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How to create Grouped Products in Magento 2

Gathering many simple standalone products into a group is called Group Product, a type of Magento products. It is possible to base on the variation of simple product to create a set of different products. You can consider the purpose of building a group product like a set of Sprite Yoga Strap.

How to create Grouped Product Grouped Product

Thus, creating Grouped Product is the helpful solution to enhance customer’s shopping experience and give the items related to each other that the customer wants to add to the order. Each product can be shown and sold separately or together in the group as needed; however, they are definitely listed separately in the shopping cart. This tutorial will guide you through 8 steps to create Group Products in Magento 2.

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8 Steps to Create Grouped Product in Magento 2

To create Grouped Product 2, please take the following steps:

Step 1: Select the Product Type

  • On the Admin sidebar, click on Products > Inventory > Catalog.
  • In the upper-right corner of the Add Product menu, select Grouped Product.

How to create Grouped Product Choose Grouped Product

Step 2: Select the Product Template (Optional)

Follow one of two ways to select the product template:

  • In the Search box, enter the needed name of the template.
  • In the list, select one of the templates you want to use

    The corresponding form will be shown to configure.

How to create Grouped Product Choose Grouped Product Template

Step 3: Fill out the Required Fields

  • In the Product Detail section, need to do:
    • Enter the Name.
    • Use the default SKU for the product, or offer another value.
  • By now the product has not yet been ready to publish, let switch to the Off for Product Online.

Step 4: Fill out the Remaining Product Details

  • To add an image for the product group, follow one of two options:
    • Drag and drop an image from your desktop on the Camera tile in the Images and Videos box.
    • In the Images and Video box, click on Camera title and feel free to choose the desired image from the file on your computer.

      A placeholder appears until a product image is uploaded.
  • The Quantity is unavailable because the product group is made up of the individual product.
  • To assign the product to a Category, follow one of the options:
    • Type in the Search box to find and select a match.
    • Click on the Show List icon to see the category tree, then click on any available category you want to assign to the product.
    • Create new category by entering the Category Name and assign to the Parent Category, then click on Create Category.

    How to create Grouped Product Add Grouped Product to Category

  • Write some product description if you need. Then, click on Submit. You can also use the WYSIWYG Editor for additional control.

How to create Grouped Product Create Grouped Product

Step 5: Add the Grouped Products

  • At the bottom of the Product Details page, expand the Grouped Products section. Then, click on Add Products to Group.
  • Find the products by filtering at the top row of the grid. Then Search.
  • Mark the checkbox of products that you want to add to the group

How to create Grouped Product Add Product to Group

  • Click on Add Selected Products  to add them to the grouped product. Then follow any of the options:
    • To set a default quantity, enter the number in the Default Qty field.
    • To remove any product from the list, click on Delete icon.

    How to create Grouped Product Products in Group

Step 6: Generate the Product

  • Set the Product Online switch to the “On” position whenever you are ready to publish the product in the catalog.
  • Then Save & Close on the Save menu.

How to create Grouped Product Save & Close Grouped Product

Step 7: Configure the Shopping Cart Thumbnails (Optional)

Approve to set a different image for each variation in the shopping cart thumbnail if you need.

  • On the Admin sidebar, click on Stores. Then under Settings, choose Configuration.
  • In the Sales tab, choose Checkout. Then, expand the Shopping Cart section.
  • In the Grouped Product Image, select “Product Thumbnail Itself”.
  • Click on Save Config to complete.

How to create Grouped Product Grouped Product Image

Step 8: View the Product in Your Store

On the Admin menu, choose Customer View.

How to create Grouped Product Customer View


  • A grouped product is a collection of simple products based on some variations.
  • Simple and virtual products are parts of a grouped product without custom options.
  • In the shopping cart, each purchased product in group often appears individually.
  • Store admins can set other thumbnail images in the shopping cart from the grouped parent products, or the associated products.
  • Another tool that enables you to create product recommendations that well compliments the main item is Frequently Bought Together.

The bottom line

Creating Grouped Products, a combination of products that compliment each other, can be used as a wise strategy to increase sales for any Magento 2 store. We hope that this tutorial will be helpful for you. In case you still have any questions, please send it to us here. Other posts in the Product Series can be found below as well.

Happy reading!

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Reference: Magento 2 User Guide

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