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As Magento 2 supports the Gift Message feature which will appear on the Shopping Cart page, merchants can configure gift message in the backend. Today, gifts are an important part of e-commerce, as people start giving more gifts for their loved ones online. Hence, it is proven that providing your shoppers with gift messages can increase the conversion rate. And once the recipients are impressed with the service, they will become your potential customers, so you can expand your customer base as well.

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To enable the gift message in the backend, please log in your admin account and follow the steps below.

2 Steps to Configure Gift Message in Magento 2

Step 1: Enable Gift Message

First, you will enable the Gift Message feature:

  • Choose Stores > Setting > Configuration
  • Expand the ADVANCED section in the left sidebar and select Advanced
  • Under the Disable Modules Output section, set the Magento_GiftMessage field to Enable
  • Click on the Save Config button.

enable gift message

Step 2: Configure Gift Options

In this step, you will enable the gift options to be displayed on order level (to allow one message for the whole order) or order items (to allow messages for each item):

  • Follow the path Stores > Setting > Configuration
  • In the menu in the left sidebar choose SALES > Sales
  • Expand the Gift Options section and select “Yes” for the options you need.
  • Click on Save Config to finish.

enable gift options

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Final words

Gift Message in Magento 2 is a feature preferred by lots of customers, as it supports their gift giving and allows personalization. This actually can be a good way to enhance customers’ experience and attract more potential customers. In addition, you can try to allow shoppers to send gift cards or use the gift wrap service. In case you still have any questions about this tutorial or the extensions, contact us here.

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