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Magento 2 Order History extension allows store admins to access order details via Customer and Product Edit Pages at the backend easily. Online stores can view and manage any orders related to a customer or a product much more conveniently.


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Order History

Order History for Magento 2

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Order History for Magento 2

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The Limitation Of Magento 2 Default

In Default Customer Detail Pages at the backend, stores admin cannot view details of orders such as which items, quantity, amount, total, etc. Therefore, it is very inconvenient when you have to open the orders section on another page and check for details.

On the Product Edit Page, store admins cannot follow the orders, sales, customers related to a product, while the information is very necessary.

With Mageplaza Order History module, details of orders can be viewed via Customer Detailed Page or Product Edit Page easily.

This minimizes the lookup actions of store admins and makes the process of collecting information more effectively

When viewing a customer, admin can know instantly the orders, the items, the total amount the customers has purchased. Therefore, it is much more convenient to assess the related information to any element of orders/customers/ products.

The picture of a customer/ product/ order is expanded so admin can acquire information quickly and easily. Time is saved significantly thanks to action minimization.

In Magento 2 Default, it is unable to know the orders related to the current product when you are viewing the Product Details Page. However, with Magento 2 Order History extension, store admins can quickly know a product included in which orders and who bought this item. This feature helps store admins can notice the current sales of any product conveniently.

Via one click on View button, admins will be redirected to the Order Details Page quickly.

Upgrade Orders tab in Customer Details Page

Improve the limitation of Orders tab in the Customer Details Page by the additional Item Details column.

This upgrade will make the Orders tab much more informative thanks to details of purchased items in each order. With each customer, store admins can view clearly the purchased items of each order including Product Name, Product SKU, Qty, Item Status.

This information is displayed at the table format so it is very neat and easy-to-follow.

List all purchased items related to a customer

Also in Customer Details Page at the backend, the Ordered Products History tab is added. Via this helpful tab, store admins can view all the items which are ordered by a customer.

  • Product Name, Product SKU
  • The item belongs to which orders
  • The ordered quantity
  • Discount
  • The total value of the item in an order

Export purchased items by customers

Magento 2 Order History not only allows store admins to view order details more conveniently but also allows exporting the necessary data easily.

With advanced order tab, admins can export ordered items by specific customers to either CSV or Excel XML quickly.

Besides, at the Product Edit Page, admins can export all orders related to a product via one click very easily.

More features

Search, Sort & Filter

Store admins can search, sort and filter the data of orders easily.

Export data

Allow exporting the order data to CSV or Excel XML file

Show/ Hide Order Details

Admins can show or hide the order details in the Customer Details Page and Product Edit Page

Extension Compatibility

Properly compatible with Mageplaza Delete Orders

Full Magento 2 Order History Features

For store admins

For store admins

  • Enable/ Disable the extension From the backend, stores admins can select Yes to turn on the Order History module. If they want to turn off Order History extension, they can easily select No.
  • Show/ Hide Ordered Products History on Customer Details Page Store admins are allowed to display/ hide the purchased products list of a customer on the Customer Order History Details Page.
  • Show/ Hide Item Details at the Orders tab It is able for store admins to choose whether to add the Item Details column to Orders History tab, displaying all items of an order, or not.
  • Show/ Hide Related Orders History on Product Edit Page With Order History extension, store admins can display/hide the related orders lists to a product on the Product Edit Page.
  • Admins can search, sort and filter the order data easily One of the striking features of the Order History module is to assist admins in searching, sorting, and filtering the order data with ease.
  • Export data to CSV or Excel XML easily Magento 2 Order History allows store admins to export the order data to the CSV or Excel XML file easily.
  • Properly compatible with Export Orders, Same Order Number, Archive Orders, Mass Order Actions

Benefits to admin works

  • More ways to access order details, minimize redirection actions With the support of Order History, store admins can view the details of orders via the Customer Detailed Page or Product Edit Page easily. Hence, they can minimize lookup actions and collect information effectively.
  • Easier to make the assessment Thanks to the Order History for Magento 2, admins can know instantly the orders, the items, the total amount the customers has purchased. As a result, they can assess the related information to any element of orders/ customers/ products.
  • Enhance experience at store backend Mageplaza Order History brings an expanded picture of customer/ product/ order to store admins. Therefore, it helps admins to get information quickly and easily in a shortened time.


The Related Orders section is added on this page, so admins can view order directly when they are viewing or editing a product.

With Order History, the Item Details column is added to the Order tab. Besides, Ordered Products History tab is added, listing all the items purchased by a customer.


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05 February 2021


Order history can be managed better with Iteam detail collumn. I love this extension and I actually recommended this for some business partners of mine. Wish you guys lots of success.

Negga Chatwins -Verified Purchase
01 February 2021

Works well with Delete orders

I purchased Delete orders a while back and luckily this works well with it. This module allows me to keep track of orders and customers easily. The filters work fine and I love the data reports as I can view and store the results. Thank you for this great extension.

Julian -Verified Purchase
27 January 2021

Good extension

Mageplaza customer helper reached out to me and gave me clear instructions about the setup process. The extension works great, making it easy to check and manage order history as well as look at the data afterward.

Robert Greyson -Verified Purchase

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