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How to Setup Special Price in Magento 2

How to Setup Special Price

Special Price is called as a promotional campaign you will give to shoppers wwithin an exact time. The special price is shown both on the catalog page and product detail page while the ordinary price is grayed out, both of them is liked by word “was” like $30.00 was $36.00.

From Magento 2 settings, you can get the special price configuration in the Advanced Settings of the individual product. In that, you only need to enter the number for the discounted price and the active time to apply. As you config, the special price is applied immediately.

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In this topic, we will discuss how to setup special price on

  • On the catalog page

How to Setup Special Price on Catalog Page

  • On the product page

How to Setup Special Price on Product Page

How to Setup Special Price in Magento 2

  • Click on Edit link on the Product Management.
  • In the basic settings panel, Advanced Settings > Advanced Pricing.
  • Enter the number of the Special Price.
  • Assign the active time including Special Price From Date and Special Price To Date. You can type manually or click on Calendar icon to choose the relevant date.

How to Setup Special Price

  • Click on the Save button to finish.

Reference: Magento 2 user guide

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