How to Create a Catalog Price Rule in Magento 2

How to Create a Catalog Price Rule in Magento 2
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After installing Magento 2, your store arms many powerful marketing solutions that are very helpful to optimize your revenues perfectly. One of the tools is Price Rule that allows store admins to offer special price to the buyers. You can learn about Cart Price Rule in the last post, and in this post we’re talking about Catalog Price Rule and how to create it.

What is the Catalog Price Rule?

The Catalog Price Rule is a special rule with conditions you define in the configuration,that allows your customers to buy products at a discounted price. The setting of conditions isn’t required if the rule is offered for all products. The Catalog Price Rule is auto-applied when products meet the set conditions instead of including coupon codes.

How to Create a Catalog Price Rule Catalog Price Rule

To Creating Catalog Price Rule in Magento 2

To create Catalog Price Rule in Magento 2, do the following steps:

Step 1: Create a New Rule

  • On the Admin Panel, Marketing > Promotions > Catalog Price Rule.
  • Click on Add New Rule and complete 3 tabs: Rule Information, Conditions, and Actions.
  • In the Rule Information tab:
    • Set Namefor the new rule and leave some descriptions of that.
    • Assign to the Website and Customer Group
    • Set Status to Active which the rule is apllied.
    • If there are many cart price rule at the same time, should set the active time and priorty.

How to Create a Catalog Price Rule Rule Information

Step 2: Set the Conditions

You can set some special conditions for each rule based on some existing attribute values. In case of using the rule for all products, you need to obmit this tab.

  • Under the Catalog Price Rule, choose Condition tab.

  • The short message If ALL of these conditions are TRUE is visible for you, and especially, you can customize the message when click on ALL and TRUE link.
    • Click on the ALL link, ALL and ANY options are available.
    • Click on the TRUE link, TRUE and FALSE options are available.
  • Leave the conditions blank if you want to apply for all products
  • Click on Add icon to set conditions for the rule:
    • Set the Product Attribute as the basic of the conditions such as Attribute Set, Category, etc.

How to Create a Catalog Price Rule Conditions

  • Continue tapping the Add button and follow these steps again to add as many conditions as you need.

Step 3: Set the Actions

  • In the left panel of the New Catalog Price Rule page, choose Action tab.
  • In the Apply field, set to options:
    • Apply as percentage of original: The updated price is calculated by eliminating a percentage of original price.
    • Apply as fixed amount: The discount is the number inserted into the Discount Amount field.
    • Adjust final price to this percentage: The updated price is the percentage of the original price.
    • Adjust final price to discount value: The updated price is a fixed number.
  • Insert the Discount Amount.
  • Pricing Structure Rules includes the setting discount for subproduct when choosing Yes in the Subproduct Discounts field.
  • To avoid applying the discount many times for a single customer, you need to set Yes for Discard Subsequent Rules.
  • Click Save and Continue Edit.

How to Create a Catalog Price Rule Actions

Step 4: Apply the Rule

  • To apply the rule, follow one of two ways:
    • On the Add New Rule page, click the Save and Apply.
    • On the Catalog Price Rule grid, click the Apply Rule

How to Create a Catalog Price Rule Apply Rule

Usually, it will take an hour to make the new rule available. In addition, you should test the rule in the right way to ensure that it is perfect.

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