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Include extra Tax classes in Magento 2 - Customers, products, and shipping can be subject to Tax classes. With the shopping cart of each customer, Magento examines and determines an appropriate amount of tax accordingly to the the class of the customer, the class of the commodities in the cart, and the geographic region. As your business expands and reaches more types of customers, you will be most likely to find that the initially set tax classes are no longer adequate to cater for every customer and product. In other words, it’s time to include extra tax classes, which can later be beneficial to defining tax rules as well.

You can add a new tag class on Magento 2 by taking the following steps:

To add a new tag class:

Step 1: Access the Additional Settings section

  • Log in to your admin account.
  • Select Stores on the Admin sidebar. Next, follow Taxes > Tax Rules.
  • Click on Add New Tax Rule to see right below Tax Rule Information the Additional Settings section, which you shall tap to extend then.

How to include extra Tax classes in Magento 2

Step 2: Add a new Customer Tax Class

  • Below the box of Customer Tax Class, tap Add New Tax Class. As you can see, Retail Customer is the only available tax category. Then, do the following:

How to include extra Tax classes in Magento 2

  • Insert name of the new one that you want to add into the textbox, for example, “Wholesale”.
  • After that, tick the check mark so that the new tax class is added to the pre-listed customer tax classes.

Step 3: Add a new Product Tax Class

Below Product Tax Class, click on Add New Tax Class button. Next, do the following:

Digital Product Tax Class

  • A text box is opened as shown, in which you can now type the Name of the new tax class, for example, “Digital”.
  • Then, don’t forget to click the check mark to have the product tax classes added with that new one (which is Digital in this case).

Step 4: Complete

Once you have finished, select Back in the button bar to come back to the Tax Rules grid.

It comes to the end of tutorial: How to include extra Tax classes in Magento 2.

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