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Magento 2 Shipping Rules extension allows you to create sets of conditions which control the way your orders are shipped to customers. It includes rules about weight, value, destination-based, SKU based, box and so on. Shipping Rules extension help store owners adjust shipping cost suitably and fairly to particular situations.


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Shipping Rules
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Shipping Rules

Shipping Rules for Magento 2

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Shipping Rules for Magento 2

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Shipping Rules: Problems - Solutions

Currently, in Magento 2 Default, shipping methods are fixed by a selection list. Online store owners are unable to create new shipping rules based on the diversity of item conditions, shopping cart attributes and particular purchasing situations as follows:

  • Specific shipping rate for specific cart attributes: subtotal/item quantity/weight
  • Specific item attributes: category/colour/...


Magento 2 Shipping Rules extension is the proper solution to create unlimed shipping rules to meet the specific expectation of store owners.

Attach unlimited shipping rules to available shipping methods

The most noticeable feature of Shipping Rules Module for Magento 2 is creating rules without limitation then apply them to specific shipping methods from DHL, Federal Express, Flat Rate, Best Way, Free Shipping, United Parcel Service, United States Postal Service.

A new shipping rule will be set depending on the new conditions and the selected cart price rules which are already configured. Depending on the application of cart price rules to customers’ purchasing, the new conditions for the shipping rule is activated or not.

The conditions can be product attributes combination, products subselection, condition combination. For example, a shipping rule is applied for the carts whose shipping country is United States and total weight is 30 kgs.

Calculate custom shipping rates based on product or cart total

When customers’ purchasing meet the activated conditions, there will be following actions accordingly.

  • Select how to apply new shipping fee: Re-calculate shipping fee, Add extra fee, Subtract extra fee
  • Set shipping fee amount for cart: Percentage of Cart Total, Fixed amount, Percentage of original shipping fee
  • Set shipping fee amount for selected product: Percentage of Item Price, Fixed amount, Fixed amount with each weight unit

The configuration of action for shipping rule will determine the shipping rates counted for customers’ order.

Define timeframe for shipping rates

A shipping rate can be set the specific valid time to apply for the customers’orders. From the admin backend, admins can define the date, days and time for each rule, then the rule will automatically activate during the valid period.

This feature is really helpful in the cases that the stores are running promotional campaigns (for example, the same shipping fee 5$ for every order in Black Friday season) or in the peak shopping season.

Set shipping rates visibility

The shipping rates can be set to be visible depending on store views (All store sites or specific store sites), and customer groups (General, Wholesale and Retailer).

This feature brings the flexibility for store owners in case they would like to appoint the particular shipping fees strategy to the specific targeted groups.

Shipping Rules's More Features

Restrict shipping fee

Set the limitation amount frame for shipping fee total from the backend.

Free shipping case

Allow/ Disallow to apply cart item rule to free shipping items.

Apply from backend

Apply rules to the orders generated from the backend

Fee based on weight

Shipping fee is calculated depending on the weight of items.

Tax and Discount

Enable to include tax and/or discount on the cart total.

Extension compatibility

The module is properly compatible with Mageplaza One Step Checkout

Full Features

For store admins

  • Enable/ Disable the module
  • Allow/ Disallow applying the rule for backend order
  • Set name for the rule
  • Set description to explain the rule
  • Set status for the rule
  • Select shipping methods
  • Set conditions for the rule based on cart price rules
  • Set the way to apply fee
  • Set minimum and maximum for shipping fee total
  • Set counting type, fee amount for shipping fee for the whole cart
  • Set counting type, fee amount for shipping fee for each item
  • Allow/ Disallow applying the shipping rule for free shipping items
  • Include/ Exclude tax and/ or discount
  • Compatible with Mageplaza's extension: Extra Fee, Shipping Restrictions, Multiple flat rates shipping, Free Shipping Bar.

For customers

  • View shipping rates on Shopping Cart Page
  • View shipping rates on Checkout One Page

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19 May 2021

Good extension

it's help me a lot to change the shipping rates based on attributes. amazing job guys.. keep the good working. Thanks

Mohammed Ibrahim -Verified Purchase
27 March 2021

Good customer service

After installation, we experienced some problems and bugs. The rules were not applied and no effect was taken place in the checkout. But luckily the technical service did a good job and helped us solve these problems. Now we can the rules would a problem and we can offer the shipping methods exactly as we require. Thank you

Marcel -Verified Purchase
30 December 2019


Very Good Support. Dedicated team. Thank you Mageplaza.

Hardikm.cirkleinc -Verified Purchase
08 October 2019

Highly recommended

Mageplaza’s Shipping Rules extension has quickly allowed us to streamline our shipping process and optimize our delivery schedule. It was easy to integrate and the UI is simple and intuitive to set up all of the rules we needed. I would recommend for anyone looking to expand on the default Magento 2 shipping options available.

Jim Hughes -Verified Purchase
01 October 2019

Love this service here

Thank you Shin for the great support! You have clearly proven that Mageplaza cares about their customers!

Lasse Wilk -Verified Purchase

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