Pdf Invoice Releases


Released on 2020-02-14

Release notes:

- Compatible with Magento 2.3.3
- Fixed minor bugs


Released on 2019-05-13

Release notes:

- Compatible with Magento 2.3.1
- Compatible with Mobile devices
- Fixed minor bugs
- Improved code style & performance


Released on 2019-01-21

Release notes:

- Compatible with Magento 2.3.0
- Improve Backend UI


Released on 2018-05-29

Release notes:

- Update barcode type (C39E)


Released on 2018-04-19

Release notes:

- Fix bugs:
    + Error Date Time for some countries
    + Add .pdf extension file name to email attachment pdf
    + Break barcode to new line in A5 template
    + Payment method block by store


Released on 2018-04-06

Release notes:

- Move Admin Pdf Invoice menu to Magento Stores
- Fix bug cannot save config when install module


Released on 2018-04-02

Release notes:

Fix bugs:

- Cannot display Payment Method on the email attachment file
- Cannot hide Magento default print Pdf 


Released on 2018-03-08

Release notes:

- Templates for A5 paper size
- Barcodes for each item in billing documents
- Mass printing billing documents from different stores
- Authorization for downloading PDF billing documents from the frontend
- Re-format code and update copyright


Released on 2018-01-30

Release notes:

- Add mass action print Pdf Invoice to Order Grid


Released on 2018-01-23

Release notes:

- Fix compile bug
- Fix bug cannot print pdf with some payment methods (such as Radweb_Stripe)
- Add depend note when display on template


Released on 2018-01-23

Release notes:

- Release version 1.0.0