How to integrate Ammoseek with Magento 2

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What is Ammoseek

Ammoseek is a place which allows retailers to sell and advertise products online. Ammoseek provides products about ammunition, magazines, primers, powder, reloading_misc, …

The parameters which Ammoseek offers are perfectly matched with that of the products data parameters of Magento 2. Employ those parameters with Magento 2’s products to create a Product Feed because Magento 2 does not support creating feed at the moment, and we need to use Module to create one.

Countries which could use Ammoseek

  • United State

Fields including in Ammoseek template

  • Required field
    • product Type
    • manufacturer
    • title
    • caliber
    • url
    • upc
  • Optional fields
    • price
    • bullet_type
    • shell_length
    • grain

How to Integrate Ammoseek with Magento 2 step by step

Step 1: Register and use Ammoseek

Access the link to sign in by your Gmail account to start to use Ammoseek

Step 2: The instruction on how to create a feed on Ammoseek

Because Magento does not support you to create Product Feed, in this post, we will use the Product Feed module of Mageplaza to create a feed.

Steps to create a feed when using Product Feed extension: From the Admin Panel, go to Products > Catalog > Product Feed > Manage Feeds > Add New Feed. Mageplaza will instruct you how to upload feed file on Ammoseek in XML format:

2.1. Fill in all the blanks in the General section. There are 2 feed update modes which are Manual and Cron job.

Ammoseek 1

2.2. Select Ammoseek XML as your Template.

Ammoseek 2

2.3. Fill in all the blanks in the Google Analytics section

Ammoseek 3

2.4. Select the condition to export file

Ammoseek 4

2.5. Set the delivery method of the exported file (using SFTP and FTP)

Ammoseek 5

2.6. Save and then click at Generate to export file and upload it on a server. Then you can then download the exported file from the server or in Manage Feeds

Ammoseek 6

Below is the result after you have created a feed using Product Feed extension.

Ammoseek 7


In this post, we have instructed you how to register and create a feed on Ammoseek using Magaplaza’s Product Feed module. You can go to our website to refer more functions of Product Feed extension.

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