Google Tag Manager Releases


Released on 2020-02-24

Release notes:

- Improved: measuring checkout steps & checkout funnel
- Fixed gtag error
- Fixed issue with Facebook Pixel
- Improved code style & performance


Released on 2019-05-06

Release notes:

- Fixed minor bugs


Released on 2019-04-01

Release notes:

- Add Google Analytic Feature:
    + Shopping/Checkout behavior
    + Product/Product list performance
    + Sales performance
    + IP Anonymization, Enhanced link attribution, Display advertising feature, etc.
- Facebook Pixel Implementation
- Compatible with Mageplaza One Step Checkout
- Compatible with Magento v2.3.x


Released on 2018-08-07

Release notes:

- Fix: Product sorting error on Category pages
- Fix: Error on getting the price for Group, bundle product
- Fix: Showing product with not visible individually on the purchase page


Released on 2018-03-21

Release notes:

- Fixed GTM script on head tag
- Performance improvements


Released on 2017-09-27

Release notes:

Mageplaza rebuild Google Tag Manger module

Support the following components:
- Supports product DataLayer in Category page
- Supports product impression DataLayer in Product detail page
- Supports product impresstion DataLayer that it is added to cart event
- Supports product impresstion DataLayer that it is removed from cart event
- Supports product information DataLayer in cart page
- Supports product information DataLayer in checkout page (discound,coupon, shipping fee)
- Supports product information DataLayer in purchase page (total, tax fee, shipping fee)
- Supports transactions by product variants (configurable, bundle, downloadable products)


Released on 2016-11-30

Release notes:

- Fix compilation issue


Released on 2016-09-12

Release notes:

Update Core Module