April 2024: Mageplaza Extensions Releases

April 2024

Thank you for seamlessly supporting and trusting in Mageplaza. It’s our big honor to serve you on our store. We are striving every day to bring you better service and products.

In April 2024, we released 2 updated extension(s). Please read the following information to learn what we’ve worked on this month.

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2 Update(s) in April 2024

1. Product Attachments

Date: 2024-04-01

Release notes:

- Bug fix: Error Swagger

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2. Lookbook

Date: 2024-04-01

Release notes:

- Bug fix: Error when save template

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Let’s look forward to our upcoming projects in May 2024.

Feel free to ask us questions via the chatbox. If you have technical issues, search for solutions or submit a ticket here.