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Your e-commerce business offers a variety of payment options. Visitors to the store can choose the one that is most convenient for them. We go into the Payment Methods area of Shopware 6 settings in the post below. You’ll discover what payment options are available and how to set them up.

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How to add Payment Method in Shopware

Let’s have a look at how to locate the Payment Method screen in Shopware 6 administration:

  • Go to the administrative section of Shopware 6;
  • Open the main menu of the program;
  • Go to the area that says “Settings”;
  • Go to the Shop area
  • Select Payment Methods (or Payment) from the drop-down

You’ll notice the following categories, as described above: Shopware Payments powered by Mollie, Cash on Delivery, Paid in Advance, and Invoice.

Cash on delivery: You can enable payments upon receipt of products in this area.

Paid in advance: Shopware provides a service whereby a consumer pays in advance and receives their order later.

Invoice: Invoice payments can be enabled here. It’s worth noting that this payment option has automatic invoicing.

Shopware Payments powered by Mollie: On your Shopware 6 storefront, the Shopware Payments powered by Mollie section allows you to enable/disable a variety of payment options. There are payment methods designed for local traders as well as choices intended for multinational e-commerce businesses. Mollie supports all major payment methods, giving Shopware 6 merchants a diverse range of options. As a result, you may use credit card payments in addition to the smooth checkout connection. Shopware 6 also accepts PayPal and enables payment changes after checkout. You can also use a variety of Klarna payment alternatives. Apple Pay, SOFORT Banking, Giropay, iDEAL, Electronic Payment Standard, Banktransfer, Bancontact, Przelewy24, KBC/CBC Payment Button, Belfius, and other payment options are included in this area.

How to Edit Payment Method

Cash on delivery; Paid in Advance; Invoice

In the menu Settings > Shop > Payment methods, you can set the payment methods that should be offered to your consumers in your shop.

Cash on delivery, advance payment, and invoicing are the default options. The following information must be provided:

You provide the payment type’s name (1) in the Payment types section. You can indicate the position of this payment method in the box Position (2). The order in which the payment types are shown in the shop is determined by this position. You can provide the payment method with a short description (3) here. For the payment method, you may also include your own logo (4). You have the option of uploading this, selecting one from the previously uploaded media, or uploading a file from a URL. The Active button allows you to activate or deactivate the payment method (5). Allow change of payment method after order completion (6) allows your clients to alter their payment method after an order has been completed in their customer account’s Orders section. If a payment type’s switch is deactivated, your client will no longer be able to pick that payment type when changing the payment type after completing the transaction.

*Note: When you choose a payment option in the storefront, the name, description, and logo of the item are shown in your shop.

Shopware Payments powered by Mollie

Mollie offers a choice of alternative payment ways that may be connected straight into your business in addition to the three backup payment options. This allows you to accept payments via a variety of payment ways without having to create separate accounts with each payment source.

You simply need one Mollie account to consolidate payments from several payment providers. You may then have this account paid out to a selected bank account on a regular basis.

Set up Mollie payment methods

To use Mollie’s payment options, you must first connect your store to a Mollie account. A matching link (1) may be found under Settings > Shop > Payment methods for this reason.

You have the option of linking your store to an existing Mollie account or creating a new account and then linking it.

After you’ve linked your current or new Mollie account to your business, you’ll need to provide access to the Mollie organization to the shop.

That is all there is to it. You may easily activate or deactivate the appropriate payment methods after giving the shop access by clicking the button on the right side.

Add payment methods in the sales channel

After you’ve set up the Mollie payment methods, you’ll need to assign them to the sales channel so that they appear in the storefront for customers.

This is done in the associated sales channel’s sales channel settings. Select the payment methods you wish to add to the sales channel.

The payment methods options may be found under the menu General > Basic settings. In the left box, you may choose which payment methods should be offered to customers and which payment method should be the default for new customers.

Disable Mollie components

If you wish to temporarily disable the Mollie payment methods without entirely deleting your Mollie account, go to Settings > Payment methods and click the button (1).

Update payment methods

It’s vital to transmitting modifications made in your Mollie account to your store if you make them later. Click the Update payment methods button to transfer all data from your Mollie account to your business.

Mollie Payments FAQ

What payment options are available?

Shopware Payments powered by Mollie accepts the following types of payment:

  • Apple pay
  • American ExpressBancontact
  • Belfius Pay Button
  • Debit cards
  • Electronic Payment Standard (EPS)
  • Voucher card
  • Giropay
  • KBC/CBC Payment Button
  • Klarna: Hire purchase
  • Klarna: invoice
  • Credit card
  • MyBank
  • PayPal
  • paysafecard
  • Przelewy24
  • SEPA Direct Debit*
  • INSTANT Banking
  • Prepayment

Is there a Mollie app for me as a retailer?

Mollie does, in fact, have a distinct app for both iOS and Android. You can keep track of all incoming payments using the app. You don’t have to visit and update your Mollie Dashboard every time you want to know if you’ve received new payments because the app allows you to get alerts about incoming payments.

When and how will my money be deposited into my account?

Please double-check that Mollie is capable of doing so:

Make sure you’ve filled out all of the needed fields for your Mollie account. Mollie will want a copy of your ID, and you will need to double-check your bank account information. When you access your Mollie dashboard, you’ll notice the message “Add extra information” if you don’t have all of the information you need. Define the frequency of your payouts. Your Mollie account will be paid out according to the payout frequency you set. By default, this is done twice a week (on Tuesday and Friday), but you may change it to pay on any working day or only the first working day of the month.

Make a mental note of the minimum payment amount. By default, the minimum amount is set at €5; however, you may increase it in your account. This implies we won’t be able to pay you out if the amount in your account is less than the amount displayed above.


Shopware Payments powered by Mollie is the best way for your online shop, but Shopware includes the non-automated payment options cash on delivery, prepaid, and invoicing as standard. These can be used as a backup means of payment. Hopefully, this article will help you add the most suitable payment method for your sales channel.

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