How to Set Password Options for Customers in Magento 2

How to Set Password Options for Customers in Magento 2
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Password is a unique key that customers must use to access their accounts on your store, but it is unfornate if they forgot what the password for the registration is. With Magento 2 plaform, you can set password options for these customers to help them retrieve the passwords with ease.

From the backend, you will set the email template including the forgotten email and remind email with the password recovey link. People who reset the password are the customers or store admins depending on your configuration.

Follow the instructions below to know what you need to do.

Set Password Options for Customers in Magento 2

  • On the Magento Admin Panel, Stores > Settings > Configuration.
  • On the left panel, under Customers tab, choose Customer Configuration.
  • Open the Password Options section,
    • Choose the Forgot Email Template that is sent to customers if they get their password forgotten.
    • Choose the Remind Email Template that includes the password hint to send to the customers.
    • Choose the Reset Password Template that is sent to the customers accompanied by a link for the reset password.
    • Choose the Password Email Sender whose name will display on the forgotten and remind email notifications.
    • Set the expiration of the password recovery link in the Recovery Link Expiration field.
    • Allow only store admin change customer password when choosing Yes for Require admin user to change user password option.
  • Save Config to complete.

How to Set Password Options for Customers Password Options

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