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May every online merchant have been familiar with email sending system. In this post, I want to give a general guideline over how to set up default SMTP Email for Magento 2 stores. Not like SMTP module, the setting for default SMTP mode is quite complicated for newbies. However, I hope that this guideline will help you have a deeper understanding about Magento SMTP Email setting. SMTP an acronym for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is a standard email sending system first introduced in late 20th century. There are 3 steps to set up SMTP in Magento 2 as following

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Step 1: Create an email address for your domain

Before a store admin can start configuring SMTP email for his Magento store, he needs to obtain a valid email address for his domain. Admins can set up email addresses by following guidelines from server administrator or email hosting provider. Therefore, this very first step is also called SMTP email setting for Magento 2.

Step 2: Configure Email Sending system for Magento stores

Configure Email Sending system for Magento stores

In this step, first you need to navigate Magento Admin Panel, choose Stores > Settings > Configuration. After that, navigate the Store Email Address on the left side of panel under General. Then select General Contact section to start making adjustment in default setting.

  • In the field of Sender Name, fill in the Name that you expect it to appear as sender of any email newsletters. It is highly recommended for you to figure out a name that bears association with the General Contact identity.
  • In the field of Sender Email, provide the associated email address.

You can repeat these actions to each email address that you intend to make use of it in the future. Then, remember to click on Save button to apply email setting for your Magento stores

Step 3: Keep your Sales Email Configuration up-to-date

Keep your Sales Email Configuration up-to-date

To perform this step, first you need to set up the Magento sale system for your store. Remember to pay attention to the configuration of any related email messages to make sure that the sender information remains correct.

In the admin panel, navigate Sales and then select Sales Email, the system will bring you to the setting edit page like following. After that, select Order and then check all the sender information here is correct

Email sending system is among one of the most determining factors of any online merchants’ success. After finish making adjustment, select Save button to complete your setting.


Magento 2 Default SMTP is introduced with the aim to support store owners in accessing more customers and increasing sales. However, many shop admins do not know that most of their emails were left silently in spam or outbox instead of customers’ inbox. That is the biggest limitation of default SMTP making it become ineffective for any e-commerce. Here comes Magento 2 SMTP extension to handle this problem and maximize the effectiveness of your email marketing. For more information and details about how greatly this extension can contribute to your store’s success, visit our website and contact us

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