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Is there anything you do before making an eCommerce purchase? Consumers increasingly rely on product evaluations on the internet while making online purchases since they can’t personally inspect what they’re considering. It’s easier than ever to get an opinion on anything thanks to reviewing sites like Yelp! and Facebook. Even more significantly, the proliferation of evaluations has gone so far as to influence how companies are seen on the internet. That’s why today’s article will show you how to edit reviews in Shopware.

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Benefits of optimizing the Reviews section in Shopware

Customer reviews may tell you a great deal about your business if you have an online shop. Positivity has the power to influence sales naturally, encouraging customers to buy your goods and building a loyal customer base. For an online shop, public reviews are a must because of the advantages they provide:

  • It is the psychological phenomenon of individuals making judgments and choices based on the acts of others. Confidence in a well-reviewed product is bolstered by reading reviews from others who have completed comparable purchases.
  • Reviews may be a valuable tool for e-commerce enterprises that don’t have the opportunity to test their products in person. Customers may rely on a company’s online reputation if it has many positive evaluations.
  • It’s acceptable if not all of the reviews are good. It’s impossible to run a flawless firm, and customer feedback may help you find areas for development.

How to edit reviews in Shopware

Step 1: Configure the Overview section

Customers may review your items in Shopware 6, which allows you to improve your sales. The evaluations are then sent to the administration, where you may examine, approve, and make comments on them before they are published. Reviewers’ comments may be seen in the administration’s Catalogues > Reviews section.

Configure the Overview section

This page includes all of the pertinent information on the overview. The title, the number of stars granted, the product that was rated, the customer who submitted the review, as well as the date and time of the rating are all included. When you look at the overview, you can see if it is presently shown and whether the store operator has remarked on it. To see the specifics of a rating or to remove a rating, choose it from the context menu on the right-hand side of your screen.

Step 2: Customize the Details section

The rating details will provide you with a summary of the rating, including the most crucial information. In addition to the data previously provided in the overview, the whole text of the assessment has now been included in this section.

The rating

Under Properties, you may choose whether or not to display the rating on the frontend, as well as the language in the rating should be presented. If the client specifically requests that the ratings for all languages be submitted in all other languages, this rating is displayed in all of those languages. Finally, you have the option to leave a remark. Your rating remark will be shown in the frontend below the rating if you have written one.

Customize the Details section

Step 3: Disable the Reviews section on product pages

It is possible to disable the rating feature for each sales channel if you do not want your consumers to rate your items. In this instance, the rating tab on the product detail page will be hidden, and no past ratings will be shown due to this action.

This may be accomplished in the options menu, under Shop > Products > Show reviews.

Step 4: Set up the frontend appearance of the Reviews

When using the Responsive Theme on the front end, customers will discover product ratings right next to the product description on the product detail page. All currently active reviews that have been set to the appropriate language are shown in this section.

On the front store

In the ratings, the consumer initially sees an “overall rating,” represented by a number from 1 to 5. Customers may see how other customers have rated this item in both percentage and absolute terms by scrolling down to the bottom of the page. He may restrict the listing to just those reviews that have received a specified number of stars by selecting the option on the left. There is a list of ratings on the right-hand side of the screen. You have the chance of seeing all ratings or simply the ratings that the client has picked under this category.

Set up the frontend appearance

It is possible to show ratings from other languages and the ratings for the currently selected language by selecting Show ratings in different languages. By selecting “Sort by,” you may modify the order in which the ratings are displayed. The client may post their rating by clicking on the “Write a rating” option on the website. A rating must have a minimum of 40 characters to be valid.

A sample review

3 Best plugins to customize your Reviews in Shopware

Shopware 6 Ordered Product Review

Shopware 6 Ordered Product Review is a fantastic Shopware plugin that allows customers to provide feedback for their purchased items. Once the order has been completed, the customer may go to the Order History area and review the product that was purchased. The administrator can add, amend, and remove ordered product reviews from the back-end. Customers are only allowed to write one review per order. When the administrator approves the review and rating, the information will be shown on the business’s main page.

Shopware 6 Ordered Product Review

Outstanding features:

  • The Ordered Product Review module is available in a variety of language translations.
  • Users will write reviews only when their purchase has been completed.
  • It may also provide ratings for the items that have been ordered in conjunction with the review.
  • To look for any product reviews written by the administrator, use the filter option.
  • The administrator can see, amend, and remove ordered product reviews from the list.

Price: €49 for an annual subscription.

Review Products without Login or Registration

Online shopping nowadays requires no user feedback or product reviews. By sharing their experiences with a product, users influence the purchase decisions of others. A/B testing over a lengthy period revealed that smaller online stores struggle to generate good product reviews. For several reasons, the most common one is a user’s inability to log in or a lack of interest in creating an account. Consequently, new and innovative ways to produce product reviews are made possible via the use of the Review Products without Login or Registration plugin: User-Login or signup is not required.

Review Products without Login or Registration

Outstanding features:

  • Users will post product reviews without logging in or creating an account by using our plugin.
  • Users will post product reviews on the product detail page, as they have in the past.
  • Administrators can publish reviews in Shopware AI, as they have in the past.
  • Producing product evaluations by creating new and innovative options is required.
  • Increase the number of product reviews submitted dramatically and enhance conversion rates.

Price: €99 for an annual subscription.

Optimized product reviews presentation

Your article detail page will be optimized with a current view of your product reviews and a highlight feature for both positive and negative ratings, thanks to the Optimized product reviews presentation plugin. The number of ratings presented at the plugin’s beginning may be customized in the plugin options. It makes no difference whether you are using a smartphone or a desktop computer with a large display; the product reviews will appear great on any device.

Optimized product reviews presentation

Outstanding features:

  • One good and one negative review may be highlighted when using this extension.
  • There is an option to turn off the rating form on the detail page.
  • It is possible to customize the number of ratings shown at the top of the detail page.
  • The appearance of product reviews on the article detail page has been improved.
  • It is possible to customize the number of ratings shown at the top of the detail page.

Price: €39 for an annual subscription.

Final Words

We hope this tutorial will help you understand how to edit reviews in Shopware. As a digital-age version of word-of-mouth advertising, online evaluations provide consumers with a broader picture of goods and services. It is important to note that although favorable ratings may help a business grow and establish trust, poor reviews or no reviews can have the opposite effect. Understanding the value of reviews and how to use them to your advantage in the competitive eCommerce industry may be a vital step in gaining an edge over your competitors.

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