How to Edit Product in Bulk in Shopware

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In this blog article, we’ll walk you through the process of Editing Product in Bulk in Shopware. Shopware is the leading Open Commerce Platform that enables you to Create the Exceptional**. This guide will assist you in saving time and effort while editing a large amount of product data.

Table of Contents

What Product Information can be Edited

You’ll see a list of your produced goods with the most crucial information under Catalogues > Products. You may modify the sorting of the goods by clicking on the corresponding column header.

You may hide the column by clicking the button next to the individual column captions.

Product review

The overview (1) provides quick access to the most critical information about your items.

The typical overview is organized as follows:

  • Active: Indicates whether the item is now active and usable in the shop.
  • Name: The product’s name, which appears as a header on the product detail page, for example.
  • Product number: The one-of-a-kind product number.
  • Price: Displays the default customer group’s price.
  • In stock: Shows the current stock as well as colored information. (0 = red; 1 - 25 = yellow and >25 = green)
  • Manufacturer: Name of the product’s maker

You can modify, duplicate, or remove the product by using the context menu (3) on the right side. You may now access the variation settings for variant goods directly from this page. You may also refresh the product overview or narrow it down more using the filter settings to the right of the overview.

You may also see whether a product has variations right away. An extra sign (2) appears before the name to denote this. When you click the symbol, a modal summary of the versions appears.


The relevant information about the variations is shown in this summary. The attributes from which the variation was produced are listed in the column Name. Price, stock, active, and product number are also provided. Furthermore, entries in the overview can be modified immediately by double-clicking on the relevant variation. If you wish to make more changes to the variations, use the “…” option to access the full editing mode (1). Using the link (2) below the summary, you may open the main product to make modifications.

How to Edit Product in Bulk in Shopware

Bulk edit allows you to alter numerous goods at once in a simple and efficient manner.

Step 1: Choose products to be edited

Choose products to be edited

You can pick specific goods (1) or all products presented on this page (2), and you can select products from different pages. The maximum number of goods that may be selected at the same time is 1000. Above the goods, the number of presently chosen products (3) is indicated. If you have selected goods from numerous pages, you will get the option to deselect all products (4). To modify the chosen items, select bulk edit (5), and to delete all selected products, pick delete (6).

Step 2: Start editing product bulk

After selecting bulk edit, a modal will appear, displaying the goods you’ve chosen.

List of selected products

You can delete goods from your current selection in this overview. Once you’ve made your decision, click Start Bulk Edit.

Choose what to change

Mark the checkboxes (1) for the things you want to edit and then adjust the values (2). To proceed, click Save (3).

Please keep in mind that only values where the checkbox is checked will be altered.


A popup will appear informing you of the amount of items going to be modified; confirm this by clicking apply changes. Please keep in mind that this cannot be reversed.

Please be patient as the system updates the product information.


When Shopware has completed the process, it will notify you. Close the window to return to the overview.


That takes us to the conclusion of the Shopware Bulk Editing. We trust that our instructions are comprehensive and easy to follow, allowing you to comprehend and properly install such an excellent eCommerce platform.

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