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To improve the customer experience, product variants were included to make it simpler for consumers to search for and compare items that differ somewhat from one another. However, variants may not only enhance the client experience, but they can also boost sales if they are implemented effectively. That is why today’s tutorial will show you how to edit a single variant in Shopware to optimize your store performance.

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Benefits of customizing a single variant in Shopware

Before getting into details, let’s take a quick look at some of the benefits of editing and customizing a single variant in Shopware:

  • Product customization is becoming more popular across all sorts of audiences, and you should take advantage of this trend. People are more inclined to buy something if they have the option to personalize it.
  • Customer spending increases as a result of customization. In addition to growing sales and customer happiness, modifying a product variety may actually encourage individuals to spend more money on a product.
  • Personalized items may also help increase customer loyalty since buyers feel happier when they are shopping from businesses that allow them to have some influence over their purchases.
  • Retailers may notice a significant increase in sales by providing variants on items ranging from basic custom-printed T-shirts to more complicated products containing various colors, materials, dimensions, or even varied functions.

Customizing a single variant in Shopware will boost your sale

The list above just pointed out some of the reasons you should edit your variant products to fits different types of customers. Next, we will guide you how to edit a single one in Shopware.

How to edit a single variant in Shopware

When it comes to editing or customizing a single variant, it means you will have a fully-functional control throughout the entire information of that product, such as name, description, etc.

Step 1: Access to the product section

The first thing you have to do is access the product variant section in Shopware. To accomplish that, head over to the Catalogues > Products. You will see a list of the products you have developed, together with the essential information about each. The sorting of the goods may be altered by selecting the appropriate column heading from the drop-down menu. Immediately below the individual column captions is a button that may conceal the particular column from view.

Access to the product section

You now will see a list of your created products. However, we will not modify any settings here. To edit a single product variant, you must navigate to the Variant section. Select the Variant tab on the title bar and move to the next step of this guide.

Step 2: Change data for a single variant

If you want to update the data for a particular variant, you may remove the inheritance for certain sections and then describe the information on a variant-by-variation basis.

You can remove the inheritance for individual areas

To begin, choose the version from the variant list and click on it. This may be done by selecting the variant name or the “Three Dots” option from the drop-down menu. You may remove a version by selecting it from the “Three Dots” menu.

You can now edit this section

The chain represents the sign for inheritance. Remove the inheritance from a variation if you want to keep your content for it. To do so, click on the symbol. You can modify this section at this time.

Step 3: Customize the quick changes

You have the opportunity to easily alter various details about the variations in the variant overview without having to go to the specific variant detail page. Double-click on the line you want to edit to make the change. You may now make changes to any of the information that is shown.

Customize the quick changes

Occasionally, a purple chain sign will appear in one of the columns. The information in these columns is derived from the information in the main product. You may cancel this inheritance by clicking on the chain symbol and then changing the information passed down to you. You may then modify the pricing, the quantity of stock available, and the product number for each option. On the left-hand side of the Media column, a brief glimpse of the product picture that is used as the preview image for this version is shown. If you click on one of the photos on the right, you will choose whether to delete the corresponding product image or use it as the preview image for the product. You can upload a new picture straight to this section, or you can choose an image from the media management section and add it to the variation. You may also activate or deactivate a version by selecting it from the Active column.

And that’s all you can do with a single variant using the default features of Shopware. To offer more customization options for your store, let’s take a look at some of the great plugins in the below section.

3 Best plugins to customize a single variant in Shopware

Variants Representation Professional

Presenting a wide range of alternatives with different articles is challenging. Customers should see the product’s shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. It’s typically impossible to do this by allowing everyone to be represented. When it comes to Shopware, this is the situation. There is no way to mix and match various variants. Using the Variants Representation Professional plugin, you’ll be able to display multiple groups of variants in different ways. When you’re done creating your variant groups, go ahead and choose an appropriate representation in the “Variants Extension” module that’s just been added.

Variants Representation Professional

Outstanding features:

  • The preview box may have the following elements: a graphic or color, a title, or a description.
  • Consider using the option to choose colors from a drop-down menu or enter a color code manually.
  • Basic parameters should be defined in the plugin settings, and customized settings should be defined in the additional module.
  • A variant group that should already be shown in the listing should be selected.
  • Fill up the listing with the frame color, frame spacing, image height and width, and image height and width for the display.

Price: €170 with free updates and supports during the subscription.

Advanced Variants-Properties

The Advanced Variants-Properties plugin enables customers to show numerous product properties such as colors, materials and sizes in the form of simple and recognizable icons on both the article detail page and the listing. The plugin provides a plethora of configuration options, which are detailed below. The fact that the user may choose various options and settings for the article detail page and the listing is a helpful and handy solution. Furthermore, the plugin extends the functionalities of Shopware 6 by allowing us to display the available versions in a chosen box.

Advanced Variants-Properties

Outstanding features:

  • Using product boxes to display the attributes of the products in the listing
  • Offer the ability to change the icon form between an oval and a square.
  • If the remaining article versions are too long to fit in one line, the option to hide them is provided.
  • It is easy and necessary to define the property icons’ size (height and width).
  • Offer a feature to display the product features that are accessible in a chosen box.

Price: €69 for an annual subscription.

Fast Variant Transitions

Using Meteor’s Fast Variant Transitions feature, website users may switch between product variants without refreshing the whole page. The product version will be reloaded using Ajax and include all product information such as photos, descriptions, pricing, and other details. After changing to a variation, the product URL is automatically updated. The plugin’s owner may change the back button behavior of the browser via the plugin’s settings.

Fast Variant Transitions

Outstanding features:

  • After changing to a variation, the plugin will update the URL.
  • Specify what happens when the browser’s back button clicks after the size has been changed.
  • During changing a variation, you can add a loader to the add-to-card button.
  • It is possible to switch between product versions without refreshing the page.
  • Offer the best possible user experience.

Price: €49.99 for one year of subscription.

Final Words

We hope this tutorial will clear your doubts on how to edit a single variant in Shopware. Create a competitive advantage for your business with the aid of product variant extensions and a one-of-a-kind consumer experience that audiences will not find anywhere else. Furthermore, Customers may also be more committed to purchasing if they’ve taken the time to consider all of the available possibilities.

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