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It is imperative for the continued expansion of any organization to maintain contact with qualified leads. Businesses are always on the lookout for the most effective means of generating leads for their sales teams so that those teams may work on the leads and eventually turn them into paying customers. Odoo CRM makes it simple and effective to generate leads for your business.

In addition to the leads that can be obtained through direct contact or via the internet, the Lead mining function of Odoo CRM gives you the ability to produce leads from scratch straight from your database. This is a beautiful supplement to the leads that can be obtained in any of these two ways. Because it is a practical, advanced, and efficient instrument for producing amazing leads and consequently raising your company’s growth greatly, the feature is highly recommended for new businesses and projects.

Thanks to lead mining, you will no longer have to sit around and wait for consumers to come to you. Lead mining will allow you to establish criteria for the leads you need to create. The criteria can be established on the basis of the leads from each nation that are most pertinent to your company’s operations. That’s why in today’s tutorial, we will show you how to configure Lead mining in Odoo.

Table of Contents:

The importance of Lead mining in Odoo and CRM software

This function is meant to be used by both newly founded and long-standing enterprises; however, its influence on newly established organizations is significantly more substantial and more efficient. The mining of lead has been demonstrated to be an effective method that may assist businesses in the generation of leads that can be relied upon. The generation of leads is of critical significance to the operation and expansion of any firm. Creating and obtaining leads is challenging, and even well-established businesses or commercial corporations struggle to generate enough leads for their sales teams.

When a business is first starting out, generating leads can feel like an uphill battle, and it takes a significant investment of both time and resources to do it successfully. It is not always possible to anticipate how well a product will bring in new clients, which is one of the most important results that a company needs to gain from the sales of its goods. Therefore, a sophisticated system’s assistance is required to generate leads.

Mining leads straight from your databases can be accomplished quickly and easily using Odoo’s CRM. You will be able to create criteria based on filters for the mining process, allowing the CRM to extract just the Leads that are pertinent to your company. In most cases, this determination is made based on the nation in which the individual residing in question is domiciled. The process of lead mining is incredibly complicated; however, none of these challenges will be a burden for you because the CRM will handle all of the complexity for you and produce results quickly. If you are just getting your firm off the ground, you should definitely take advantage of this option. The lead mining capabilities of a CRM may be a significant contributor to the expansion of your business.

How to configure Lead mining in Odoo

With the assistance of Odoo 16 CRM, users are able to generate leads and then distribute those leads to a sales team. The CRM module makes it easy to construct pipelines, teams, quotes, and many other things. Now, let’s have a look at the process of creating a lead mining operation within the Odoo 16 CRM module.

Step 1: Activate Lead mining in Odoo

Users are responsible for activating the lead mining option included inside the Odoo 16 CRM module. To activate, select the Settings option located inside the Configuration tab of the interface. As seen in the picture that follows, the option to perform Lead Mining may be found in the Settings window, directly beneath the section titled Lead Generation.

Step 1

When the Lead Mining option is activated, users can generate fresh leads categorized according to industry, country, and size. In addition, you may use Lead Mining to look at available services and purchase credits. Click the SAVE button once you have finished enabling the function, as seen in the picture to the right. Following that, let’s have a look at the process of creating lead mining requests via Odoo 16 CRM.

Step 2: Generate leads

The lead mining functionality of Odoo CRM contributes significantly to the organization’s rapid expansion. Choose an option from the Lead Mining Requests menu, which is located beneath the Lead Generation section of the Configuration tab, to produce a lead mining request. In the window labeled “Lead Mining Requests,” you will be able to view many data, such as the Request number, the Status, the Sales Team, the Target, the Tags, the Number of Leads, and so on. Select the CREATE button to generate a new request for lead mining by following the instructions shown in the following screenshot.

Step 2.1

After the user selects the CREATE icon, a new page is presented to them before they may formulate a request for lead mining. In the new window for Lead Mining Requests, enter multiple leads to be created underneath the section labeled What do you need? As can be seen in the screenshot that follows, we added two potential leads to be created.


It is possible to acquire the target as Individual Companies or as Individual Companies along with their Contacts. First, let’s take a look at what transpires once we decide to go for a certain business. Once you have selected the Companies option, you will be prompted to pick the countries and states where your firm operates. In a later step, you will be able to select the essential products for your firm inside the Industries area, as seen in the screenshot that follows.


Within the Filter on Size section, users have the option to also filter the firms depending on their size. Once you have activated the Filter on Size box, you will be presented with a Size choice. As seen in the screenshot that follows, you need to fill in the Size section with the size of your firm.


As the screenshot on the right demonstrates, this is where we create leads for businesses with between 200 and 1000 employees. The next step is to apply lead information in the time designated for Lead Mining Requests. Select “Sales” as the Team Type for your Sales Department, as seen in the screenshot below.


You can add the Salesperson and populate the Default Categories section with relevant tags.


Now that we have selected Companies and their Contacts as the target, we are able to view the results of our actions. When you choose the option to see Companies and their Contacts, a new window appears at the bottom of the page where you may submit your request for contact numbers. This window is highlighted in the image that follows.


In this section, we request that five numbers be included under the Extra contacts per Company box. It is possible to filter the contacts in a firm depending on their Role or Seniority, as seen in the picture below. This may be done by selecting the appropriate drop-down menu.


After picking the Role option, you will see another choice that is labeled Preferred Role. As can be seen in the screenshot that follows, users have the ability to acquire the Preferred Role as well as Other Roles in the new area.


You will see a Seniority field appear in front of you after picking the Seniority option in the Filter on the field. In this field, select the position of contact, as seen in the image below.


Our inquiries to firms involved in lead mining are being processed further. After the essential data has been added, all of the details are manually stored in the Odoo 16 system.


After we have finished saving the request for lead mining, we are able to upload it by clicking on the icon labeled “SUBMIT,” as seen in the screenshot to the right. In the main window, you will be able to see the newly formed request for lead mining.


As a result, users are able to swiftly generate a request for lead mining within the Odoo 16 CRM module.

Step 3: Configure the leads

Using the Reporting function of the Customer Relationship Management module in Odoo 16, we are able to assess the leads that are created inside an organization. You may do a speedy analysis of leads in your firm by navigating to the Reporting page and selecting the Leads option. The following image is a snapshot of the graph view of the Lead Analysis window. As can be seen, the graph view displays the count on the Y-axis and sales team data on a certain year on the X-axis.


We are able to add a variety of measurements to the graph by making use of the icon labeled MEASURES. These measures include Expected Revenue, Days to Close, Prorated MRR, and many more. The graphical depiction allows you to examine the count of Sales, Pre-sales, and Undefined in various colors. With the aid of the Filters option, as seen in the screenshot that follows, we are able to apply filters to the graph.


In this section, we make use of the Filter Expected Closing: 2022, and the precise findings are presented to you in the form of a graph. When you are in the List view, you will have access to the individual information of each lead. As seen in the snapshot that follows, we are able to view the information associated with each lead, including the Lead name, the Type of lead, the Email address, the Stage, and the Sales team.


Users also have the ability to produce leads by selecting the CREATE button located in the Lead Analysis box. Mining for lead is a very important activity for a company since it helps bring in new clients. With the aid of the Odoo 16 CRM module, the sales staff will be able to have open lines of contact with customers or clients, and the professional efficiency that can be gained with the help of the CRM application will benefit your company.

Step 4: Manage your pricing

Each lead produced by the in-app function of lead mining costs one credit. For each contact that is formed, choosing to generate Companies and their Contacts results in an extra credit cost.

Go to CRM > Configuration > Settings to purchase credits. Click Buy Credits beneath the Lead Mining function in the Lead Generation section.


You may also buy credits by going to Settings > General Settings. Click View My Services under the Odoo IAP functionality in the In-App Purchases section. Thanks to this cutting-edge function, you may produce Leads quickly and effortlessly without exerting much effort, which will enable you to save time and valuable energy.

You will no longer need to wait for clients to come to you thanks to this feature; instead, you will be able to mine them into you and produce leads for the sales staff, who can then convert these leads into customers in the future. The lead mining tool will, in essence, gather all of the data that is necessary for following up with leads, and the sales team will be able to follow up on the Leads that the mining tool has provided them.


Following the completion of this procedure, your sales staff will have an abundance of Leads at their disposal, which they may then strive to convert into Customers. When compared to the conventional method of fishing for Leads, this method will save you a significant amount of time and is quite effective in terms of its use of resources. Because of this, the customer relationship management (CRM) tool included in Odoo is cutting-edge and highly recommended for startups. It might be challenging to acquire solid and sustainable leads for the sales staff to concentrate on when you are running a new business. Leads are incredibly vital for the success of your company or organization. Lead generation and maintenance are very professional activities, and CRM will assist you in reaching this level of professionalism and effectiveness in your company’s operations.

Wrapping Up

We hope this tutorial will help clear your thoughts and help you understand how to configure lead mining in Odoo. This is an essential activity in any type of commercial setting. This tool will ensure that you have enough leads, and the leads you receive will be reliable and able to be followed up on in the future. The application plays a significant part in the process of acquiring prospective clients for a new company. If you can maintain these clients with relative ease using the pipeline structure provided by the CRM module, your company will undoubtedly see increased success.

However, it is always up to you or your sales team to have communication that is clear and concise with the client or the customer in order to persuade them with valuable information about the product or service that you are offering and how unique the product is in comparison to the rest of the market. Running a business is no longer as tricky of a task as it once was, thanks to innovative features like lead mining, and with Odoo’s ERP system, you can ensure that the administration of your company is carried out professionally and efficiently.

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