Store Pickup Review

Magento 2 Store Pickup extension is effective tool that help customer can book the order with selecting preferred store and setting schedule to pick up items at Checkout process. Sometimes, customer want to pick up the items in store that reduce their shipping fee and they can choose exactly products they want. Store Pickup extension helps customer can determine the store location, get store necessary information such as: name, working time, image, contact details that they can easily make an accurate decision.

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How does it work?

Admin adds or imports stores’ information.

In the backend, admin will add or import stores’ information details include name, working time, image, store owner contact. Full store list and stores’ information will be shown in shipping method section at Checkout page if customer select Store Pickup method.

Select a preferred store and schedule.

Customer can view the information details of each store and choose the suitable one. Set the schedule to pick up items at store. If the chosen store is not available for the customer’s booking time, the notification will be sent to customer. Features detailed

Search stores on the store listing page

Come to the checkout process, customer can conveniently and easy to select the suitable store and book the time to pick up items at store. Get a list of store in the shipping method section at checkout page, customer will see the all store’s location on Google map, determine the distance between customer’s billing address and each store, then select the fittable one.

When customer choose the store is not available with customer booking time, a message will be noticed in order to customer make decision whether change the date and time or move to another one.

Select store and schedule to pick up items

Search function helps customer easily determine the location of the specific store. In checkout section, when customer choose the store pickup at shipping method section, have the page will be shown with full list of store locations on Google map will helps customer in making decision.

Magento Store Pickup allows customer can booking items online conveniently. Choose exactly the time to come the store will also help store owner serve customer effectively. If customer choose the store in holiday or disable with booking time, they will be receive a notification to change.

View details of the selected store

The store details will be shown clearly with store name, address and opening time, especially customer can see the store image and store owner contact. They enable to send contact form or take a call to store manager if they have any concern.

Select applicable payment methods

Admin will set the one or more payment methods that are available for customers at checkout.

Email notification

The email include all necessary information of customer order as required items, the time of pick-up will be sent to store owners as notification that customers want to pick up products from their stores. With this feature, store owner will easily to manage the booking order and prepare to serve customer so that make customer satisfied.

Full feature list of Magento 2 Store Pickup

For customer:

  • Enable to choose in-store pickup option as a shipping method at Checkout.
  • View all stores location on Google map.
  • Easily determine the distance between billing address and each store.
  • See all stores with detailed information, including store name, address, opening time, image, store owner’s - contact
  • Allow searching for specific stores by name, city, state, country on Google map
  • Quickly book online items from preferred store.
  • Sort stores in the selector by set the distance
  • Auto-use selected store address as the shipping address on orders, invoice, email, etc.
  • Able to choose a schedule time to pick up products.
  • Be noticed if selected store is not available with the time.
  • Allow contact with store owner via contact form or telephone

For administrator:

  • Add or import store list from CSV files
  • Add information details for each store include location, working hours, image, contact
  • Use Google API
  • Add shipping fee for each store
  • Easily set the working date and time in backend for each store
  • Add break time or holiday time for each store
  • Enable to reset the store position by clicking a point on Google map
  • Manage customer order for each store
  • Set auto-notice email to customer and shop owner
  • Send notification emails to the owners of selected pick-up stores with information of Customers’ orders, - products and times of pick-up
  • Allow to send email to store owner when order status is changed
  • Able to modify the default email template to store owners
  • Allow to use Store Pickup shipping method when creating orders in back-end
  • Enable or disable searching store function by using Country, State, City, and Store Name
  • Allow to integrate with one or more fixed payment methods
  • Set “store pickup” option as default of Shipping method

Other features

  • Open source 100%.
  • Easy to install and configure.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • 1-year support.
  • 1-year upgrade.
  • 30 days guarantee money back.
  • Fully compatible with Mageplaza extensions
  • Supports multiple stores.
  • Supports multiple languages.