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How to Add New CMS Blocks in Magento 2

Add New CMS Blocks

That is easy to add new CMS Blocks in Magento 2 from Magento Admin panel. You can set which position to show the block that may be one page, group of pages or any pages. Creating the block title and identifier to determine the block and easily to manage. The content of the block will be conveniently created with the editor that allows you to format text, create links and tables, images, videos, and audio. Moreover, if you prefer to work with the HTML code, you just click on Show/Hide Editor button. To add a new CMS Block in Magento 2 you can follow these simple steps which are given below.

Add a new CMS Block in Magento 2

  • On the Admin panel, click Content. In the Elements section, select Blocks.
  • Click on the Add New Block button in the upper-right corner and continue with following:

How to Add New CMS Blocks

How to Add New CMS Blocks

  • In the Block Title field, enter the name title of new block
  • In the Identifier field, choose a unique Identifier to the block. Remember that using all lowercase characters and using underscores instead of spaces.
  • In the Store View field, select the Store View(s) where the block will be available
  • In the Status field, set to Enable to make the block visible in the store
  • In the Content field, complete the content of the block

  • When complete, click Save Block.

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