Delete Orders Releases

Delete Orders v1.2.1

Released on 2020-02-24

Release notes:

- Compatible with Magento 2.3
- Fixed minor bugs

Delete Orders v1.2.0

Released on 2019-05-22

Release notes:

- New Feature Delete order by schedule
- Improved code style & performance

Delete Orders v1.1.1

Released on 2018-09-10

Release notes:

- Fixed the bug popup shows twice when clicking on the button delete order on the order view page
- Fixed the bug Invoice, Creditmemo, Shipment still show on Grid when orders are deleted.

Delete Orders v1.1.0

Released on 2018-06-07

Release notes:

- Added delete button on order view page.
- Added ACL for the delete action.
- Fixed minor bugs and improved performance.


Released on 2018-04-11

Release notes:

Initial release