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How to Configure Purchase Order Payment Method in Magento 2

Commercial customers can be allowed to use Purchase Order to afford for purchases with anterior authorization by referencing the PO number. This payment method is usually applied for wholesale orders. This time, we would like to guide you to set the configuration for the Purchase Order payment method. Noting that before accepting payment by purchase order, you should set the credit worthiness of the commercial customer to avoid any risk during the payment process.

Purchase Order Payment Method

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3 Steps to Configure Purchase Order Payment in Magento 2

Step 1: Go to Purchase Order tab

  • On the Admin sidebar, click Stores > Settings > Configuration.
  • In the panel on the left, choose Sales > Payment Methods > Purchase Order.

Step 2: Complete the fields in Purchase Order Section

  • In the Enabled field, pick Yes to activate Purchase Order Payment Method.
  • In the Title field, enter a new title to change or leave the default of Purchase Order to recognize the Purchase Order Payment Method during checkout.
  • In the New Order Status field, set Pending for new orders to wait until receipt of payment is authorized by admins.
  • In the Payment from Applicable Countries field, choose All Allowed Countries to accept Purchase Order Payment Method for customers from all countries specified in your store configuration or Specific Countries to approve this payment method for some definite countries which you select from the Payment from Specific Countries list.
  • In the Minimum Order Total and Maximum Order Total fields, set the order amounts required to qualify for this payment method.
  • In the Sort Order field, enter a number to determine the position of Purchase Order Payment in the list of payment methods that is shown during checkout (start from 0).

Purchase Order Payment Method

Step 3: Save the configuration

  • Click on the Save Config button in the upper-right corner when you are done.
  • If you are notified to refresh the page cache, click the links in the notification, and follow the instructions.

The bottom line

Due to its characteristics, wholesaling usually requires lots of particular strategies especially in terms of payment options. Hence, Magento 2 stores can consider setting up the Purchase Order payment method as the guidelines above to offer an extra choice for wholesale customers. We also have other payment method configuration tutorials that you may want to read more as below. Don’t forget to leave comments and share the post with your friends!

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