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How to configure Payment Failed Email in Magento 2

In the previous topic, we discussed how to Configure Sales Email, and today you can follow these steps to configure Payment Failed Email, a notification email that is auto-sent to the recipients. This message informs the failure of the payment method when customers experience it in the checkout process. To make sure it is sent to customers’ inbox, you should enable SMTP.

From the Magento 2 configuration, you will set both the recipient and sender of payment failed email, the template to be applied for the email, and the address email that is received a copy of the message. This payment failed email can be used as a customer retention method, as it helps provide essential information timely.

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Configure the Payment Failed Email

Refresh the Email Template

Ensure that you have refreshed each email template to reflect your brand.

Steps to Configure the Payment Failed Emails

  1. On the Admin Panel, Stores > Settings > Configurations.
  2. On the left panel, under the Sales tab, click on Checkout subtab.
  3. Open the Payment Failed Emails section
    • Choose the store contact of the email as the receiver of the message in the Payment Failed Email Receiver field.
    • Choose the store contact of the email as the sender of the message in the Payment Failed Email Sender field.
    • Choose the desire email template that is sent to registered customers in the Payment Failed Template field.
    • To send the payment failed emails to many people at the same time, enter the email addresses in the Send Payment Failed Email Copy To field, and each one is separated by comma.
    • Choose one of the sending email method in the Payment Failed Copy Method:
    • BCC: Sends a “blind courtesy copy” by including the recipient in the header of the same email that is sent to the customer. The BCC recipient is not visible to the customer and he/she doesn’t know that a copy is sent to many addresses.
    • Separate Email: Send a copy email as separate email.
  4. Save Config to complete the Payment Failed Email configuration.

How to configure Payment Failed Email

Final words

All are the instructions for you to configure and manage Magento 2 Payment Failed Emails effectively. These emails can build a smooth communication system that delivers important messages when necessary, which will create good impressions for customers even if the results are not ideal. Hope that you do it right in order to achieve the best results. If you find it helpful, don’t forget to share it with your business partners!

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