Custom PDF Invoice Review

Find the more efficient tool to create an ecommerce invoice without the technical requirements or experiences? Custom PDF Invoice Magento 2 extension from Mageplaza will help you do the best.

For any purchase, it is necessary to create the sales documents that can be called as a confirmation between the merchant and the buyer while the invoice is the last step to make the customers impress with you. If the invoice is created with the limits of information display by Magento default, and that is not clear enough for your customers to follow, Custom PDF Invoice is the right choice for your better invoice.

The module gives you the proactivity during the layout design process and the customization of invoice information. Follow the configuration step by step, you can set the PDF invoice quickly although you are not good at the technique or the designation.

Custom PDF Invoice Review for Magento 2

Magento Vendor Name Highlight features Description Price Actions


Invoice by Eadesgin

  • Allow you to change the Magento invoice PDF according to your needs
  • Allow inserting CSS to custom your template
  • Can insert templates with different designs and layouts
  • Can insert variables to change name of PDF
  • Allow sending PDF attachment to the invoice by email

This tool allows you to fully exploit the power of email templates and more. You can choose for your store a sample invoice that you like best, or can also upload to the store with the template that you design. This is probably the most excellent module for your store.



Invoice by Fooman

  • You can absolutely insert variables, item widgets
  • Custom options are flexible
  • Install and use easily
  • Customer billing, shipping and/or email addresses can be customized easily
  • Can choose different fonts system

This is a tool with a lot of outstanding features, this makes the customer more satisfied with your store. From there, it helps increase sales and profits for the business and becomes a shop in the minds of every customer.



Invoice by Mageplaza

  • Include different 10 default templates
  • Ability to add layout, design quickly
  • Can assist Billing Information
  • You absolutely insert any variables
  • Fields can drag and drop easily
  • Allow supporting multi languages

With PDF Invoice, you can create beautiful PDFs for your invoice, which will help customers enjoy the eye catching designs from your store. Besides, you can easily customize and choose your desired language. It's time to select the PDF Invoice extension for your store.



Invoice by Magestore

  • Using drag and drop features & adding any variables allow creating your documents you want
  • Allow supporting all languages
  • Can select fonts for PDF files
  • Improve brand identity (with logo, color, etc.) to impress with customers
  • Friendly layout

With the PDF Invoice extension, you can increase your brand's visibility to attract customers' attention and beautiful font selections for your PDFs. Besides, with nice interface, it will help your shop more friendly with customers.



Invoice by Vnecoms

  • You can absolutely custom all order, invoice, shipment, credit memo pdf templates
  • Allow inserting invoice template from uploading your own HTML template
  • Allow adding variables
  • Can insert item widget
  • Can insert barcode, QR code to your pdf file
  • Support multi language

Magento2 PDF Invoice Pro Extension is an essential tool for Magento shop owners. It allows inserting invoice templates to attract customers. In addition, it supports multiple languages, different layouts for your eye catching invoice, best support for customers.


Custom PDF Invoice Review for Magento 1

Magento Vendor Rating Highlight features Description Price Actions


Invoice by Boostmyshop

  • Able to generate a PDF easily
  • Allow customing different layouts for PDF invoice or shipment
  • Can design PDF according to your hobbies
  • Include many outstanding features
  • Easy to install and custom

You find it difficult to create PDFs such as invoice, print or shipment, etc for your store. Designing PDFs is not easy because you do not have the expertise. PDF Invoice will help you no longer worry about those issues anymore. Instead, you can easily customize your layouts to look good and eye-catching with your customers.



Invoice by Easypdfinvoice

  • Allow inserting any variables conveniently
  • Allow inserting widget easily
  • Allow adding thumbnail image to be easy insert
  • Allow customizing all orders, invoices to be beautiful in the eyes of customers

PDF invoice is a great solution for you to adjust the invoice to be attractive with customers. The invoices are designed perfectly, from which the customer will pay more attention to your site.



Invoice by Magepsycho

  • Allow adding images, text, logo or anything that you want
  • Allow displaying layout of invoice properly and beautifully
  • Support multilanguage
  • Allow inserting different information of company such as tax, address, etc.
  • Easy to install and use

It's time for you to choose PDF Invoice extension. This tool will help you to have a great site, not only attract customers but also boost sales for the store quickly.



Invoice by Magestore

  • With only some simple steps such as dragging and dropping attributes & add any variables, so can generate the documents you want
  • Support multiple languages
  • Invoice creates the right fit for your brand to impress your customers

PDF Invoice extension is a useful tool for shop owners to customize their invoices that become more beautiful and attractive with customers.



Invoice by Vianetz

  • Layouts can be customed for different PDF invoices/shipments/credit memos via HTML/CSS
  • Allow sending PDF invoice as the attachment
  • Include many rich features (personalization, cross-sells, specific texts, etc.)
  • Compatible with different extensions
  • Install and customize easily

This extension with many outstanding features like custom layouts easily, allowing to send PDFs as an attachment, etc. This has brought many benefits to both shop owners and customers. It contributes to your store look more beautiful, attract more customers by invoices and improves brand identity easily through PDF Invoice.



Invoice by Vnecoms

  • Allow adjusting all order, invoice, shipment, credit memo pdf templates
  • Allow inserting invoice template conveniently
  • Allow adding variables easily
  • Easy to add item widget
  • Allow inserting barcode, QR code

PDF Invoice extension allows you to insert variables, item widget, barcode or anything. With PDF Invoice Pro, you can attract the customer easily from the beautiful PDF invoices.



Invoice by Magedelight

  • Allow generating catalog booklet easily
  • Allow assisting QR Codes
  • Allow assisting RTL language
  • Product description and short description will be assisted by HTML tags
  • Only changing colors and upload font family, you absolutely custom PDF design

PDF Print extension allows the customer to print products or catalog at the store easily and beautifully. Besides that, you absolutely can customize PDF design according to your needs. That is great.



Invoice by Potatocommerce

  • You can insert logo, change fonts and colors on site
  • You can insert company and tax information, refund policy, orders or anything
  • Allow printing of orders, invoices, shipments, and credit-memos
  • Templates are always available to do quickly
  • Able to adjust page orientation, format, and margins

If you are looking for the tool to help you print your order, logo, or anything in a beautiful and subtle way, PDF Print extension will be a perfect choice. It will help you save time when you manage everything on site. Don't hesitate, using this extension to bring the interesting things for site.



Invoice by Webinse

  • Able to add logo and company information to PDF
  • Ability to choose and change colors
  • Allow adjusting PDF Theming
  • Allow adding or deleting different orders in PDF

PDF Print is a useful tool that saves you time. You will have more time manage orders, company information, logos, etc. In addition, you can also change the font, color to create a pleasant feeling for customers, as well as attract difficult customers.


How does it work?

Add information and pick default template design

From the extension configuration, admin creates a new PDF template with required information as Name, Paper Size, and Language. Simultaneously, select one of the available template design for that. Flexibly customize separated designs for Invoice, Order and Credit Memo with real-time editor

Our PDF invoice module provides the merchants three ready-to-edit tabs: Order Design, Invoice Design, and Credit Memo Design. You will insert more variables for them and design with the best appearance. Print in mass or attach PDF documents to emails sent to customers

After completing the online invoices on the backend, it is supported to print them in mas or one by one for the customers. If not, let export to PDF file and attach it to the email you will send to the buyer.

Features detailed

10 default templates

With Magento 2 Custom PDF Invoice module, it is flexible to add new PDF invoice as many as you need. We are ready to provide 10 available templates that are flexible to choose for the invoice design.

Update layout, design easily

To enrich your PDF Invoice layout, you can flexibly design various templates for different store views and different types of Sales Document. Mageplaza Custom PDF Invoice allows customizing by the paper size with Letter, A4 and A5 size as the default template.

Support Billing Information

In the PDF invoice you can create, we let show full of billing information in detail, that includes Order, Invoice, and Credit Memo information. All of them are visible for both customers and store admin.

Update any variables

Each invoice contains the variables about customer and billing information. When enable the extension, you can edit the information as well as update all in the invoice. It is easy to edit via WYSIWYG Design Editor plugin, that supports update any change instantly on the design page without the requirement of technical knowledge.

Drag and drop fields

For the better performance, it is simple to drag any column on the invoice and then drop it in the new position when you edit the design. You can custom it how to match with your store design and your expectation.

Support any language

Custom PDF Invoice by Mageplaza is designed friendly with multiple languages such as English, French, German, etc with the responsive templates. Moreover, the translation into other languages is implemented in the simple way.

Full feature list

For customer

  • Allow to receive Invoice, Orders, Credit Memos attached via emails
  • Enable to save and print Invoice, Order, Credit Memo in PDF format after login
  • Easily check billing detailed information

For administrator

  • Support 10 template defaults
  • Easily create a new template in backend
  • Support 3 types of billing documents: Invoice, Order, Credit Memo
  • Allow to use a consistent template for 3 types of billing documents
  • Support 3 default paper size including: letter, A4, A5
  • Support 5 types of paper size: Letter, A4, A5, A6, A7
  • Choose either page portrait orientation or page landscape orientation.
  • Allow to preview Template Design with full order information added
  • Print billing as PDF files with ease
  • Set auto- attach PDF files to emails sent to customers
  • Support for multiple stores, multiple language, multiple currencies for Template
  • Allow to add page number to PDF file
  • Display company detailed information such as: company name, address, VAT number, VAT Office, Business ID, - company logo.
  • Show business contact such as: Email, Phone, Fax
  • Add free text to Sales Documents, including, Notes, Footer, Terms and Conditions
  • Select and edit variables with ease
  • Show full seller and buyer information on PDF documents

Other features

  • Open source 100%.
  • Easy to install and configure.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • 1-year support.
  • 1-year upgrade.
  • 30 days guarantee money back.
  • Fully compatible with Mageplaza extensions
  • Supports multiple stores.
  • Supports multiple languages.