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The term “B2B” stands for “business to business.” The word refers to all firms that develop products and services for other enterprises. SaaS goods, B2B marketing businesses, and general business supply companies are examples of this. If you operate a small business, you will almost certainly need to engage with a B2B firm at some time. As the proprietor of a Shopware Store, you should be knowledgeable about the B2B suite. In this post, we’ll go over how to install and set up B2B-Suite in Shopware, as well as some of the most popular B2B plugins in Shopware.

Table of Contents

B2B Roles

Before going to understand the Shopware B2B suite, you should know 2 available B2B roles on this eCommerce platform.


A debtor is a retail customer’s central administrative account for mapping his firm organization. Various staff accounts, as well as individual budgets and quotas, can be set up for this purpose.

Sales representative

Sales representatives are accounts for shop operators’ personnel to whom debtor accounts can be given in order to provide employees with direct access to customers’ store accounts.

  • Admin view

An account designated as a field sales representative receives an additional tab in the customer settings, where the debtor accounts are assigned. To create the assignment, you must first enter the edit mode.

Admin view

  • Storefront view

Instead of the standard account, a sales representative will receive an overview of the allocated clients in the storefront.

Storefront view

The sales representative can log into the customer’s account by clicking on the person symbol (1). This enables the sales representative to perform the same tasks as the customer. Orders placed by the sales representative through the client account are labeled as such. The sales representative can update his personal information and password in the My Account section (2).

How to install B2B-Suite in Shopware

First, you should know How to install B2B-Suite in Shopware.

Step 1: Go to Extensions area

The B2B Suite is offered as an expansion to the Enterprise Edition.

The extension may be downloaded and installed from Extension > My Extensions.

If you’ve signed into the Shopware Account tab, the extension will be shown in the General tab and may be installed by clicking the “…” button.

After installing the extension, you may activate it by clicking the button to the left of the extension.

Step 2: Activate B2B Suite

After installing the extension, you may activate it by clicking the button to the left of the extension.

How to configure B2B-Suite in Shopware

Now you’re ready to learn how to configure B2B-Suite in Shopware.

Step 1: Find B2B Suite configuration options

In the Admin, there is no specific settings menu for the B2B Suite. Instead, configurable choices augment customer administration (1).

B2B Suite configuration options

Step 2: Assign roles

To assign a B2B role to a customer, first enter the edit mode (2).

Assign roles

Then, using the checkboxes, give one of the two roles (1) or (2) to the account.

Please keep in mind that a client can be allocated to just one of the two roles.

You can also enable Easy Mode if the client is assigned to the customer role (3). When Easy-Mode is enabled, a customer’s account is simplified, with fewer options available. For starters, there is no role administration in the simple mode. Furthermore, the customer has no ability to define or manage budgets or quotas in this mode.

The next section B2B Roles, explains which functionalities are accessible for a debtor or sales representative account.

Top 5 Shopware B2B plugins

Provided that you want to upgrade the B2B suite in your Shopware store, you may need the following list of Top 5 Shopware B2B plugins.

1. B2B Workflow

The order request group of employee rights is added by the VIO.Plugin B2B Workflow. With this, you can deprive workers of the ability to make orders; instead, the order request is allocated to them. In the internal state of orders, it occurs before “open.” These employees notice a new “Request approval” button at the checkout. Orders with this status are similarly invisible to the shop operator in the typical arrangement (this setting is configurable). Orders with the status “Release requested” have no effect on the stock level; the available stock is simply cross-checked at the time the request is released. Orders can be accepted or denied, and if desired, rejected order requests can be renewed later. The plugin includes its own business events for relevant occasions, which can be used in conjunction with your own email layouts (e.g. notification of incoming inquiries).

B2B Workflow


  • “Order request” as a new order status
  • Orders with this status are also invisible to the shop operator, which may be configured.
  • Order requests that were previously denied can again be revived.
  • When an order request is submitted, the available stock is double-checked.
  • Create your own business events (can be used e.g. for mail with notification of incoming order requests)


To purchase B2B Workflow, you can choose between the following 2 options:

  • Buy: € 149.00 including Free updates and support for 12 months (Subscription)
  • Rent (Trial month included): € 23.99 / month with Free updates and support and it is cancelable monthly

2. B2B budget

This plugin allows you to assign one or more budget rules to an employee. The budgets comprise an amount in a currency per time unit (per day, week, month, quarter, year…) as well as a description of the accounting period as a flowing accounting computation (e.g. today one week ago) or on the basis of a set date. When the shopping basket is called up (and, if required, readjusted and carried forward), the specified time units are automatically taken into account, and the currency and its conversion factor into the employee’s presently selected currency are taken into consideration during the check. It is possible to deposit several budgets in various currencies.

B2B budget


  • It enables you to establish budget restrictions for each employee.
  • It allows you to calculate the sum in currencies per time unit.
  • It allows for either a floating or fixed payroll period.
  • You can be helped with other VIO.plugins for Representatives as well.


To purchase B2B budget, you can choose between the following 2 options:

  • Buy: € 98.00 including Free updates and support for 12 months (Subscription)
  • Rent (Trial month included): € 11.99 / month with Free updates and support and it is cancelable monthly

3. Sysgrade B2B Foundation

The “Sysgrade B2B Foundation” provides all components required for effective B2B online trade in your Shopware 6 online store. Installation and configuration are simple, and you can get started right away. Aside from the inclusion of corporate features, fundamental functions include a variety of extensions to Shopware customers and customer groups, as well as handy tools and listings. We are continually creating new plugins for extra functionality, which you may select on a modular basis to make your online store even more robust.

Sysgrade B2B Foundation


  • Contacts with multi-company ties (e.g. for central purchasing)
  • Addresses might be global (company-wide) or private (contact-specific).
  • Different addresses in the customer account and throughout the checkout process
  • Extensive setup possibilities in the Shopware admin area for the B2B app “Login as a customer” by the store operator
  • Extending important items to allow interaction with other programs such as ERP systems and EDI


To get Sysgrade B2B Foundation, you can only Rent it with € 95.00* /month including Free updates and support included and you can cancel any month.

4. B2B Representative rights

Your company model comprises sales reps, agents, multi-debiters, corporate clients, and so on. Then you’ve almost probably used the Shopware 6 plugin Agent Login. Do you require further rights limitations, such as those included in the extension VIO.B2B Login? This plugin handles this process in your Shopware 6 store! You may now assign rights to these representatives by treating them as customers’ employees with the aid of the VIO.Extension B2B Representative Rights. As a result, as a shop client, they can establish their own staff and then assign them to the representative. The extension is adaptable: you just utilize authorization profiles at the employee level if necessary. Logging in as a customer is no longer available after a customer employee is assigned to the substitution. Full permissions are thus (only) provided through an employee profile, which must be constructed properly.

B2B Representative rights


  • It enables you to generate individual authorization profiles for each representative.
  • A representative can be given many clients and customer employee profiles.


To purchase B2B Representative rights, you can choose between the following 2 options:

  • Buy: € 19.00 including Free updates and support for 12 months (Subscription)
  • Rent (Trial month included): € 3.49 / month with Free updates and support and it is cancelable monthly

5. Netzdirektion B2B Commerce

With this plugin, you may allow business customers to register for a b2b account in your online store. Following the activation of the b2b account in the Shopware backend, the b2b client can establish additional user accounts in his account and so, for example, specify the buyers for various divisions of his firm. The subaccounts are linked to the b2b account and do not display as separate customers in the Shopware backend; rather, they are listed in a new backend tab in the customer information. All orders submitted by purchasers are gathered, monitored, denied, or released for real order execution centrally under the b2b account’s “My Account” page. As a result, your b2b customer has complete control over their purchasing budget and is constantly aware of which items you have acquired. You will only receive orders released by the b2b account for further processing as the shop operator.

Netzdirektion B2B Commerce


  • Widget for activating the b2b account in Shopware’s backend.
  • In the “My Account” section, you may create and manage additional users (subaccounts) per b2b account.
  • Comment system for b2b account and subaccount communication.
  • Subaccount orders are collected in the “My Account” section of the b2b account.
  • In the b2b account, subaccount orders are released centrally.
  • A company’s address book is shared by all of its accounts.
  • Orders are only created when the b2b account has approved them.
  • Only orders that have been released are included in the Shopware statistics.
  • Employee registration form for a company.


To purchase Netzdirektion B2B Commerce, you can choose between the following 2 options:

  • Buy: € 1,295.00 including Free updates and support for 12 months (Subscription)
  • Rent (Trial month included): € 140.00 / month with Free updates and support and it is cancelable monthly

Final Words

Though B2B services are crucial to the success of many sectors, do not limit your company’s potential to one model. We hope that our information on Shopware B2B Suite may assist you in integrating and benefiting from it.

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