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Mageplaza Order Management Suite for Magento 2 - a necessary solution to completely manage and process orders. Boost order processing convenience & speed, level up customer satisfaction and strike for the best of profit maximization.


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Order Management Suite

Order Management Suite for Magento 2

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Order Management Suite Pro

Order Management Suite for Magento 2

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Is your order management process taking too much time? What can be improved?

Case #1: Let customer request for quote to increase the possibility of conversion

Price is always among the top concerns of customers. At the time, price could be your major advantage over other competitors.

However, default Magento does not allow customers to initially send their wished prices to you via an official channel.

Mageplaza solution

  • Provide an official system to let customer submit their requested quote
  • Merchants can review and modify the quote

Favorable outcome

  • Both sides will benefit from Request for Quote
  • Boost sales significantly
  • Especially with wholesale sellers and buyers, this is a critical feature

Case #2: Customize PDF invoices to expand your brand exposure

Default Magento 2 does not allow you to customize invoices without coding skills.

Meanwhile, PDF invoices are an important element of any business, especially with B2B e-commerce. Not only the order information, but you also want to purposely show multiple elements on the PDF invoices. They could be: company logo, addresses, contacts, and other particular elements.

Mageplaza solution

Provide a tool supporting you in customizing PDF invoices with pre-designed templates and an editor with instant preview.

What you will get:

  • A free mind when dealing with the task of customizing PDF invoices
  • Easily place your brand identity on the invoice templates and modify the design whenever you want
  • Make customers remember you brand

Case #3: Use a extended order grid to make sale report and monitor orders in the quickest way

Default Magento 2 order grids have never been an optimized and well-organized one for management. There a great amount of order-related information is omitted such as shipping region/ country, product name/thumbnail.

If you want to grasp a quick overview of your sales performance from the order grid, it’s nearly impossible. Ouch!

Mageplaza solution

  • Add multiple columns to the order grid
  • You can hide, show necessary order attributes when processing or monitoring orders

Benefits you will get:

  • You will no longer have to switch among order detail pages to collect the separated information
  • Group order attributes effectively for marketing purposes. For instances, targeting a region or a product group in your promotion campaigns

Case #4: Do mass action on orders right from the order grid

On busy seasons, many orders might arrive at once, at this point, you will find the one-by-one order update very time-consuming if it’s not necessary for checking all orders individually

You have to create each invoice and shipment from an order to another one, this will slow down the order processing significantly. If the process is not optimized, the customer shopping experience will suffer.

Mageplaza solution:

Decrease store admind’s workload by allowing mass actions on mass order straight away.

You can do multiple actions:

  • Change order status
  • Create invoice/shipment or both
  • Add order comment for administration

Favorable outcome:

  • Save you a lot of time on order processing by reducing repeated actions
  • Ramp up on the speed in operation function to boost customer satisfaction

Case #5: Delete or Archive order-related documents for a much more effective order operation

In default Magento 2, merchants cannot delete orders forever or hide them from the database which might lead to an overloaded and disorganized order grid. You might have problems dealing with unnecessary orders such as tested orders, refunded orders, rejected orders, etc.

Mageplaza solution

  • Offer you a tool to delete or archive a number of orders at the same time
  • This tool can also delete or archive related documents: invoices, shipments, credit memos
  • With archiving, you can schedule the cron to run it on a fixed timeline

Benefits for you:

  • Make room for managing other important orders
  • Process and manage orders speedier and more effectively

Case #6: Custom order numbers to meet specific requirements and keep your business data confidential

While generating order numbers on Default Magento 2, you cannot customize it to your preferences. What a huge disadvantage!

There are many reasons why you need to adjust the default formats:

  • You use the third-party accounting software and need to comply with the order number setting rules
  • You want to easily get an overview of an order by looking at its number
  • You have to follow the local or group requirements in term of setting the order number format
  • You want to keep your business data secure and confidential instead of showing to everyone through a plain default format

Mageplaza practical solution

  • Allow you to tailor your own order number format to ensure a high level of accuracy
  • Change the 9-digit numbers to meaningful and sophisticated ones with a wide range of preset variables such as day, date, month, year, along with a counter

Case #7: Create a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) on your store to operate all return and exchange requests

In practice, there are many cases that your customers would request a return or an exchange:

  • Customer changes their mind
  • Damaged/defective merchandise
  • Unexpected product features
  • Incorrect size, colors, etc.

Mageplaza solution

Provide a build-in RMA that helps you to create the best return and exchange experience for customers:

  • Display a form on which customers can submit their request
  • Allow customers to request for each item or the whole order
  • Allow uploading images for the best of clarity

As an admin, you can flexibly set up the rules:

  • Prepare reasons for customers’ request to let them choose one
  • Review and decide the solution for requests
  • Discuss with customers via emails to reach the agreements

This RMA brings you obvious benefits:

  • Speed up the return process
  • Leverage customer services
  • Increase customer trust

Case #8: Use store credit instead of cash refunds to motivate customers to purchase

Unlike gift cards, store credits have the power to push customers to look at your store and use the credit that they have received. Store credit has many usages:

  • Issue refund in form of store credit
  • Offer compensation for a poor shopping experience
  • Reward customers credit to encourage sales during certain promotion campaigns
  • Cashback to customers for an X amount of purchase from your store
  • Let customers share with their an amount of credit => increase your brand awareness

Mageplaza solution

  • Enable stores to provide a store credit for each customer account
  • Admins can choose to compensate refunded orders with an amount of store credit
  • Admins can give an amount of store credit to any members for sales motivation
  • Buyers can buy store credit with a lower price and use later
  • Buyers can share their credit with their friends

Store Credit contributes to your success in sales motivations significantly:

  • Keep customers coming back to your store and look for other products
  • Encourage sales with an initial rewarded store credit to customers

Allow customers to make price quotes anywhere

Mageplaza Order Management Standard version allows customers to make a quotation request easily in multiple places on your store:

  • Category Page: Add items to quote cart right when a buyer is surfing a Category page
  • Product Page: The quote cart button is placed under the “Add to cart” button on a Product page
  • Shopping Cart Page: As mentioned above, it is very easy to request quotes from the current shopping cart page

Easily customize PDF invoices with pre-made templates

You can design and tailor your own PDF invoices from the backend with a convenient editor & instant preview before saving.

Don’t forget to include your brand identity and necessary company information in the template: logo image, tax ID, address, barcode, QR code, etc.

Better order management with extra important order information columns

With this Mapeplaza extension, you can show a number of important order-related data in the order grid including:

  • Default
  • Billing
  • Shipping: region, country
  • Product: name, SKU, product types, thumbnails

These attributes are all important ones with a particular business and used for typical purposes such as order processing, reporting, marketing, etc. For example:

  • Target on the regions to which the majority of ordered are shipped to
  • Have a concise overview of performance of each product

Save plenty of time by taking one action to mass orders

You can decrease a huge amount of administration workload by allowing taking actions on a mass of orders at the same time.

This helps store admins save a deal of time because they do not update each order one by one.

Various actions available includes:

  • Change Order Status
  • Create Invoice
  • Create Shipment
  • Create both Invoice and Shipment
  • Add Order Comment Action

Delete orders permanently from your order grid

From the backend, admins can decide to delete any order one by one or in a larger number at the same time. For both choices, the deleting procedure is super easy with just a few clicks. What admins have to do is:

  • Tick to choose one or multiple items that they do not want any longer
  • Click on Delete

Delete all related invoices, shipments and credit memos

When the orders are deleted, it means that the related documents including invoices, shipments, and credit memos are also removed properly at the same time.

Customize order number easily

With Mageplaza Order Management Ultimate version, you can modify the order number format by changing its pattern on the backend. For example, you can create a new order format: ORD-[6counter]-[storeCode]-[storeId]-[yy]-[mm]-[dd]-[orderId]

You can flexibly adjust the format with a wide range of pre-made popular and useful variables: counter, date, day, month, year, order ID, store code, store ID.

The customized order number will be applied to all related documents:

  • Invoice
  • Credit Memo
  • Shipment

But you can replace the text elements in the order number with other texts to your preferences.

Offer an easy and hassle-free Return and Exchange system

With this tool, you can provide a “Return and Exchange center” right in your store. The RMA allows:

  • Customers to submit their returning and replacing purchased items easily
  • Customer to find the submit form at the top or footer on the homepage
  • Merchants to review, reject, accept, or even adjust the requests
  • Merchants to negotiate with customers via emails

The request form is super user-friendly with necessary premade fields: reasons, solutions, describe, take action to one item or the whole order, etc.

Add unlimited columns to order grid for a better management

Besides default Magento 2 columns, store admins will want to add a number of necessary ones such as Priority, Notes, Shipping Methods depending on specific purposes.

Make the labels noticeably with lively icons

In detail, admins can set the order label as text only, image only or the mix of text and image.

For example, admins can set priority levels by attaching signal icons with different colors: red, orange, blue, and so on.

Hide unnecessary orders for a neat order grid

You will definitely need this feature for the order grid will become a cramped space for all orders after a few days or a few weeks.

Automatically archive orders by conditions

You can archive orders by specific conditions: Order Status, Customer Group, Store View, Shipping Countries, Order Total.

Schedule order archiving

You can run order archiving on a regular basis (daily, weekly, monthly) to make sure the order grid will always be up-to-date.

Keep customers coming back with Store Credit

With Mageplaza Order Management Ultimate version, you can create a dynamic store credit system:

  • Add/ Subtract an amount to a credit balance of customers
  • Refund with store credit
  • Selling store credit with a discounted price
  • Notify customers about the credit balance fluctuations

With this versatile tool, you can please your customers and encourage purchasing.

Explore Order Management Suite's more features

File attachment

Allow customers and admins to add attachments to a quote

Easy to customize

Easy to setup company information, style, color etc. PDF invoice templates can be customized using CSS & HTML support provided

Print mass shipment/ invoice via pop-up

Store admins can print shipments and invoices of various orders quickly via pop-up

Reset the counter

The order number counter can be reset on the backend by a simple click. The counter will run back to the counter start

RMA supports all product types

Return Merchandise Authorization is viable with all types of products

Limit credit spending

Set the number of Credit that is applied to each order

Full Order Management Suite's Features

Request for quote

  • Select categories/customer groups to apply quote request
  • Select Add-to-cart redirect page: the Shopping Cart Page or Checkout Page
  • Set the expiration time: the number of days since the approved date
  • Set the number of days before the expiration date to remind customers
  • Create a new quote request from the admin backend, add products & customers to the quote
  • Edit, approve, cancel, reply to a quote request
  • View full features list

PDF Invoices

  • 12 premade templates are available to use
  • Supports Barcode, QRcode
  • Ability to configure specially for each store view
  • Download/Print PDF Invoice/documents with ease
  • View full features list

Order Grid

  • Extend order grid with nearly 30 extra order attributes
  • Click to show any order-attribute column
  • Filter function works well with the extra selected columns
  • Manage orders better and effectively
  • View full features list

Mass Order Actions

  • Allow changing status for only same-state orders
  • Send emails to customers after creating invoices/shipments
  • Select default status after creating invoices/shipments
  • View full features list

Delete Orders

  • Mass Delete Orders
  • Mass Delete Invoices related
  • Mass Delete Shipment related
  • Mass Delete Credit Memo related
  • View full features list

Custom Order Number

  • Ability to copy the same pattern in Order number to use for Invoice, Credit Memo, Shipment number
  • Ability to reset the counter after a configured period
  • Ability to set the counter step to run independently by store
  • View full features list


  • Allow uploading attached images
  • Enable/ Disable Google Recaptcha
  • Set reason, solution and additional information for the rule
  • Select status for a new RMA request
  • Set priority level
  • View full features list

Order Labels

  • Allow/ Disallow removing manually-added labels when using auto-assign conditions
  • Enable/ Disable auto-assign labels
  • Add labels for order status at the Order Status grid
  • Set the auto-assign conditions based on order attributes
  • View full features list

Order Archive

  • Archive/ Unarchive orders using Rest API
  • Archive/ Unarchive orders using command lines, cron job
  • Set conditions to archive orders: Order Status, Customer Group, Store View, Shipping Country and Order Total
  • Set specific time in which orders are archived without conditions
  • Enable sending emails to admins each time the archive process has been finished.
  • View full features list

Store Credit

  • Enable to force to cancel a transaction if the credit balance is not enough
  • Allow tranfering refund order expenses to the credit balance
  • Edit current credit balance of a customer from backend
  • Create Store Credit Product whose price changes based on credit
  • View full features list

Simple Pricing



Crafted for a Great Webstore Start

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  • Better manage orders
  • Request for quote
  • PDF Invoice
  • Order Grid


$ 1431

Crafted for Your Webstore Growth

Image Description
  • Completely control order management
  • Boost profit
  • Boost customer experience
  • Request for quote
  • PDF Invoice
  • Order Grid
  • Mass Order Action
  • Delete Orders
  • Custom Order Number
  • RMA
  • Order Labels
  • Order Archive
  • Store Credit


$ 686

Crafted for a Great Webstore Start

Image Description
  • Boost order management with advanced tools
  • Offer flexible Shipping Table Rates
  • Request for quote
  • PDF Invoice
  • Order Grid
  • Mass Order Action
  • Delete Orders

You've just added this product to the cart:

Order Management Suite

Order Management Suite for Magento 2


Mageplaza Order Management Suite is one-time payment. We commit that there is no hidden fee. You might have to pay subscription fees after one year if you need the package updates and technical support. Please learn more here ->

Yes. Each version of the package consists of some extensions. We have designed versions to match certain demands of each store.

Sure. The package will work normal with all features on your store. If you have any question about the compatibility, please do not hesitate to contact us righ here.

Yes, definitely. We highly recommend this package for all stores because it provides basic features which enable you to please customers' demand and optimize your profit.

Yes, of course. You can install it like installing any extensions to website, follow our Installation Guide. Otherwise, you can purchase Installation Service option, our Magento experts will install on your website within 24 hours and resolve any issue arise during the installation.


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04 February 2021

Easy to install

I'm happy that you include necessary features in one package. This package actually solved alll my problems related to order management. It's easy to install, just need a few clicks and then everything is sorted out. The price is reasonable.

Tony Clark -Verified Purchase
01 February 2021

PDF invoice and customization

My customers keep asking for PDF invoice, so this one helps a lot. And the order number customization is really smart, allowing me to track orders better. Really easy to configure. Thank you.

Brandon Edmunds -Verified Purchase
26 January 2021

Mass order helps

A great tool to manage orders if you want to save time. The Professional edition has the mass order action feature, which is wonderful. Easy to use and install. Definitely come back and buy more from you guys.

Nicky -Verified Purchase


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