How to Setup Google Universal Analytics in Magento 2

How to Setup Google Universal Analytics in Magento 2
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Google Universal Analytics and Google Adwords are both the awesome Google tools that help you optimize your content, analyze your traffic, and connect your catalog to shopping aggregators and marketplaces. Meanwhile, Google Universal Analytics tool allows you to get a new and more flexible tracking code that lets you collect data from any digital device.

Today, I will introduce you the way to set up Google Universal Analytics on Magento 2 stores. If you want to learn more about Google Adwords, follow our next topic here.

Download Google Analytics Universal (eCommerce) for Magento 2

  1. Google Analytics Universial on Github
  2. Google Analytics Universial on Mageplaza
  3. Google Tag Manager on Mageplaza

How to Setup Google Universal Analytics

Step 1: Register Google Universal Analytics account

Access the Google website, and create your own new account on Google Universal Analytics.

Step 2: Set the Magento Configuration

  • Login to Magento 2 Admin, on the Admin Panel, Stores > Settings > Configuration.
  • On the left panel, under Sales, select Google API.
    • Enable the Google Universal Analytics by choosing Yes for that field.
    • Magento 2 Configuration supports Content Experiments field to apply A/B testing and other performance test for your content. Set it to Yes.
    • Fill your Universal Analytics ID in the Account Number field.

How to Setup Google Universal Analytics

  • Save Config to complete.


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