How to Reset the Admin Password in the Shopware database

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In some cases, resetting the Shopware admin password is important when you’ve forgotten your password and have no other means of contacting the administrator. This short article will demonstrate How to reset the admin password in the Shopware database.

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How to Reset the Admin Password in the Shopware database

To begin, establish a connection to the database. While we will use phpMyAdmin in this example, this may be accomplished with different tools/applications.

Once logged into the database, create a table called user. The table has the field password (1), which stores the hashed password. This means that you cannot directly enter the desired password here, but must instead utilize the hash value. You can use this hash to change the password to demo.

Shopware database

Another way to Reset the Admin Password in Shopware

First, open Shopware 6 admin and click on the link Did you forget your password?

Did you forget your password?

You will be taken to the Password Recovery page after clicking on it. You must enter your registered email address associated with the admin account.

enter your registered email address

Log into your email account and click the link provided. This will take you to the password reset page.

password reset page

At this point, enter a new password and click the change password button.

enter a new password

Final thought

That’s it! That’s how you can reset your Shopware admin password. Super easy right? Therefore, if you ever forget your password, don’t worry and read through our article. Everything will be just fine again in just a few clicks.

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