How to Show and Edit VAT ID in Shopware store

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Shopware provides benefits, particularly in terms of online store design and usability. As usual, you should examine what you are searching for and what would work best for your company strategy. Shopware is an excellent choice for online retailers focusing on the German e-commerce sector. Also, if you plan to grow your store in the future, the somewhat higher expenses are typically a beneficial investment.

This topic will show you How to Show and Edit VAT ID in Shopware store to complete your online store’s setting-ups.

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How to Show and edit VAT ID in the admin area

If you wish to show or change a client’s VAT ID, you must first access this customer’s customer data. This may be done using the central search bar or the client overview.

How to Show and edit VAT ID in the admin area

The ID is recorded in the General part of the client information. To see it, go into edit mode.

How to Show and edit VAT ID in the admin area

The VAT ID may be found in the editing box. By clicking on the blue Save button, you may alter the ID and save it.

How to Show and Edit the VAT ID in the customer account

The VAT ID is recorded in the general profile information of the client account. This is visible to the consumer in the overview (1). If the client wishes to update his or her ID, he or she can do so by clicking on the Change profile button (2).

How to Show and Edit the VAT ID in the customer account

Here, business clients may now update the VAT ID and save the modification.

How to Show and Edit the VAT ID in the customer account

Output VAT ID on the invoice

The VAT ID is now shown on the invoice as of Shopware If you make a modification to the document template in a prior version, you may need to undo this change; otherwise, the ID may be printed twice.

4 Best plugins to Show and Edit VAT ID in Shopware store

1. VATID Validation PRO (SW5)

VATID Validation PRO (SW5)

The VAT identification number is a unique tax number that is used to identify the business. If the VAT ID number is provided while making commercial purchases in other EU countries, the foreign VAT will be deducted. VATID Validation PRO (SW5) is a option for doing this online. Via an Internet form and the so-called XML-RPC interface, which allows businesses to incorporate the verification of foreign VAT registration numbers into their own software systems and automatically query the VAT registration numbers. The method for validating foreign VAT registration numbers makes it simpler for enterprises to determine whether the supply or other service is being offered to a company registered in another EU member state at the time the service is supplied.


  • Checks company VAT IDs if the nation is in the EU and the country is listed as “Tax free for companies.”
  • Every interface request is logged and saved in the database. This manner, you can demonstrate that you examined the USTID.
  • A validation of the VAT ID is conducted for each address creation/modification that contains a VAT ID, provided that the nation of the address is in the EU and “Tax free for business” is set.
  • When mailing each order, the VAT ID is double-checked because it may have been invalid in the meanwhile.
  • When the order is sent, it is optionally verified to see if the delivery and billing address or delivery and billing country are the same.
  • Validation can be done using either the shipping or billing address.
  • Since version 1.0.30: Customers can now buy with an invalid VAT ID, but the tax will still be computed. As a result, we avoid purchase cancellations due to incorrect data at the tax authorities.

Price: €495

2. Extended Address Validation for the frontend

Extended Address Validation for the frontend

The expanded address validation verifies if the information given by a client on the registration page is correct and provides prompt feedback if a mistake is identified. Aside from that, further validations will be added, such as a valid postcode in the customer’s nation or the presence of non-allowed characters in some fields.

The link of the fields street + house number in Shopware 5 frequently causes the auto completion of certain browsers to fail, resulting in legitimate orders without a house number, which you then have to inform the client about. This is avoided by using the expanded address validation Plugin called Extended Address Validation for the frontend, which saves you time and effort.


  • The top-level domain must be supplied in the email box (e.g., name@domain is no longer valid).
  • Double and unnecessary spaces will be automatically eliminated.
  • DE: The address must be supplied.
  • Only letters are permitted in city names.
  • Limit phone numbers to digits and “+” (the “+” symbol may also be prohibited).
  • Spaces are required in Dutch postcodes.
  • Certain postcodes are prohibited.

Price: €99

3. Address validation

Address validation

The Address validation dramatically minimizes the likelihood of inputting inaccurate or no-house-number addresses. In actuality, missing home numbers, in particular, take a long time to rectify and can soon become costly owing to return or rectification expenses.

Although the plugin is based on the Google Maps API, we did not utilize the standard autocomplete approach. Rather, the plugin normally does not interfere with the input flow at all, but instead quietly alerts the user to the problem with invalid addresses. If there is only a little misspelling in the postcode, the plugin will even automatically fix the address.


  • No more misplacing home numbers.
  • Reduces the likelihood of a return
  • Address correction that is unobtrusive
  • Simple integration
  • It has no effect on the input flow.
  • Google Maps address validation

Price: €79

4. Auto-Complete and Validation

Auto-Complete and Validation

The usage of the Auto-Complete and Validation optimizes the Shopware ordering process. Mistakes are prevented and further interaction with the client is eliminated by confirming missing home numbers and email address errors. Suggestions for appropriate address data can simplify and speed up the ordering process, resulting in fewer bounce rates.


  • It is determined whether a home number has been assigned to a street. This prevents unwanted requests.
  • If a telephone number is asked for the customer account, telephone number validation can be enabled at the user’s discretion.
  • When registering, customers might be shown the strength of the password they have chosen visually.
  • The consumer may finish the order more quickly thanks to the address data auto-completion.
  • When registering customers as well as generating/modifying billing and delivery addresses, auto-completion and validation are available.
  • Convert the initial letters of the last name, first name, street, city, and extra address to upper case automatically.
  • A straightforward and speedy ordering process may have a promotional effect.

Price: €149.99


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