Blog Releases

Blog v3.2.0

Released on 2021-05-11

Release notes:

- Added get configuration information from Rest API & GraphQL
- Fixed minor bugs

Blog v4.1.0

Released on 2021-05-11

Release notes:

- Added get configuration information from Rest API & GraphQL
- Supported Magento v2.4.2
- Fixed minor bugs

Blog v4.0.0

Released on 2020-10-21

Release notes:

- Supported Magento v2.4.0

Blog v3.1.4

Released on 2020-10-21

Release notes:

- Fixed multi-store error with Site Map

Blog v3.1.3

Released on 2020-07-23

Release notes:

- Compatible with Magento v2.3.5

Blog v3.1.2

Released on 2020-05-06

Release notes:

- Fixed minor bugs

Blog v3.1.1

Released on 2019-12-30

Release notes:

- Hotfix Duplicate key error while installing on Magento 2.3

Blog v3.1.0

Released on 2019-12-26

Release notes:

- Added Open Graph protocol
- New feature 
    + Multiple authors for a post
    + Customer can submit post
    + Customer can likedislike post
    + Manage history edit for a post (editdeleterestorepreview)
    + Duplicate postcategory
- Improvement
    + Show category on menu bar
    + Display numbers of commentviewlike on Post Info
- Supported Rest API & GraphQL
- Compatible with Magento 2.3
- Fixed minor bugs

Blog v3.0.6

Released on 2019-06-13

Release notes:

- Compatible with Magento 2.3.x & 2.2.8
- Fixed minor bugs

Blog v3.0.5

Released on 2019-05-26

Release notes:

- update footer 

Blog v3.0.4

Released on 2019-02-25

Release notes:

- Compatible with Magento 2.3.0
- Fixed minor bugs

Blog v3.0.3

Released on 2018-10-25

Release notes:

- Fully compatible with Porto themes
- Improved code quality & performance
- Improved frontend user interface
- Fixed minor bugs

Blog v3.0.2

Released on 2018-08-30

Release notes:

- Fixed error in published time when saving a post in the backend
- Improved backend UI

Blog v3.0.1

Released on 2018-08-08

Release notes:

- Improved configuration label

Blog v3.0.0

Released on 2018-08-08

Release notes:

#### Features
- Allow guests to comment on blog posts.
- Import data from Wordpress.
- Import data from Aheadworks Blog Magento 1.
- Import data from Magefan Blog for Magento 2.

#### Improvements
- Improve comment tree design on the frontend
- Update InlineEdit for Manage Comments grid

#### Fixed bugs
- UpgradeSchema mageplaza_blog_comment table issue
- RSS page not found when empty router in configuration. Issue #130.
- Cannot display blog menu on Top menu - Porto theme. Issue #129.

Blog v2.6.2

Released on 2018-03-13

Release notes:

Fix bugs

- Cannot save information when using the admin grid inline edit
- The image is not shown on the sitemap

Blog v2.6.1

Released on 2018-02-28

Release notes:

- Fixed compilation issue
- Compatible with Infortis category menu

Blog v2.6.0

Released on 2018-02-12

Release notes:

- Compatible with Mageplaza Social Login
- Improve the default comment (Admin can manage & improve the frontend performance)
- Add activation feature
- Make Manage Tags & Manage Topics interface into fields in the editing post form. 
- Fix bugs
    - Error on Porto theme
    - The descriptionshort description error with alternative languages.
    - Cannot get tables during the installation.
    - Error in generating sitemaps
    - Disable Blog module completely in the backend
    - Error in Category tree when opening it on the sidebar
    - Blog images

Blog v2.5.0

Released on 2017-11-07

Release notes:

- Improve performance
- Fix bugs

Blog v2.4.6

Released on 2017-08-31

Release notes:

Fix bugs
- Correct date & time for publication date.
- Blog view page load twice.

Blog v2.4.5

Released on 2017-08-16

Release notes:

- Improve Style and Top Nav menu 

Blog v2.4.4

Released on 2017-08-13

Release notes:

- add related product to post view
- fixed conflict with Mageplaza Shop By Brand
- #79 compatible with YOURSTORE theme
- Hotfix #81 Area code not set Area code must be set before starting a session.

Blog v2.4.3

Released on 2017-07-25

Release notes:

- Fixed RSS Date issue
- Fixed posts does not show up in frontend
- Improving fresh installation #76 (CE2.1.7)

Blog v2.4.2

Released on 2017-06-26

Release notes:

- Update admin menu
- Update admin configuration
- Change composer version

Blog v2.4.1

Released on 2017-06-13

Release notes:

Fix responsive design issue

Blog v2.4.0

Released on 2017-05-16

Release notes:

+ Product related posts
+ Improve date options
+ Update csv i18n file

Blog v2.3.0

Released on 2017-04-28

Release notes:

- Fixed sitemap bugs
- Fixed meta robot bug
- Added monthly archive widget
- Added cloud tags widget
- Added Magento comment engine. There is Magento comment, Facebook, and Disqus comment engine.
- Added Author feature
- Added Ajax Search box in Blog
- Added Topic widget
- Improved router

Blog v2.2.2

Released on 2017-04-24

Release notes:

- Edit composer.json to require mageplazamodule-core instead of mageplazacore-m2

Blog v2.2.1

Released on 2017-04-09

Release notes:

Blog v2.2.0

Released on 2017-03-01

Release notes:

**Added Features**
- Post limit options
- Multistores
- Top menu link

**Bug fixes**
- Compilation
- Date format