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Magento 2 Product Options supports store owners to assign options to multiple products quickly and conveniently via templates. Product Options improves the admin experience and enhances site performance.


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Product Options

Product Options for Magento 2

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Product Options for Magento 2

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Problems and Solutions

In Magento 2 default, store owners only can assign options to products by using the Import option function or add option manually. There is no other method which brings better effectiveness.

Manually adding the same options to multiple products repeatedly causes the time-wasting problem and worsen store admins experience during working with backend configuration.

By using templates to assign options to multiple products at the same time. This helps the process becomes more accurate, time-saving and effective

When the advanced tool supports admins to avoid repeated actions, the experience during working becomes better.

The effective method also brings accuracy in frontend output, the diversities in product options and enhance site performance.

Upgrade customizable options

The most outstanding upgradation of the module is adding more specifications for the customizable options. The store admins can add many more information to the options to make them informative and attractive to customers:

  • Visual Swatch and Text Swatch : Show swatch as images or text of an option
  • Option Quantity: Add stock quantity for an option
  • Option Weight: Add weight for an option
  • Option Tooltip: Add tooltip note/description for an option
  • Option Dependency: Make an option dependent on other ones

Advanced price for product options

Store admins can motivate sales for certain product options by adding special price and tier price. The advanced prices will be displayed clearly directly (special price) or via tooltip (tier price), so customers can easily get notified.

  • Each tier price can be assigned based on:
  • Website
  • Customer groups
  • Quantity

Add options for a product via templates

With Better Product Options, store owners can add options to products via available templates very quickly.

Before assigning options to one product, admins create different templates. A template work as a group of options with the information as option title, option type, option price, price type, and option SKU.

When the templates are ready, admins can easily link the preferred templates to any products they want. All repeated actions when adding the same options to multiple products are eliminated thanks to using templates, improving admin experience at the backend.

Multiple ways to mass-assign product options

When you have been created options for a template, there are many assignment methods to assign that template to products.

With the first method, you can assign the template by Product IDs. Another way is by using Product SKUs. Both methods are implemented right at the template edit page and you can enter one or multiple IDs or SKUs of products. Besides, store admins also can apply templates for multiple products from the Product Grid.

Edit template onsite

On the Product Edit Page, after selecting a template, if store admins would like to make some changes, the template can be edited easily. After loading the template, if the “Link template” checkbox is not checked, the template can be edited the values easily.

Loading templates while keeping editable both saves time and keep flexible in case some changes are needed.

More features

Import/ Export Template

Allow importing and exporting the option templates easily via XML file

Mass-assign templates

Assign templates for mass products via Actions box at Product Grid

Default value

Select the default value for each option

Link/ Unlink after template removal

The product options linked with a template can be removed or unlinked after the template is removed.

Select via pop-up

Select templates via a popup conveniently

One time price (coming soon)

The price of a custom option will be charged only one time regardless of the quantity of that option added to cart.

Full Features List

General Configuration

  • Enable/ Disable the extension
  • Allow/ Disallow options will be linked to the template by default
  • Select results after removing templates: unlinked or removed
  • Select multiple products and assign the same template at the same time.

Create New/Edit Template

  • Set name, description, status for a template
  • Create option title for an option
  • Select option type: Text (Field/ Area), File, Date & Time/ Date/ Time, Select (Drop-down/ Radio Buttons/ Multiple Select/ Checkbox)
  • Add SKU for an option
  • Assign the template by Product ID(s) or Product SKU(s)

Assign Template via Edit Product Form

  • Select templates for a product via a popup
  • Unlink after selecting to make some changes to the template

Product Options Templates Grid

  • View all Product Options Templates information: ID, Name, Status, Number of Products, Number of Options, Created Date
  • Edit a template via the grid
  • Delete a template at the grid
  • Change status a template at the grid


Firstly, Better Product Options improves and add multiple advanced features of custom options such as swatch, quantity, weight, dependency, tooltip, special price, tier price. Secondly, store admin can assign the same options to multiple products by various ways: template, Product IDs/ SKUs.

There are various ways. The first one is that assign template via Product Grid with Action box. Secondly, you can apply a template at the Product Edit Page of this product. Besides, at Template Edit Page, you can assign by using this product ID or product SKU.

Yes, you can do this via mass action at Product Grid or enter multiple product IDs or product SKUs at Template Edit Page.

Yes, definitely. After selecting the template, uncheck at “Link Template” checkbox, then the templated becomes editable.


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18 February 2021

Amazing Service

I have bought a lot of extensions from different companies, and the quality of the extension and quality of service is unbeatable.. They are very fast, Justin answered my questions in a couple of minutes and resolved my issues in less than a couple of hours. Really amazing! Really recommend this company for all its extensions and service! Thanks Mageplaza!

Lorenzo -Verified Purchase
04 February 2021


Product Options made my sales increase by a lott. That's why I highly recommend this module to any business. You can easily customize without knowing too much about technology. Super quick to configure as well.

Sasha -Verified Purchase
01 February 2021

Easy to use

It's easy to set specific price for each option of the product and also add the promotions. It's great and I will definitely come back and purchase more from you guys.

Stephen -Verified Purchase
27 January 2021


It's got everything in one package and at a reasonable price. The support was immediate and effective. I just need to wait for some hours and my requests were fulfilled. Thank you very much.

Karen Owens -Verified Purchase

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