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How to Configure Multiple Language Website in Magento 2

Configure Multiple Language Website

Configuring multiple language website in Magento 2 is the important settings that will make your store more friendly with the global audience because the customers feel comfortable to use the favourite languages as a native website without the language barrier.

To allow translating the text instantly on your store into other languages, the visitors need to change the locale of the view when choosing the store view that is according to their native languages. Don’t actually translate the text word by word, Magento 2 creates a different translation table with the interface text for your store. The supported text in the table can be the title, labels, buttons, and links such as “My Cart” and “My Account”. In addition, you can also apply the Inline Translation tool to touch up text in the interface.

Configure Multiple Language Website in Magento 2

After changing the locale for the translation, continue to stand on Magento 2 backend and complete the configuration to translate product name and description, categories, CMS pages, and blocks that are not required to translate content by language packs.

Follow the next topic about the translation in Magento 2 to make your store’s performance perfect.

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