How to Test and Run a campaign in Odoo

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The Campaign Management system that is included in the Odoo platform is the best tool for rapidly developing marketing campaigns that are fantastic, automated, and targeted all at the same time. You’ll be fine with automating your workflows with the assistance of this uncomplicated system, and you’ll also have no trouble at all rating your company.

By using a mix of demographic and behavioral characteristics, Odoo Marketing Automation gives you the ability to segment your prospect database using a faultless tool conveniently. This is accomplished by applying the characteristics. In addition to this, the system offers assistance in delivering the appropriate message to the appropriate prospects at the appropriate moment.

The method makes it easier to locate potential connections and invite them to participate in the campaign if they satisfy the requirements. Therefore, in today’s tutorial, we will show you how to test and run a campaign in Odoo. So, let’s dive in!

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The importance of testing a campaign before running it for eCommerce businesses

Testing your marketing campaigns is essential since it provides a straightforward path to gaining a better understanding of your target demographic and enhancing the performance of your marketing endeavors. While not testing your marketing efforts won’t necessarily kill your campaign, it will prevent you from making any incremental improvements to those efforts, which is simply a wasted opportunity.

Whether it’s your marketing automation platform or your advertising platform, the vast majority of software either has the capability built-in to perform testing or will use machine learning to improve campaigns. For instance, HubSpot enables you to quickly A/B test aspects inside your email sends, and Facebook enables you to mix and change both ad language and creativity in order to optimize toward a target that you establish within the platform.

You may obtain greater results from your email marketing initiatives by using efficient targeting when you build and operate them with Odoo’s assistance. In addition to that, it enables you to schedule the campaign. This tool offers a diverse selection of appealing email templates, which can be used to create leads.

You are able to execute the campaign in test mode in Odoo so that you can observe the sequence of events. The program will display sophisticated data once it has been executed in live mode. These statistics may include clicks, deliverability, open rate, and bounce rate. Tracking each individual visitor is yet another remarkable function. In addition to that, it will automatically develop and customize processes for you, making use of an easy-to-navigate interface so that you can get a clearer picture of the path that your customers take.

How to Test and Run a campaign in Odoo

Step 1: Prepare a campaign with Marketing Automation

Users of Odoo have the opportunity to do trial runs of marketing campaigns (as well as mailings) before the campaigns are put into production.

Launch the Marketing Automation program, then select a campaign from the menu that appears. Verify if the campaign already contains activities that have been configured on it.

The main dashboard pane of the Odoo Marketing Automation application will provide a preview of the campaigns that have already been built, displaying them in Kanban view as well as List view. The following image is a snapshot of the window when it is set to Kanban view.

The Marketing Automation page

Campaigns are handled according to the stages of operation that they are currently in, which are New, Running, and Stopped, respectively. As you can see in the picture that was provided earlier, each of the Campaign previews includes information such as the Name of the Campaign, the Total number of campaigns, the Running campaign, and the Completed campaign. You may see the window in a list format by clicking on the icon that is labeled as a list view on the menu bar. Let’s have a look at the picture, shall we?

The window provides an accurate and thorough listing of the Campaign Name, Target, State, Number of Mailings, Number of Clicks, and Number of Active and Completed Participants in this section as well. You may discover more information about each Campaign by clicking on the specific one that interests you in the table below. You also have the option to change the details if that becomes necessary in the future.

First and foremost, the system gives you the ability to swiftly get the data you desire by using a variety of sorting choices, both those that come standard and those that can be customized. You may accomplish this goal by making use of the choices to Filter, Group By, Favorite, and Search. New, Running, Stopped, and Archived are the four default choices for the Filters options that are available under the Filters tab. You are able to export all of the details in the window into an excel sheet by selecting the Export All option from the menu that is located directly next to the CREATE button.

Step 2: Launch a test campaign

You are able to execute your workflow on a test contact using the Test mode that is included in the system. This allows you to see the flow of events in action more clearly.

You will be able to analyze the performance of your campaign using key performance indicators (KPIs) such as open rate, bounce rate, clicks, and many more elements thanks to sophisticated and dynamic reporting and analytics. In addition to that, the technology enables you to keep tabs on the guests. To begin an evaluation, use the Launch a Test option located at the very top of the form template.

Launch a test campaign

A pop-up window will open when the button is clicked. You may choose a single record to run the test on by selecting it from the dropdown field, or you can create a whole new record by clicking the Search More… link at the bottom of the dropdown menu and then hitting the Create button after that.

After the record has been chosen, clicking Continue will cause Odoo to take you to the page where you may test your campaign.

In this section, the name of the Record that is now being tested is displayed, as is the exact moment when the test procedure was initiated. The initial action (or activities) in the process may be found just underneath that.

Workflow dashboard

To begin an evaluation, select the Run icon that is located next to the very first step in the procedure. When the button is pressed, the website will load again, and Odoo will provide the different results (as well as statistics) that are associated with the particular action.

The test will be considered finished and will advance to the Completed stage after all of the workflow operations have been finished. Simply clicking the “Stop” button will terminate an evaluation before all of the workflow actions have been finished.

Step 3: Run a campaign

After you have planned out all of the events for the Campaign, you will be able to save it by clicking the SAVE button that is located in the upper left corner of the window. The Campaign that has just been generated and saved will appear in the Campaigns dashboard window when it has been added.

You may make any necessary adjustments to your campaign by using the EDIT option, which is accessible at any time. You may begin the Campaign by clicking on the START button, which is located on the left side of the window immediately below the EDIT button. This button is accessible if you wish to start the Campaign. You can see that the stage of operation of the Campaign will be changed from the NEW stage to the Running stage now that it has been brought to your attention.

If necessary, you may put an end to the campaign by clicking the STOP button. In addition to all of these possibilities, Odoo gives you the ability to obtain a direct link to the various windows in the form of smart buttons, which can be placed anywhere on the screen. You can get to it by navigating to the top of the window, as seen in the image that follows this one.

Run a campaign

The smart buttons that are displayed here are Participants, Tests, Clicks, SMS, and Templates. The display of these smart buttons may vary depending on the modules that you have installed in your system. The number of clicks that they receive will be displayed whenever you click the Clicks button. When you click the Hits button, you will be sent to the Link Statistics box. Here, you will be able to examine all of the information that the Link trackers generate whenever emails containing links are delivered so that you can keep tabs on the number of clicks those links receive. When you click the Templates smart button, for example, you will be given the option to immediately enter the Marketing Automation Mailings window, as seen in the following figure.

The number of tests that have been completed is displayed on the Tests smart button, and you may click on the button to travel into the appropriate window to examine the specifics of the tests that you have already taken.

When you display the list of participants, you will see what seems to be the picture to the right after clicking on the Participants button.

Wrapping Up

We hope this tutorial will help you understand how to test and run a campaign in Odoo. The quality and quantity of processes are both improved thanks to Odoo marketing automation, but your personnel won’t have to put in any additional effort. Instead, it automates the operations such that less time and effort are required to complete them. In addition, the automation program simplifies the process of doing everything. It initiates the marketing campaign and paves the way for improved management, both of which result in increased productivity and income.

The Odoo marketing automation tool is able to automate a significant number of marketing tasks. Nevertheless, it gives you the ability to customize the campaigns. The program will produce codes for you, which will allow you to compose individualized emails to all of your customers without having to type different messages for each individual customer. When individuals recognize a personal touch in the spoken or written word, they tend to communicate more with one another. Therefore, you should anticipate favorable effects on your conversion rates.

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