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Reward Points Release Notes

Magento 2 Reward Points Extension is a powerful loyalty program which helps convert your buyers into loyal customers effortlessly by building an automatic points earning and spending system. Through this, stores can boost sales, conversion rate and have their customers around now and again.


Released on 2019-06-10

Release notes:

- Compatible with Magento 2.3.1
- Improved code style & performance
- Fixed minor bugs


Released on 2019-02-26

Release notes:

#### Standard
- Improved code style & performance
- Fixed error happen when ordering with point on Backend

#### Pro
- Fixed error while spending point with discount percent action

#### Ultimate
- New feature: Reward Points API
- New feature: Reward Points Import


Released on 2018-10-05

Release notes:

#### Standard
- Improved code quality & performance
- Fixed minor bugs

#### Pro
- Fixed the rounding issue in case of partial refund
- Fixed error on displaying shopping cart spending rule while customer balance is not enough
- Improved UI/UX
- Fixed minor bugs 

#### Ultimate
Initial release
- New feature: Social sharing
- New feature: Reward for behaviors
- New feature: Sell product by points
- New feature: Customer can refer friend to store & earn points
- New feature: Reward Point Report for Admin


Released on 2018-08-22

Release notes:

- Improve performance
- Improve Reward Points Dashboard on the frontend
- Fixed error on calculating point/discount for invoice/credit memo

#### Reward Point Pro
- Support Catalog Earning Rules (Show point earned on Catalog/Product page)
- Support Shopping Cart Earning/Spending Rules


Released on 2018-03-29

Release notes:

- Move backend module menu to Magento Marketing
- Remove earn point message on Product Listing/View page.
- Fix bug: cannot place the order with Paypal if customer spend reward points


Released on 2018-03-09

Release notes:

- Release version 1.0.0