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Magento 2 Static Block extension allows limiting block access by customer groups, adding labels and setting display schedule with ease. Mageplaza Better Static Block is a helpful solution to manage the content of store sites properly.


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Magento 2 Better Static Block for Magento 2.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.4.x

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2.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.4.x

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Better Static Block

Static Block for Magento 2

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Static Block for Magento 2

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Problems and Solutions

In Magento 2 default, store admins can not set block to be visible to specific customers. As a result, some block content is not relevant to specific visitors or store owners do not want them to see it.

Some blocks share specific similarities, so store admins would like to add them same labels to find and edit multiple blocks easily. However, in Magento 2 default, this feature is not available.

Magento 2 Default does not allow store admins to change status of multiple blocks at the same time. This causes the inconvenience in admins’ work.

With Better Static Block for Magento 2, store owners can show special or sensitive block content to particular customers only. For example, some content such as Refund Policies, Affiliate Policies should be shown to wholesalers or special customer groups only.

Mageplaza Better Static Block allows store admins to add multiple block with a same label based on specific similarities. For example, label “Discount” can be added to various blocks used for discount campaigns.

Store admins can change the status for multiple static blocks at the same time instead of step-by-step action. Therefore, this helps store owners to reduce workload partly.

Better Static Block helps customers view static blocks relevantly. They are not being distracted by other irrelevant content. They can focus properly on their shopping.

Because customers are not being distracted by irrelevant content and easy to reach their suitable one. They will have better experience during their shopping time.

Limit block access by customer groups

The most noticeable feature of Magento 2 Static Block is to segment the block visibility based on specific customer groups. Customers from specific groups are allowed/ disallowed to access block content.

The group segmentation will target content to suitable customers more exactly. Therefore, customers can view the page with their necessary content which they are looking for or concerned about.

Schedule to activate block automatically

Allowing static blocks to activate in the specific time (such as special occasions, promotion campaigns) is the typical function of Better Static Block for Magento 2. From the admin backend, store owners can easily set a detailed time for running blocks:

  • Start Date and End Date
  • Week Days
  • Running Time

Depending on the scheduled time, the blocks will be activated totally automatically and interact with suitable pointed customers.

Add labels/ images for blocks

How can easily filter the blocks which have the similarity such as topic, usage situation, and so on? Mageplaza Better Static Block supports admins to create labels or add image to any blocks with ease with the aim to help admins easily find out. These labels or images will work effectively when there are many blocks and admins would like to sort out based on their similarities quickly. For example, if there are 3 blocks used in Happy New Year event, the store admins can add the label as “New Year” to each block.

Duplicate block with ease

Magento 2 Static Block allows duplicating the block content easily and quickly via only one click. All the content of the original blocks can be copied properly and store admins can use the duplicated blocks for specific purposes.

For example, in case the store admin only would like to change a little content of one block to place at other position on the store site, the content can be duplicated before being modified with ease.

Support all content types

The content of static block can be designed diversely with all types:

  • Insert text
  • Insert table
  • Insert image
  • Insert link
  • Insert widget

Store admins can create blocks with any design as they wish with these fully-equipped supporting functions.

More features

Grid Management

All the static blocks and features are managed well via the block grid.

Easy to filter blocks

Easy to filter blocks via block grid.

Mass action to change status

Change status of mass blocks at the same time.

Widget supported

Use Widget to place any blocks anywhere on the store site

Full Magento 2 Static Block Features

For store admins

Block Form

  • Create a new block from the block grid With the support of Better Static Block extension, store admins can easily make a new block via block grid.
  • Enable/ Disable a block From the backend, admins are able to allow/ disallow a block to show by clicking on Yes/ No options.
  • Add the block title Better Static Block helps store admins add any titles for the block, so the block can be found out with ease.
  • Add the block identifiers Store admins can set the identifiers for the block with the aim to find the block easily from the backend.
  • Select store view to apply the block With these fully-equipped supporting functions, the extension supports store admin to set any store view they wish for the block.
  • Select customer groups allowed to see the block content The most striking function of Magento 2 Static Block module is that it restricts block visibility by customer groups. Customers from particular groups are able/ disable to view the block content.
  • Attach the label with the block If the admin needs to sort many blocks which have the similarity, they can ass the label for the block with the aim to filter the block easily.
  • Add the content for the block By inserting many types of content such as text, table, image, etc, the content of the block can be designed diversely.
  • Set the time to validate blocks The typical feature of Magento 2 Static Block extension is to schedule to active block totally automatically. From the admin backend, store owners can set a specific time to validate blocks.
  • Compatible with Mageplaza extensions: Import Export CMS, Import Export Categories, Backend Reindex, Catalog Permissions

General Configuration

  • Enable/ Disable the extension
    Enable/ Disable the extension Store admins can activate the module by clicking Yes in the enable field from the backend. To disable the module, they can easily click No.
  • Create block labels Better Static Block supports store admins to create labels for any block with ease. As a result, it is easy for them to filter the block easily.
  • Upload images for the labels
    Upload images for the labels Thanks to Better Static Block module, store admins can easily upload any images, so they can sort these block conveniently.
  • Delete a label From the admin backend, it is able for store owners to remove a label from the block.

For customers

  • View page with suitable content Better Static Block supports customers to view the relevant block content which they are concerned about or are looking for.
  • Not being distracted by irrelevant content Thanks to Magento 2 Static Block extension, the suitable content can be shown to the target group exactly. Therefore, customers can focus on the necessary content.
  • Better shopping experiences Once customers can spend more their time viewing the relevant content, they can feel more satisfied during their shopping time.


Yes, of course. This is the key feature of Better Static Block. With Better Static Block, store admins can restrict the static blocks to be visible or invisible to specific customer groups. Therefore, store admins can make sure that the content is suitable to specific purposes and targets to appropriate customers.

You can do this easily by setting the schedule for each block at the admin backend. The time can be set exactly by start date and end date, weekdays and running time, so each static block will run accordingly properly in each your campaign.

Better Static Block supports adding label/ image for each static block. You can use this function to add the same tag for several blocks sharing similarities.

Yes. Any static block can be duplicated easily via a click right at the admin backend. After duplicating the content, you can continue editing for any change depending on your purposes.

Better Static Block supports all types of content such as text, table, image, link and many more. Admins can create any preferred content with ease.

Yes, definitely. At the block grid, you just need to select the blocks, and then choose the status action to update the status of all block at a glance.


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03 February 2021

Solve the problem

This extension helps me solve the problems of displaying content to specific groups of customers only. It is such a relief when I can set things up easily and even can activate it automatically. Thank you so much.

June -Verified Purchase
24 April 2019

Helpful tool to block management

Better Static Blocks helps me greatly to manage block content. I can configure to allow access block content to the customer groups I target. Some content I only want to public to specific wholesales. So this is really helpful to me. Besides, I like the scheduling function to display blocks automatically in special sales or occasions. Perfect! Highly recommended!

Panos -Verified Purchase
24 April 2019

Simple but excellent and effective !

This module is easy-to-use but it helps me to limit customer access to blocks effectively. I can provide content to suitable customers and they feel better when they reach useful information. Block labels are also helpful to quickly in-group and filter content easily. Thanks so much!

Jenny -Verified Purchase

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