Magento 2 B2B Solution

All-in-one solution for B2B business, increase conversion rate and boost sales comprehensively and instantly

Short Overview

B2B Solution is the Magento 2 all-in-one extension package providing comprehensive function enhancement for B2B store sites. B2B Solution maximizes operation efficiency of wholesale business inclusively: optimize administration, increase conversion rates, upsell, enhance user experience and many more.

  • Verify new customer accounts
  • Protect information with login requirement
  • Restrict product/page access to customers
  • Auto switch and segment customer groups
  • Motivate discussion about product price
  • Boost sales with advanced tier prices
  • Diversify promotions to appeal customers
  • Extra order attributes, extra order success
  • Personalize shipment methods
  • Store pickup
  • Personalize payment methods
  • Functionalize bulk orders
  • Multi-function cart link
  • Attach preference documentations to a product
  • Improve custom options with templates
  • Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics
  • Feed products in multiple markets to expand business


With Magento 2 Default, the access to pages is too easy without any restriction to any users. Therefore, it is very difficult for store owners to manage non-login access to confidential information.

Magento 2 Reward Points
BETTER MANAGE CUSTOMERS What B2B helps you manage customers better
Magento 2 Increase trusted new customers

Increase trusted new customers

Taking control account registration is very necessary to B2B store owners. With B2B Solution, new accounts from any visitors are under control with the approval step. After creating a new account, a user has to wait for the approval of the store owner before he can continue with shopping.

With account confirmation, merchants can control better the site access and reject any suspicious accounts to avoid potential risks. More importantly, with B2B stores whose customers are wholesalers, the good control of customer accounts is very significant.

Protect information with login requirement

With B2B businesses, the store’s priority information such as policies for wholesales and other special procedure should not be accessible easily and publicly. Therefore, to access such information, visitors are required to login first with their registered email and password.

With B2B Solution, store owners can set the restriction to any pages they want from default pages (Contact Page, Product Page, etc), CMS pages and custom pages easily. This is a helpful way contributing to protecting important and special information of a B2B store.

magento 2 Protect information
Magento 2 Vary product/page access

Vary product/page access by customers

With B2B Solution, stores can limit access to specific categories, products, and static pages/ blocks by customer group. Customer groups are segmented with different visibility:

  • Limit access to category
  • Limit access to products
  • Limit access to static block/ CMS

This limitation function is very helpful to wholesale stores who do business with different customer groups and would like to manage their information access better with specific purposes and strategies.

Auto switch and segment customer groups

Take care of customers better by switching them to appropriate customer groups. The segmentation is processed automatically based on:

  • Conditions of customers
  • Conditions of orders
  • Conditions of cart items

Then, the B2B stores can easily assign benefits to corresponding groups such as discounts, coupon codes, etc. Automatic group segmentation will help stores manage and care for customers more easily and effectively.

Magento 2 Refer a Friend
BETTER MANAGE PRICES AND PROMOTIONS Boost sales with the enhancement of price & promotion functions
Magento 2 Encourage price

B2B Solution equips online stores with functions to encourage the discussion between store and customers related to price. Because the price is the essential but sensitive concern of wholesalers, open mutual discussions will increase the conversion rate and drive sales. How to do that?

  • Hide price and require actions: require login, quote a price for each item via popup
  • Request for quote: Customers are able to quote multiple items at the same time via a separate quote cart

Power tier prices up to boost sales

Tier price is especially important to B2B business, the concern of both sellers and buyers. Therefore, optimizing the function of the tier price is an effective way to motivate wholesale buyers. With B2B Solution, the display and operation of tier prices are upgraded:

  • Automated tier prices table for quick purchase
  • Multiple tier groups to apply instantly
  • Assign different tier prices to customers and customer groups

The improvement of tier prices definitely contributes to upsell and brings good experience for customers. Advanced tier prices make the purchase easier, and the discount offers are personalized to suit various customer levels.

Power tier prices
Diverse promotions

Diverse promotions to appeal customers

With bulk orders, wholesale buyers are likely concerned about promotions to either make the purchase decision or expand their shopping carts accordingly. B2B Solution upgrades Magento 2 cart price rules to help stores create unlimited different promotions to suit multiple customer tastes:

  • Promotions based on conditions of order value
  • Promotions based on conditions of order status
  • Promotions based on conditions of order history
  • Promotions based on conditions of cart items
  • Different calculation rules
BETTER MANAGE ORDER PROCESS Enhance customer satisfaction with professional order process

Extra order attributes, extra order success

With the bulk order, both buyers and suppliers wish for as much information as possible. More information related to an order, a greater chance of success. B2B Solution upgrades the Checkout page with more order attributes to collect more information from shoppers. Store admins can add many additional question fields in multiple formats.

Extra order attributes
Facilitate bulk orders

Facilitate bulk orders

With B2B Solution, B2B businesses are equipped with the advanced quick-order function which allows wholesale partners to place a large order quickly and effectively. Wholesalers can add product in bulk to cart with only some clicks thanks to supportive tools: Instant search & add box, SKU listing, and CSV upload. With this additional application, businesses can complete their order with hundreds of products in some minutes.

The solution saves a great amount of time for wholesalers whose order are considerably great each time, which is the solution to increase the conversion rate for e-commerce B2B suppliers.

Personalize shipment & payment methods

To support B2B businesses manage shipment and payment operation better and adjust the fees suitably to shipping locations, order value, etc, B2B Solution allows adding rules to shipment and payment methods. If the customer’s order meets specific conditions (related to carts, items, etc), it will be eligible to use certain shipment and payment methods.

Moreover, with B2B Solution Ultimate package, Store Pickup is an extra shipping method to help customers save a sum of shipping fee by self-collecting and better motivate purchases.

Personalize shipment & payment methods
EXTRA SUPPLEMENTAL FUNCTIONS Add small but powerful add-ons
More guide

More guide, more trust, more purchase

With bulk orders, the more after-sale information to wholesale buyers, the more possibility they make a purchase decision. With B2B Solution, stores can attach preference documentations to products on the Product Page to increase customers’ knowledge about the product as well as customers’ trust. Some useful attachment B2B stores can consider:

  • Attach User Guide to a product (especially technical products)
  • Attach Warranty Policy (a big concern of wholesale buyers with bulk orders)
  • Attach Technical Document (for f a technical product or a product under development or use)
  • Actual video/ images

B2B Solution allows you turning a bulk order shopping cart into a storing link which is helpful in many purposes for both sellers and buyers. On the Shopping Cart page, Share Cart button is ready-to-use to provide customers with an applicable link which will redirect the link users to the identical cart. Below are some typical applications of Share Cart link useful for every business:

  • Share any shopping carts, especially bulk order easily without making the same orders via usual steps
  • Make repeated orders easily. For example, an order is made on a frequent basis, daily, weekly, monthly
  • Use for blog or review article: If you would like to introduce a typical combination (for fashion, for technology, and many more), suggesting a complete cart with full items is a good idea.
Multifunction cart link
Enrich products

Enrich products with various custom options

More custom options to a products brings more choices to customers. As a results, this will help B2B stores to better satisfy customers and improve sales. Here are the enhancements to product options made by B2B Solution:

  • Create unlimited product custom options templates in all input types
  • Multiple ways to assign option templates to mass products: ID, SKU, Product Grid
  • Configure custom options with sub options, pricing, tooltip and visual improvement

Display category page in a new look

Increase more sales right from the Category Page with table view. Customers can pick multiple items on the category page (even configurable products) and add to cart at once:

  • View categories in table format with columns and rows
  • Popup to select options of configurable products
  • Extra product information is added
  • Add all selected items to cart at once
Category new look
BETTER ANALYSE AND EXPAND BUSINESS Supportive tools for business analysis and expansion

Expand sales in multiple shopping channels

If you are wishing for expanding your business in other enormous markets such as Google Shopping, Bing, eBay, Amazon or Facebook, B2B Solution is your great assistant. Product Feed feature will supports B2B stores to maximize sales by feeding product data to almost famous shopping channels in the worlds:

  • Google Shopping
  • Bing
  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • Facebook
  • Others
Expand sales in multiple shopping channels
Enhanced Ecommerce

Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics and Tag Manager

In B2B Solution, Google Analytics is upgraded with enhanced ecommerce additional functionality to track customer behaviors

  • Track & Capture all product views and clicks
  • Track events of updating cart and checkout process
  • Track & Capture events of customers' purchase orders
  • 5 enhanced ecommerce reports

As usual, for Google Analytics or Adwords, you must put many codes on the source of the website and the speed of your site is lower than normal because it is hard to load. However, with Google Tag Manager, it is called as the third-party to handle all your script-tags and you only need to add its code into your site

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Magento Edition

Total: $576

  • Support Magento 2 B2B and B2C
  • Customer Approval
  • Required Login
  • Advanced Tier Price
  • Advanced Cart-Price-Rule Promotions
  • Google Tag Manager & Google Analytics
  • One-time payment, no monthly fee
  • Free installation
  • B2B Ebook
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Total: $2783

  • Include all Professional features, plus...
  • Catalog Permission
  • Auto Customer Groups Segmentation
  • Contact For Product Price
  • Request For Quote
  • Unlimited Order Attributes
  • Personalize Payment Methods
  • Personalize Shipment Methods
  • Store Pickup
  • Multifunctional Cart Link
  • Product Attachments
  • Custom Product Options
  • Table Category View
  • One-time payment, no monthly fee
  • 1-year free VIP support
  • 1-year dedicated account manager
  • Free installation
  • Compare packages



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Magento Edition

Total: $924

  • Include all Standard features, plus…
  • Advanced Quick Order
  • Product Feed
  • One-time payment, no monthly fee
  • Free installation
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Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered a wide range of Questions for your Convenience

Q. Do I have to pay monthly for a B2B Solution package?

No, the price of B2B packages is It is the one-time payment and no hidden cost. You can use a package for the whole life.

Q. What are the main benefits of B2B Solution ?

This is all-in-one extension for your business, covering all the aspects of an e-commerce company. Generally, B2B Solution focuses on 5 aims: Better manage customers, Better manage prices and promotions, Better manage order process, Better analyze and expand business and Equip supplemental functions for e-commerce B2B.

Q. What is the difference between B2B packages?

3 packages of B2B Solutions are different in functions. Please find more about the functions included in each package here

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Mageplaza Affiliate includes three packages: Standard, Professional, and Ultimate. Let's take a glance at the comparison table.

Standard Professional Ultimate
General configuration
Enable/Disable the module
Cookie Expiration
Allow overriding cookies
Affiliate homepage content
Show Affiliate link on footer or top link
Customize Affiliate URL style (Hash or Parameter)
Allow custom parameter
Choose the parameter value: Affiliate code or Affiliate ID
Enable limiting the length of Affiliate code
Account Configuration
Default Affiliate Group
Enable Require admin' s approval
Check "Email notification" by default
Enable Terms and Conditions 
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Add Terms and Conditions Title/Content
Checkbox is checked by default
Set the Maximum of Affiliate Balance
Allow negative balance
Commission Configuration
Allow Earn commission from tax
Earn commission from shipping fee
Earn commission from Affiliate Discount
Allow Affiliate receiving commission when Invoice created
Set the time limit for holding commission transactions
Deduct commission from Affiliate' s balance when order is refunded/canceled
Withdraw Configuration
Allow withdraw request
Payment Methods: Offline, Paypal, Bank Transfer
Set fee for specific payment methods
Set the minimum balance for requesting withdraw
Minimum withdraw amount
Maximum withdraw amount
Email Configuration
Set the Email Sender
Enable sending Welcome Email for New Affiliate account
Send Transaction Email
Update balance email
Send Withdraw Email
Withdraw Complete Email
Refer Friends Configuration
Enable Refer Friends Feature
Refer Sharing Email
Default Refer Url
Use Cloudsponge to retrieve email contacts
Insert Default Email Content
Set Default Message Shared via Social
Affiliate Campaign 
Add unlimited Affiliate programs
Enable Pay Per Sale promotion to pay commissions
2 types of commission
Add multiple tiers per Affiliate program
Select specific groups for certain campaigns
Public and Private affiliate campaign for specific affiliate groups.
Enable Lifetime Commissions
Schedule Start and End campaign
Apply shopping cart rule for campaigns
Set referral discount for each campaign
Banners & Links
Upload banner title, image and content
Insert the Redirect banner link
Set banners for specific campaigns
Report on Affiliate Transaction on the Admin Dashboard
Export data 
Export transaction data to CSV or Excel XML
Support API among systems
Auto-fit with every device (Mobile, Tablet, PC)
Support multiple stores
Support multiple languages
Fully compatible with Mageplaza extensions
1-year free support
Lifetime updates
60 days guarantee money back