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The Shipping Fees can vary according to different factors, such as the product nature, weight, distances, etc. Applying Table Rates Shipping to calculate the shipping fee based on the combination of conditions such as Weight v. Destination, Price v. Destination, and # of Items v. Destination. All are listed in a table rate file that you can export and import in Magento 2 settings. When the customer asks for a quote, the results appear in the shipping estimate section of the shopping cart. By using this, Magento 2 stores can create a convenient shopping experience for customers, reduce the support team’s workload and boost sales in no time.

If you need to charge different shipping rates in your store, you can do it with Free Shipping Method and Flat Rate Shipping Method extensions. And now, we will learn how to configure the table rate shipping method in Magento 2

Table Rate Shipping

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How to Configure Table Rates Shipping Method Table Rate Shipping Method Configuration

4 Steps to Configure Table Rates Shipping Method in Magento 2

Step 1: Configure the Table Rate Shipping Method

  • On the Admin Panel, Stores > Settings > Configuration.
  • On the left panel, under Sales, select Shipping Methods.
  • Open the Table Rates section,
    • Enable the shipping method by choosing Yes for that.
    • Set the Title for the table rate shipping on the checkout page. You can use the default value - “Best Way” for the table rate title.
    • Choose Conditions by the calculating methods: Weight v. Destination, Price v. Destination, or # of Items v. Destination.
    • If the order includes virtual products for the price calculating, choose Yes in the Include Virtual Products in Price Calculation field.

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Virtual products are service with no weight, or physical items. They cannot change the results of a calculation that is based on the Weight v. Destination condition. However, virtual products can change the result of a calculation that is based on either the Price v. Destination or # of Items vs Destination condition.

  • If you ask to charge an additional handling fee, set Calculate Handling Fee to fixed or percent, and then enter the number you want to set in the Handling Fee field.
  • Set Ship to Applicable Countries to one of two options:
  • Set the Sort Order on the Shipping Method on the checkout page.
  • Save Config to complete.

Step 2: Preview the Table Rate Data

  • In the upper-left corner, select the Store View where the configuration is active, you can choose Main Website or any website you need.

There is the new appearance of the Import and Export option and the Use as Default checkbox that is next to each field in the Table Rate Shipping section.

The Use as Default checkbox has been remarked, so if you want to change any settings, let clear it.

  • Click on the Export CSV button and save the file tablerate.csv on your computer.

How to Configure Table Rates Shipping Method Table Rate Shipping Method Data

  • Complete the CSV file in a spreadsheet
    • Use an asterisk (*) as a wildcard to represent all possible values in any category.
    • The Country column must contain a valid three-character code for each row.
  • Save the file on your computer after finishing it.

Step 3: Import the Table Rate Data

  • Go back to the Table Rate Shipping section.
  • In the upper-left corner, select the Store View where allowed using the method.
  • Import the “tablerate.csv” file by tapping the Choose File button and then upload the file from your computer.

How to Configure Table Rates Shipping Method Import CSV file

  • Save Config to complete.

Step 4: Check the Rates

To check the Rates for the assurance, try conducting the payment process with different shipping addresses in the checkout. Thus, you can ensure that the calculation for the shipping as well as handling rates are absolutely accurate.

How Mageplaza Table Rate Shipping module helps your store

  • Unlimited table rates shipping methods
  • Set shipping rates for specific groups
  • Support volumetric weight
  • Provide various types of table rate calculation
  • Import table shipping rates easily and quickly
  • Show estimated delivery days
  • Insert images to illustrate shipping methods
  • Support virtual product in shipping cost

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The bottom line

If you are still wondering how to show shipping rates attractively to your customers, consider this table display. It works best when you offer shoppers with multiple shipping methods and they may be overwhelmed to choose one. But giving them the suitable display in tables will improve their experience and help them make quicker decisions. Things will be even easier when you use our Table Rate Shipping extension. Give us a shout if you need more support, or write down below!

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