped believing in knowledge and innovations and are hoping to use these assets to make the world a better place.

Mageplaza has made it so far and achieved so much thanks to the support of our valued customers. This is the biggest motivation to keep us moving forward strongly and outstandingly.

We did it! 2022 is coming. Now, let’s look at our rankings of 2021.

Take a look at Mageplaza's 2021!

A successful year of Mageplaza - Full ranking lists of 2021

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pdf year in review 2021

A Year in Review


The following is the list of 10 best-selling extensions by Mageplaza in 2021.

1. One Step Checkout


One Step Checkout for Magento 2

Cut down 80% of checkout time & increase 30% of conversion rates (Hyva ready)

Check it out!

Mageplaza One Step Checkout is an extension for Magento 2. This module modifies the default 2-step checkout page to one step only which is presented on only one single page. Along with this main feature to make the checkout more user-friendly, convenient, and simple, One Step Checkout by Mageplaza is also equipped and integrated with other functions which help buyers check out more easily and faster. This minimizes cart abandonment rates caused by a complicated and low-converting checkout page. View full feature list.

One Step Checkout

One Step Checkout extension by Mageplaza comes with 3 versions: Standard, Professional and Ultimate. All are already compatible with Magento 2.4.x. In 2021, One Step Checkout was updated 18 times, meaning 1.5 updates/month. View release notes.

This extension is also favored by thousands of Mageplaza customers, reviewed 206 times with the average score being 9/10.

Outstanding reviews by Mageplaza customers:

“Thank you for this extension, it simplified our checkout process and made it considerably easier for our customers to complete their purchases. It’s already helped to increase our conversion rate. I’ll be recommending it to others who use Magento. Thanks again!” - Corvallis Custom

“I tried 3 different one-step checkout extensions. They were buggy, they didn’t work with Amazon pay, the GEO IP didn’t work, etc… This was the only one that could handle all those options. The bonus abandoned cart email works excellent too - better than the Mail Chimp one I was using. You really get your money’s worth with this extension. And Mageplaza is the most responsive helpful extension provider I have done business with.” - Merance

“Very nice extension! Easy installation, and the configuration is really easy. The support of Mageplaza solves any issue quickly. The best for a Magento store.” - Pantelis

Read more reviews here ->

2. Layered Navigation

Layered Navigation

Layered Navigation for Magento 2

Simplify your shopping experience with our advanced search and filter options

Check it out!

Magento 2 Layered Navigation by Mageplaza ranks second as one of the most feature-rich layered navigation modules for online stores. This module is favored by e-commerce websites looking for a better product search and navigation system. Layered Navigation by Mageplaza is to improve conversion rates by cutting down shopping time (product searching) and improving the shopping experience.

Mageplaza Layered Navigation module allows multi-filtering and other unavailable product attributes to be filtered such as brands, ratings, new products, on-sale, and in-stock items. AJAX loading technology and included AJAX search make the shopping experience smoother along with other outstanding features like scroll to top, product count, filter button, quick lookup, infinite scrolling. Most interestingly, Mageplaza Layered Navigation is super SEO-friendly with SEO attributes and URL customization.

Layered Navigation

Layered Navigation extension by Mageplaza comes with 3 versions: Standard, Professional and Ultimate. All are already compatible with Magento 2.4.x. View release notes.

This extension is also favored by thousands of Mageplaza customers, reviewed 108 times with the average score being 9.2/10. Read actual case studies here →

Outstanding reviews by Mageplaza customers:

“If your focus is on having an enhanced user experience for your online store, this is a great extension from Mageplaza. Their smart pricing approach lets you pick the best to fit the requirement and budget. The best part is their extended support in installation as well as customization. Quite happy with their tech team’s response and approach” - Billy

“Highly recommend For Magento 2 Stores. The extension works great and the multi-filtering possibility for the customers is a very awesome feature. this extension also a good results for SEO Racking. this is one of the best extensions for the Magento 2 website. Thanks, Mageplaza :)” - Faraz Bashir

“We bought the Ultimate version of Layered Navigation for Magento 2 because we also needed other features as Shop By Brand and Infinite Scroll. Now I should say it was well worth it! After installing occurred some normal compatibility issues with the theme and an extension, that were quickly attended by Prime and he was absolutely unflagging fixing all the little issues until we got a perfect installation of Layered Navigation, he also was very kind doing some customizations to our liking. The extension looks beautiful on our site and it does everything as promised :)” - Leonardo

3. Product Feed

Product Feed

Product Feed for Magento 2

Increase visibility and reach for products on various marketing channels (Hyva ready)

Check it out!

Mageplaza Product Feed extension is absolutely a must for Magento 2 stores which sell their products on other popular selling channels such as Google Shopping, Bing, Facebook, Amazon, and eBay. With the advances in online shopping, especially shopping engines, it was predictable that Product Feed ranks 3rd in this best-selling extension list.

The main job of Mageplaza Product Feed is to generate product feeds (product data: name, price, description, sizes, colors, discounts, etc,.) and then push them to assigned marketplaces. This saves tons of time for marketers/sellers in updating their products on selling channels yet minimizes unwanted mistakes caused by humans.

Product Feed by Mageplaza support 3 standard product feed formats including .txt, .csv and .xml. These formats work perfectly for Google Shopping, Facebook, Amazon, eBay and Bing. Besides, ready-to-use templates are available in the module and customizable in Liquid.

Product Feed for Magento 2

Outstanding reviews by Mageplaza customers:

“This feed is great in that it allows me to better filter the products that I want to display on Google Merchant Services. Simple to setup and configure, very intuitive to use. Thank you!” - Jerry

“Awesome extension and first-class support. This extension very simple to configure and very fast submitted the product to the feed to Facebook. 100 % Recommended to everyone. save time sale more.” - Faraz

“After I apply Product Feed, I have introduced my products to many popular shopping channels easily, mainly Google Shopping, eBay, Amazon, Facebook with ease. Any updates to information are totally automatic and quick. Just for one month after the installation, my store’s sales have increased amazingly. I really appreciate it!” - Peter

4. Google Tag Manager + GA eCommerce

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager for Magento 2

Easily monitor store stats and adjust marketing tags and snippets with simple source code

Check it out!

Magento 2 Google Tag Manager (Google Analytics eCommerce) extension helps you track essential data such as shopping behaviors, product performance, sales, and others.

Google Tag Manager by Mageplaza handles all script tags for you, instead of inserting complicated long codes which make your site’s loading speed become slow.

Google Tag Manager for Magento 2

Outstanding reviews by Mageplaza customers:

“Great extension that delivers as promised. It provides an easy way of handling e-commerce tracking. We use it for Google Ads and Facebook and it works without problems. We are using several extensions from Mageplaza (Layered navigation, Product feed, Facebook plugin, etc.) and they always deliver work of high quality and extensions of great value.” - Jerry

“So far it works really well for our Facebook pixel. Everything seems greatly automated. For my taste, it could be a bit more granular in the near future, but I am sure there will be plenty of good updates coming.” - PKS

“The extension was easy to install and configure. The documentation is pretty good. Nice and tidy fix for handling tag manager and Facebook pixel in one place without having to do any coding. - Sean

Read more reviews here ->

5. SEO


SEO for M2

Drive more traffic to your online store and boost your rank on search engines

Check it out!

Mageplaza SEO extension is an effective tool to enhance search engine rankings of your Magento 2 stores by removing SEO-toxic factors and improving SEO friendliness of your website content.

The SEO module by Mageplaza helps eliminate duplicate content - the enemy of your SEO performance. Besides, this extension works on other elements which directly affect your website search engine rankings such as structured data, metadata, crosslinks, and Hreflang tags to make it completely SEO-friendly. Most importantly, SEO checklists, SEO analysis and SEO reports are provided as an ultimate guide for search engine optimization. Learn more about the extension here →

SEO for Magento 2

SEO extension by Mageplaza comes with 3 versions: Standard, Professional and Ultimate. All are already compatible with Magento 2.4.x. View release notes.

This extension is also favored by thousands of Mageplaza customers, reviewed 119 times with the average score being 9.7/10.

Outstanding reviews by Mageplaza customers:

“A good extension and a better support team. Increases traffic and improves position in Google ratings” - Silvia Suria

“This makes SEO easy! Step by step it’ll show you how to get the best out of your products and pages. Very comprehensive and very easy to use! This is the ONE extension that you MUST have!” - Ben Vander Veen

“I am using SEO Extension and this extension is properly Work for Structured Data without any issue and this is one of the best SEO Extensions for Magento 2. and Mageplaza Support and Service also very excellent. Thanks Mageplaza” - Ahmed

Read more reviews here ->

6. Gift Card

Gift Card

Gift Card for Magento 2

Enhance customer loyalty through convenient and flexible gift card solutions

Check it out!

This extension is a sale booster in holiday shopping seasons. Magento 2 Gift Card module provides various ready-to-use templates of gift certificates to sell for your online stores. It’s very simple to make your gift voucher a lovable present with plenty of advanced features by Mageplaza.

  • Design gift cards with ease by drag and drop
  • Delivery via SMS, emails, mail
  • Buyers can personalize their gift vouchers
  • Mail, Print at Home, eGift cards
  • Support Gift Message
  • Export Gift codes to use offline
  • Support API

Importantly, Mageplaza Gift Card for Magento 2 is PWA-ready, so you won’t have to pay any penny to make this extension work with Magento Venia or PWA studio storefront.

Gift Cards for Magento 2

Gift Card by Mageplaza is loved by lots of Magento 2 merchants, read this article to learn more about how other stores are using this extension.

Outstanding review by a Mageplaza customer:

“The gift card extension was discovered just in time for the holiday season. It takes the burden of manually creating gift card codes. It automates this process and frees up much needed time for our staff. Mageplaza created the module with more than just gift cards in mind. The extension can just as easily be used for handing out store credits to valued customers. The module is easily setup and is adjustable to a variety of whishes. For some minor details, we had to call in support but Ryan understood us very well and was very quick in answering our questions. Thank you again Mageplaza!” - Marielle

Read more reviews here ->

7. Reward Points

Reward Points

Reward Points Extension for Magento 2

Convert occasional customers into loyal members by creating a reward system (Hyva ready)

Check it out!

Magento 2 Reward Points is the most powerful Loyalty program, in which Reward System helps convert your buyers into loyal customers effortlessly by building automatic points earning and spending system. Through this, stores can boost sales, conversion rates and have their customers around now and again.

Here are some highlight features of the Magento 2 Reward Points extension:

  • Reward Points for purchases
  • Customizable points labels
  • Points spending slider
  • Earning/Spending Rules
  • Reward for Behaviors
  • Sell by points
  • Reward for referring friends
  • Support API
  • Import/Export Reward Points
  • Milestones Program
  • Reward Points expiration
  • Reward points indicators
  • Refundable Reward points
  • Track Reward program via advanced report
  • GDPR compliance ready

Importantly, Mageplaza Reward Points for Magento 2 is PWA-ready, so you won’t have to pay any penny to make this extension work with Magento Venia or PWA studio storefront.

Reward Points extension by Mageplaza comes with 3 versions: Standard, Professional and Ultimate. All are already compatible with Magento 2.4.x. View release notes.

This extension is also favored by thousands of Mageplaza customers. Read actual case studies here →

Outstanding reviews by Mageplaza customers:

“Great extension and fast support. I bought the Pro version and tried some simple rules. It’s just great. Can’t wait for the site to go live to really test it with sales, I think that the customers will like it!” - Simona

“An easy module to install. Cart and Behavior rules give a wide variety to configure the reward system. Also, MagePlaza support is such a quick, professional and very efficient service!” - Faraz Bashir

8. Free Gifts

Magento 2 Free Gifts extension allows store owners to offer customers free gifts with purchase - ‘surprise and delight moment’ attached with specific products. This module is an effective solution to build customers’ retention and boost sales significantly for online retailers.

  • PWA-ready solution provided
  • Display gifts on the Product Page and Shopping Cart Page
  • Auto or manually add gifts
  • Pick gift options and change gifts
  • Apply rules to assign gifts
  • Freely set the gift price
  • REST API, GraphQL is ready

View the full feature list here →

Free Gifts for Magento 2

Outstanding reviews by Mageplaza customers:

“Good extension and works as it should and minimum conflict with other extensions” - Alan

“This is a wonderful extension. Sometimes customers like gifts more than special prices and this extension is perfect to create special promotions that can attract a lot of customers. I’m really satisfied with this purchase” - Simona

Free Gifts

Free Gifts for Magento 2

Retain customers and boost sales easily by offering free gifts

Check it out!

Read more reviews here ->

9. PDF Invoice

FDF Invoice

PDF Invoice for Magento 2

Impress your customers with professional PDF invoices that match your store's branding

Check it out!

Magento 2 PDF Invoice by Mageplaza is a tool that helps you automatically email your customers and attach PDF Invoice. Also, your store’s information as a logo image, tax ID, address, barcode, QR code can be added nicely in PDF documents in the blink of an eye.

Apart from being able to attach a PDF invoice to transactional emails sent to buyers, online stores can also send PDF orders, shipments, and memos in neat designs. This makes your store look more professional and trustworthy in the eyes of customers.

Besides, PDF Invoice by Mageplaza also comes with other stunning features:

  • Download and print professional PDF documents from My Order page
  • Download and print PDF documents in mass (for admins)
  • Allow documents to be printed in customer and admin accounts

View the full feature list here →

PDF Invoice

Outstanding reviews by Mageplaza customers:

“Recommend it to everyone that uses PDF invoice for Magento 2 for communication with customers with the PDF printing invoice. This is so easy to customise, looks clean and modern. The extension works well, and it has a beautiful & stylish invoice design. It shows the tax, shipping, totals, company details, etc.” - Faraz

“OMG! This is by far the best paid extension we have added to our store. The stock Magento forms are hideous. We now have professional-looking PDFs for our customers that have been styled to match our site. If you are serious about your site and want to be perceived as reputable, you NEED this extension.” - GOS

Read more reviews here ->

10. Store Locator & Pickup

Store Locator

Store Locator for Magento 2

Help customers locate all physical stores by displaying unlimited store locations on a separate page

Check it out!

Mageplaza Store Locator & Pickup extension ranks last in this list, yet it proves so much for what we’ve been through in the last 2 years. With arising demand of physical shopping in bricks-and-mortals, buyers only want to come directly to the store to buy, pick up or return goods.

This module enables stores to customize map display and store information, so that customers can find the nearest stores with ease. Besides that, it is also SEO friendly to make your content visible on search engines for higher rankings. Online merchants can boost sales for their offline stores as well as enhance shopper satisfaction.

Store Locator & Pickup

Outstanding reviews by Mageplaza customers:

With this extension and with the support of Mageplaza, I was able to develop a system of pickup points tailored to my client. - Fabiano

I have just opened one more store branch and I am finding a way to show it on my site with the best look. Luckily, I visit and find Store Locator extension. It is really easy to use. I am really happy that I can add images and even store image slider. Very beautiful! Love it so much! - Harry

Most downloaded (Free extensions)

The list below is 10 free extensions by Mageplaza which own the most downloads in 2021.

1. SMTP (5796 downloads)

SMTP basically helps send your email through trusted servers instead of the unrecognized default email server of the inherent hosting. This eliminates 99% of the chance that your emails will go to the spam box and increase the open rates. No Magento 2 stores can run their email sending well without SMTP. Among other SMTP extension providers for Magento 2, Mageplaza is the top option.

SMTP for Magento 2

Download for free here →

2. Social Login (2439 downloads)

Social login extension for Magento 2 is also a must-have tool for your store. This module helps your customers register or log in their accounts with their existing social media accounts. Basically, this increase conversion rates and customer engagement for your store. In the Professional version, this extension enables more social channels such as Disqus, Mailru, Odnokalassniki, and Steam. Also, social account management and checkout page compatibility are available.

Social Login for Magento 2

Download for free here →

As its name, Magento 2 Banner Slider by Mageplaza allows you to feature banner sliders on the storefront. The outstanding features here are the ability to show the banners on any page and to be displayed with various effects: FadeOut, RotateOut, FlipOut, RollOut, RoomOut, SlideOutLeft, SlideOutRight, and LighSpeedOut.

Banner Slider for Magento 2

Download for free here →

4. Delete Orders (1739 downloads)

Mageplaza Delete Orders extension simply enables you to permanently remove all orders along with their related billing data such as invoices, shipments, and credit memos. Usually, these are fake/test orders you want to get rid of. This helps your grid clean and your reports most precise.

Delete Orders for Magento 2

Download for free here →

5. Blog (1539 downloads)

Mageplaza Blog extension is an essential tool for Magento stores wanting to build a professional blog page. This extension provides management for categories, posts and comments. Blog by Mageplaza also supports blog import and is very SEO friendly.


Download for free here →

6. Google ReCaptcha (1437 downloads)

Google reCaptcha extension is a tool by Mageplaza which helps integrate this famous technology into your Magento 2 store. This module protects your site from suspected break-ins on both frontend and backend. By verifying the login attempts, logging data and reporting the admin, Mageplaza Google reCaptcha extension keeps your store secure.

Google reCaptcha for Magento 2

Download for free here →

7. Product Slider (1381 downloads)

Mageplaza Product Slider allows you to feature all kinds of product sliders such as New items, On-sale, Best-sellers, etc, with the add to cart, add to wishlist and compare buttons. The slider can be shown at different positions on multiple pages.

Product Slider for Magento 2

Download for free here →

8. Better Popup (1240 downloads)

Mageplaza Better Popups extension provides exit-intent or customized popups for multiple purposes of your own. With various ready-to-use templates and appealing effects, this tool can become your favorite for your marketing campaigns.

Better Popup for Magento 2

Free download →

9. Ajax Layered Navigation (1119 downloads)

AJAX Layered Navigation by Mageplaza loads the selected attributes only when you are on the category page. This increases the page loading speed while bringing buyers better shopping experience on your store. Also, the customer is not navigated to the wishlist page when clicking the Add to wishlist button as the default functionality of Magento 2.

AJAX Layered Navigation for Magento 2

Free download →

10. Instagram Feed (1054 downloads)

With the fast development of Instagram, a lot of online shops can attract more customers by showing of their Instagram content. Mageplaza Instagram Feed for Magento 2 helps you do this. This extension enables store owners to embed their Instagram feed on any page with various photo layouts.

Instagram Feed

Free downloads →

Most updated

Mageplaza has been focusing on extension updates on 2021 and will keep working on this in 2022. Below is the list of 5 extensions that were updated most in 2021.


  • Total updates: 30
  • Average updates/month: 2.5

Read release notes

2. One Step Checkout

  • Total updates: 16
  • Average updates/month: 1.3

Read release notes

3. Abandoned Cart Email

  • Total updates: 12
  • Average updates/month: 1

Read release notes

4. Moneris

  • Total updates: 11
  • Average updates/month: 0.9

Read release notes

5. Shop by Brand

  • Total updates: 11
  • Average updates/month: 0.9

Read release notes

Most reviewed

10 extensions below got the most love and attention from Mageplaza customers.

1. SMTP - Free (327 reviews - 89/100)


A must-have extension. Other Magento extension providers sell you modules with fewer features than this … And this is FREE! AWESOME!

Alejandro Araujo - Verified Purchase

Review this extension →

2. Social Login - Free (232 reviews - 84/100)


It’s so easy to install! Besides, it works very well ;) I highly recommend this extension for all online stores. Fast & friendly support is the best factor. I’m very impressed. Thank you very much for your help! It’s a perfect extension. Good job, Mageplaza!

Pavlo - Verified Purchase

Review this extension & get 10 reward points →

3. One Step Checkout - from $199 (206 reviews - 90/100)


I have purchased your one-step checkout ULTIMATE version extension recently. I really like your product. and my customers easily place orders and my sales increase more than 20%.

Faraz - Verified Purchase

Review this extension & get 10 reward points →

4. Blog - Free (172 reviews - 90/100)


I have recently installed Magento 2 blog extension, and also import blogs content From WordPress website to Magento2 blog using Mageplza blog extension with any issue and Mageplaza support is very good

Faraz Bashir - Verified Purchase

Review this extension →

5. SEO - From $99 (119 reviews - 97/100)


Great extension. Crosslinks is what I like the most. The ability to refer categories and products by ID’s instead of URLs is what I was looking for. Other parts like pages analysis work fine as well. Fully satisfied, and saved quite much on 3rd-party SEO specialist. Thank you!

Rafael - Verified Purchase

Review this extension & get 10 reward points →

6. Layered Navigation - From $99 (108 reviews - 92/100)


If your focus is on having an enhanced user experience for your online store, this is a great extension from mageplaza. Their smart pricing approach lets you pick the best to fit the requirement and budget. The best part is their extended support in installation as well as customization. Quite happy with their tech team’s response and approach.

Billy - Verified Purchase

7. Product slider - Free (104 reviews - 89/100)


Complete with a lot of customization easy to configure, very scalable extension, addable wherever in the website, responsive, best on the web. Couldn’t ask for better! I’ll recommend this extension. Good Job.

Xdev - Verified Purchase

Review this extension →

8. Google reCaptcha - Free (91 reviews - 97/100)


This extension is really helpful. Configuring Recaptcha with Magento I got error so I tried this extension. It helped me save a lot of time. It’s simple to configure, documents are well done and explain really well how to use it. I installed it without any problem.

Simona - Verified Purchase

Review this extension →

9. Delete orders - Free (88 reviews - 89/100)


We needed something that would allow us to remove test orders and we found it in this extension. Simple and works great!

James B. - Verified Purchase

Review this extension →


I have used many paid Mageplaza extensions and they are excellent. I recently installed Banner Slider and it worked well. I was amazed by the speed and solution provided by Mageplaza - they asked the right questions to fully understand my request and then provided a working solution very quickly, Totally unexpected level of support from a FREE extension…I am very happy.

Steve Roper -Verified Purchase

Review this extension →

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Take a look at Mageplaza's 2021!

A successful year of Mageplaza - Full ranking lists of 2021

Download PDF
pdf year in review 2021

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